I Go to Walt Disney World (Almost) Every Day and Here’s What I Wear

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Hey, everyone, Molly here!

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You may know me from AllEars TV, where I’m lucky enough to spend my days frolicking around Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando making videos to help our amazing followers plan their vacations.

We get asked all kinds of questions about Disney vacations and a lot of questions are about what to wear to tackle the Florida weather! I don’t pretend to be a fashion blogger, but I do have lots of experience battling the temperamental Orlando sun and rain. I’ve worn the wrong shoes, suffered through blisters, and dealt with chafing — and I’m here to help you avoid these disasters.

Here are 5 of my outfit must-haves in the theme parks!

1. Slipshorts

I have said it before and I will continue to scream it from the rooftops — slipshorts have literally changed my life. Sounds dramatic, but anyone that’s had inner thigh chafing while trying to walk through Magic Kingdom will know it’s the actual worst.

Hello there!

Slipshorts are very thin shorts you can wear under dresses and skirts to prevent chafing. And they WORK. I haven’t worn shorts to a theme park in almost a year.

You can snag the pair I own (many pairs of) here!


2. A Rain Jacket

Florida weather is unpredictable, especially in the summer. It can go from sunny to torrential downpour and back again — all within 30 minutes. A good rain jacket is crucial!

It’s called fashion, look it up.

I love this one I got off Amazon because it’s light, and I can fold it up really small to fit in my backpack. Also, it’s very cute, which is a huge plus.

No matter what your style, having proper rain gear on you can help save you from a popup shower — or trip down Kali River Rapids.


3. Good — no — GREAT Shoes

I say this a lot, and I’ll say it again, the most important thing to wear in Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando is GOOD SHOES. This is not the time to break in new sneakers or wear unsupportive sandals.

FuelCore Nergize – Amazon

I basically wear tennis shoes every day, with one exception. I have found one (and only one to date) pair of sandals that can last a full theme park day. These slides from Target (click here) aren’t as supportive as tennies, BUT they are waterproof so I wear them (or throw them in my bag) when the weather calls for rain.

I have several brands and styles of sneakers, but my favorites are the Nike Tanjun. I own them in several colors and keep buying them over and over because they’re simple and comfy! I also recently grabbed the New Balance FuelCore Nergize (see photo above!) and they have proved to be equally comfy.

No matter what your style or shoe choice, make sure they are comfortable and broken in. You’ll literally need to be able to walk miles in them!

For more shoe recommendations from our team, click here

4. A Backpack

When it comes to theme parks, what’s the best way to haul all your stuff around? For me the answer is a small backpack! I used to carry a bag on my shoulder but ever since I went to a backpack my muscles have thanked me.

To infinity and beyond.

The majority of my backpacks are Loungefly brand. I have a few of the minis in the classic shape/material (see Buzz style above) and two of the rectangular canvas-shaped ones. The canvas ones actually hold a little bit more, so I wear those depending on how much I have to bring.

For me, I need to carry a decent amount of stuff for a day of filming, but it’s not like I’m packing for kids. Therefore these mini-backpacks are the perfect size for everything I need — plus they come in so many styles you’re almost guaranteed to find one you like!

Shop my Buzz Lightyear backpack here!

5. A Hat

You all may know that I LOVE Minnie ears, but they aren’t the only headwear that has my affection. I also ALWAYS have a ballcap in my backpack in case of weather.

Hats and Soda Time

Ballcaps are great in case of rain (or water attraction) or extreme heat — they help my face avoid the sun! Plus they fold up nice and easy and don’t take up much room in my backpack.

Shop my “I Solemnly Swear I am Up to No Good” hat here! 

What are your outfit must-haves when visiting Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments!


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Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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21 Replies to “I Go to Walt Disney World (Almost) Every Day and Here’s What I Wear”

  1. Molly! Love your ear collection and tips on wardrobe while at the parks. I was wondering if you could post your earring repetoire, lol! I am particularly interested in the hoops you wore while reviewing Citrico. Thanks!

  2. Molly! My wife and I were so lucky to meet you at Enchanted Rose during our recent trip. You were so polite and cool like you are in your videos.
    Shooting my shot here but, do you folks need an IT guy working with y’all? I’m available! 😀

  3. Whenever I’ve watched your videos, it used to always shock me how you could wear skirts in Florida in summer *and* walk around a theme park all day. Then I read this article and discovered that slip shorts exist. I was skeptical but got a pair to wear under my dress for my outdoor graduation, and let me tell you, that was the first time in any clothes I survived 90 degree weather without chafing. Finally got the chance to give the slip shorts the theme park test at Dollywood this week and seriously, all I can is wow. 6.7 miles and not the slightest bit of discomfort. Not to be dramatic, but thank you Molly for sharing genuinely the best clothing advice I’ve ever gotten.

  4. I love Columbia freezer dresses and shirts. The get cooler when you sweat. Now a must wear when it’s over 85F

  5. I just bought the New Balance shoes and I’ve walked several miles on my treadmill wearing them. They’re really lightweight and comfortable. I did have to go up one size but they’re great!

  6. Check out keen women’s rose sandal. I wore them for 5 straight days carrying toddlers and clocking 15k step at least each day. Probably 3rd time I’d worn them and worked great- have a closed toe but still cute and arch support.

  7. Just ordered the slipshorts, and am perusing skirts online right now! Thanks for the tips! I personally have found much relief with vionics sneakers.
    They save my poor tootsies. My family and I will be at Disney in two weeks. Can’t wait! My daughter (also a Molly 😉 ) is hoping we run into you!

  8. Maybe not daily, but easily weekly forv40 years. Never worn tennis shoes/sneakers. Never worn a hat. Rarely bring a backpack and only carry a disposable poncho. I sorta agree on the shorts though i just wear a skort. There’s NOTHING that is imperative to bring to any theme park except what you feel comfortable bringing/wearing. I do lol when people forget their brains and ask what’s the best to…..
    It’s called common sense and if you don’t possess it, nobody can help.

  9. At Disney and decided to wear Keds with no socks
    Bad decision. I spent the whole week with sore feet. Thanks for all your info molly. Especially the one about slipshorts. Seriously a must. Hope to meet you one day!

  10. I clicked on this fully expecting to see the same old running shoes, shorts, and an athletic top type post. I was pleasantly surprised to see you actually wear skirts to the park. There’s no reason why you can’t look nice and be comfortable at the same time as I HATE shorts. I second the endorsement for under shorts. There’s no way I could wear any sort of dress or skirt anywhere ever without them. Whether they are just regular bike shorts, special lingerie type shorts, or even those lace bands that slip up over your thighs, most women need something to help with chafing!

  11. Sadly, we do not go that often, only every couple of years. But I have amassed a series of appropriate t-shirts that are almost exclusively only used for Disney Vacations, some dating back to when I was in Junior High back in the stone age. I’ve had many cast members get really excited about them and say, “Where did you get that shirt?!?!?!” Sadly, often the answer is-
    “In this very store… before you were born.”

  12. I try to wear clothes that look good and feel good on me. I also try to prepare for the weather too!!! I basically wear the coolest and best looking clothes I can find!!!! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎