5 Rides That Could Be So Much Better with Just One Change

Let’s face it — things aren’t perfect at Disney World. There are a few rides that need a little TLC.

In some cases, it’s a very minor thing — a light bulb is burned out, the paint in the queue needs to be touched up, or things have gotten a little dirty and dusty.

Tower of Terror Lobby

Other times a part of the system needs to be changed or the ride just needs a bit of updating. Below, we have listed a few attractions that we feel could use some attention to bring them back to their former glory.

1. Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

We love how this ride allows us to feel like a Space Ranger as we twist and turn while trying to shoot at fun targets. But, with that being said, this ride seriously needs more accurate shooters. I don’t know, maybe I’m just terrible at the game, but I always end up with very few points at the end of the ride, no matter how many times I hit the targets. The addition of a more visible laser or some other mechanism that would allow you to see where you are aiming when shooting would be very helpful.

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

We would also appreciate if the triggers were a little easier to press. Actually, Disney, you should just replace the shooters altogether. That would make the ride 10 times better right off the bat!

2. Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth we love you, but, man, you can get pretty hot inside. We would be so happy if there was an improvement to the circulation or air conditioning within the Epcot ball because this ride is long and often becomes pretty stuffy.

Spaceship Earth Animatronics

Another little update that would bring this ride into the 21st century would be an update to the animatronics. They seem outdated and old, and their movements no longer appear to be natural. With animatronics like the Na’vi Shaman of Song and Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean to compete with, Spaceship Earth’s animatronics no longer leaving a lasting impression. Well, actually they do, but it’s not necessarily a good one. We hear that Spaceship Earth should be undergoing a renovation soon, although nothing has been confirmed.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean

We wants the mermaids! The Pirates of the Caribbean has undergone a number of changes in recent years, and most of them have been genuine improvements. But we miss the mermaid skeleton on the beach, as well as the illusion of the mermaids in the water next to the boat.  Our one request is that Disney makes a simple change and brings them back! Now that they are gone, the beach no longer tells a story, and it is both empty and boring.

Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland

4. “it’s a small world”

Sometimes it’s not a big thing that would make the attraction better. Sometimes it’s something as simple as fixing a blinking hippo eye… like the one that feels like it’s been broken FOREVER on “it’s a small world”!

“it’s a small world” hippo with both eyes open!

But OK, while we’re talking about “small world,” we’d like to see a few updates here, too. Nothing too extreme, but maybe the incorporation of a few new dolls and some new technology so that the figures move more fluidly, without clicking and clacking (which you can hear if you listen closely). Or even better — could Walt Disney World’s attraction get the same sort of holiday layover that Disneyland’s “it’s a small world” guests are treated to every year? Please?

5. Expedition Everest

Although Expedition Everest is still a unique and exhilarating coaster experience, our poor friend Mr. Yeti has seen better days. How much better would this roller coaster ride be if the Yeti was working properly again?

Expedition Everest Yeti

We know it’s a sore spot and that Disney has been trying to find a solution to this issue, but apparently it’s a bit tricky because of how the Yeti was constructed. The Yeti was built into the mountain, and it has been said that practically the entire mountain would have to come down to fix him correctly. But, honestly, the ride just doesn’t have the same WOW factor without a moving Yeti. Disney has tried using strobe lights so that the Yeti would appear to be moving, but the effect just isn’t the same, and that makes us a little sad. We hope this problem gets solved some day.

What are the attractions that you think need a little TLC? Or do you know of anything that would push a ride over the top when it comes to the overall experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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23 Replies to “5 Rides That Could Be So Much Better with Just One Change”

  1. I’m sure this wouldn’t be a simple modification because there a probably so many factors, but I think Living with the Land could be improved by making the boats go just a little bit faster. It’s my favorite ride at Epcot (almost at all of the parks), but some parts of it (i.e. the ending theater room with pictures of people/produce or the barn section) just last way too long. This could apply for Spaceship Earth too.

  2. Any of these.. Whenever I am at WDW I notice these and many other worn and dated ride features. Come on – for the amount of money being made, rides should be regularly cleaned and maintained in the least. To never have fixed Yeti is just wrong. Small World looks sad. After our most recent $$$ trip, we pulled the breaks. Too many crowds, add on costs, and some rides look the same as they did 25 years ago. Pass.

  3. Carousel of Progress. I love this as I’m a history buff but the last scene used to be futuristic. It’s been so long since the last scene was updated that we have all the future tech in it at home. A new final scene for me please. Set in the future.

    1. I definitely agree!! A large time jump to the future would be so much better than letting the last scene remain in the “futuristic” 80’s forever. However, I’ve had the thought that they might just lock the Carousel of Progress within the 1900’s forever since it references the “turn of the century” which technically is now two “turn of the century’s” ago

  4. Soarin is my favourite.
    Would be so much better even if it had multiple destination screens.
    If I was a decision maker I’d have Soarin in Hollywood Studious too and have ‘Soarin through the movies!’

  5. While I agree that the Spaceship Earth and Small World animatronics could use some sprucing up, I hope they NEVER actually replace them! They are both classic attractions and any attempt to “modernize” them with more 21st century figures I think would be a detriment and a slap in the face to Walt and his vision.

    1. Walt had passed away long before Spaceship Earth was even conceived of. I agree I love SSE and hope it doesn’t change too much but I don’t think updating it would be an insult to Walt in any way.

  6. The Disney World Railroad needs a few dioramas like they have in Disneyland. And while they are at it, the TTA would benefit from more scenes in the interior loops as well.

  7. You don’t have to press the button on Buzz… you can just hold it down and it will shoot endlessly. That might be a reason as to why you score lower throughout the game.

  8. Suggesting they fix the winking hippo is sacrilege. It’s iconic, perhaps even intentional. They’ve even created merch based off it. Leave that poor hippo alone.

    1. Agreed! And I also think the mermaids is a neat idea and I do miss the cgi ones in the water… there has to be a way to stop the program from
      Showing error messages in the water when they break. The thing w the Yeti is true but complicated because they would have to take apart the mountain to fix it and that would mean losing the attraction for quite a while— something I’m sure they’re loath to do.

  9. How about scrubbing some of the algae off the animals that pop up from the water in the Jungle Cruise ride? It just makes me sad.

  10. Best improvement that I can imagine is if they were to put a ride in every country of Epcot. Bring back the rides that detail the countries, not Disney movie rides! And for the love of God, just put Imagination back the way it was! You know they still have all of that stuff in a warehouse somewhere. Why not call it an “Anniversary Special”, bring it back the way it was, and just conveniently leave it that way like they did the big arm thing on Spaceship Earth? That way the powers that be don’t have to admit they made a HUGE mistake and keep trying to make that horrid ride tolerable. The people have more than spoken on this one. Let them have their way for once. They would possibly win back a lot of us naysayers….maybe. lol

    1. The World Showcase is not necessarily about rides – it’s a permanent world’s fair. I like not having to stand in a huge line to see a nice, relaxing movie. I’d be happier if we didn’t have to stand in the Canada and China movies – as a disabled person, it is difficult.

      I think that the Frozen ride destroyed the Norway pavilion. It no longer has anything to do with Norway and does not belong in the World Showcase, especially since Akershus has been “princessed.” The ride is pretty lame and seems to exist mainly to deliver consumers to the gift shop.

      I enjoy Spaceship Earth, except that it is hot and stuffy. Not everything has to be a thrill ride. Lots of people are at Disney World for other reasons than to spend their days being tossed around on thrill rides.

  11. I wish The Magic’s Carpets of Aladdin would get a revamp similar to Dumbo. The whole area over there is too dark and I wish the ride was well-lit and colorful with beautiful water below like Dumbo. Also, play the music from the movie!

    1. Yes Space Ship Earth needs repairs, for example the newspaper boy no longer works so instead of repairing it they turned him around.

    2. Ken Norway has their chance and they didn’t take it. I love the Frozen ride! The que is amazing and I’m still trying to figure out how they get the faces projected on the animatronics accurately. Maelstrom was fine but the movie after was lame, so no one really learned anything anyway.