Reviews of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (Magic Kingdom)

Each year Mickey hosts the Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in the Magic Kingdom. This is a hard ticket event -- meaning you need to purchase a separate ticket for entry (just like Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party). The Magic Kingdom is transformed into a fun spooky haven for trick-or-treaters of all ages.

Requires separate admission ticket.

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Reviewer: bellebookworm9 Review Date: 09/10/2018

Rating: (8) Would Recommend:

We attended MNSSHP for the first time since 2011 on Labor Day 2018 (Monday, September 3rd). While I didn’t dress up as anything specific, I was fully decked out in Halloween shirt, leggings, socks, tutu, and Minnie Mouse Ears from 2015 (and got tons of compliments on all of it, especially the ears, which are no longer available).

We had a 5:20 ADR at Crystal Palace and arrived at the park around 5, and directed toward Market Street (behind Main Street) to pick up our candy bags and visit first candy stop. They had decorations and photo ops (small character statues in costume, MNSSHP “frames”) but as it was 5:09 and all lines had several people already, we skipped the extras.

By the time we finished dinner it was about 6:50 and anyone without party wristbands was being escorted out. We headed to Adventureland and lined up for Tarzan, Terk, and Jane. Although there were only a few groups ahead of me, they had more people come and join them so it took about 20 minutes to get to the front of the line - and there was no Photopass photographer.

After that, we didn’t meet any more characters because they all had longer lines. We rode Pirates (20 minute wait) and I wasn’t really impressed with the hyped-up Gunpowder Pete addition. Kind of lame, actually. Rode BTMRR with no wait. Haunted Mansion waited about 5 minutes - love the CM makeup during the parties!

Visited every candy stop from Adventureland clockwise through the park to Storybook Circus and then our bags were full. They were VERY generous with candy and lines moved quickly all night. Received a good variety of different kinds of chocolate, M&Ms, starbursts, skittles, etc.

We saw the fireworks from the hub at 10:15, watched the Hocus Pocus show at 10:45 from same spot (a little far but perfectly audible) and stayed in place (handicapped viewing) for 11:15 parade. Love the fireworks and parade!

It’d be easy to visit 2-3 parties just to try and get everything done. We saw Madame Rinatta outsize Mansion and she was so funny. Took a couple of Photopass photos with Hitchhiking ghosts. Need at least one party to meet characters and one to do all the other things! Our party was definitely not sold out and the temperature was nice. Disappointing that they’ve slowly phased out a lot of the Villain meets over the years. Now it’s just Cruella, Jafar, Lotso...Jack and Sally aren’t really villains.


Short lines for rides, lots of candy, parade and fireworks were great


Character lines are long; few villains to meet any more

Reviewer: mbelerique19 Review Date: 10/10/2017

Rating: (6) Would Recommend:

We decided a week before our trip that we wanted to attend the Halloween party. I was really sold on the exclusive merchandise, food, and entertainment. I wish we would have been able to enter the park at 4pm instead of 7pm so we would have had more time but we were able to see both the Hocus Pocus performance and the Hallowishes fireworks. I tried the candy corn soft serve ice cream and it was great. Not overly sweet. We would definitely do this again and can't wait for the chance to do a Christmas party.


Exclusive merchandise & desserts


Can be pricey

Reviewer: mawdryn Review Date: 10/26/2016

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

My husband, daughter (16) and I attended MNSSHP on Sunday, October 23rd. This was our first party since 2007, and it was exactly as I remembered. The crowds were low, and we walked on just about everything. Mine Train had a consistent 30 minute wait, but we had a FP for it, so we walked right on.

We came home with 3, gallon sized, Zip Lock bags full of candy (Dove bars, M&M's, Lifesaver gummies, Snickers, Skittles, Milky Way and Trix).

The parade was AWESOME and the fireworks spectacular!!!!


Low Crowds, Lots of Candy and Short Ride Times


Character Lines were VERY Long all Night...

Reviewer: bethocindigo Review Date: 10/20/2016

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

We took our 11 year-old son to the party on a Sunday evening for his early birthday present. We found it to be great! I will say that security is extremely tight and they strictly enforce party rules and guidelines. Our son had his orange 'Star Tours' gun taken from him and we had to leave it with guest services for the night. They also told him he could not wear his face mask and we had to leave it in a locker early in the day, however, around 5pm when costumed people were flooding into the park we saw another child wearing the same mask so I marched right back to the locker room and got it for my son to enjoy.

We brought our costumes early in the day, was able to swipe our magic band and charge the locker fee to the room, and leave our costumes in there until around dark. Later we came back and changed into them effortlessly.

The 'Boo-to-You' Parade is excellent, the fireworks display was LARGER than any I'd ever seen before and the Hocus Pocus show sounded lots of fun. We weren't close to it but I'll bet it was great.

A unique thing about this party if you don't go on a Friday night, is that we were able to ride the 7 Dwarves Mine train (which usually has an hour or more wait) 3 times in a row when lines were no more than 10 minutes long!

People-watching the fantastic array of costume varieties is SO MUCH FUN and our son had a blast spooking kids in line with his 'Five Nights At Freddy's' Freddy Fazbear Costume. Boy did he HAM it up!

Don't MISS the chance to take a special picture in front of the Haunted Mansion where they digitally add in a haunted driver later when you go onto the Disney website to download your pic!

I've heard that Friday evenings are the worst so if you can, try to go on a Sunday or a Tuesday night. We were SO GLAD we did. I would highly recommend this party. There is a lot to do and lots to see. Sure to be a unique experience for children and adults alike.


special parade, fireworks, picture opportunities, and short lines for rides



Reviewer: manatee2420 Review Date: 10/07/2016

Rating: (7) Would Recommend:

My husband, parents, and I attended on September 18th. We made a special trip from Georgia to celebrate. I have long wanted to go to MNSSHP and, being my 30th birthday that day, the timing finally seemed right. To say I had high hopes would be an understatement. I mean, to finally go to my favorite place on earth in the fall and on my birthday no less!

The party seemed much more crowded than I expected. As a teacher bound by school schedules, my husband and I usually go to Disney during the peak summer dates everyone bemoans online as terrible times to go. The September parties were touted online as so much less crowded and more pleasant. I honestly thought the crowds were equal to the most crowded summertime dates. Lines for everything were long. I hated how there were no wait times posted for characters. We waited over an hour to see the Seven Dwarfs. That was to be expected. But, we also waited over an hour to see Minnie/Donald/Daisy when the line appeared to be half as long as the Seven Dwarf line. If we had known it was to be that long, we would've gone and done something else. The line for the MNSSHP pin was at least a half an hour. We didn't stand in it. No pin was worth that after just spending over 2 hours waiting for characters! Best decision we made all night. There were even lines to get your picture taken by the Photopass photographers, which I never saw before!

Following some advice I read online, we intended to watch the later shows as they were "less crowded." Unfortunately, the weather rolled in. They ended up canceling the castle show (before the storm even hit the area) and postponing Wishes indefinitely once the rain poured. We ran for Pirates of the Caribbean, rode it with no wait, and then huddled under the exit area since the trick or treat stations were closed (due to being outside) and we didn't want to be stuck in an inside character line if the rain stopped and Wishes got started. It seemed really dumb to me that Disney would plan a party during hurricane season with so much that gets closed down (trick or treating, shows, character greetings that were mostly outside) when the rain comes. At least put the trick or treating inside somewhere...

The silver lining is that a quarter of 12 the rain stopped. Disney did show Wishes followed immediately by the second Boo to You Parade without the Headless Horseman. The Hocus Pocus show was canceled. I would advise everyone if there is any hint of rain in the forecast (which there probably will be) to ignore any advice you might read online and see the first show of everything. It might be more crowded, but at least you'll get to see it!

So, the party didn't live up to my expectations and I feel hesitant recommending it. Why isn't maybe a choice? If you don't care about characters, the experience would probably be more pleasant since those lines were longest. Most of the rides had short lines, but if you're there to ride, then go during the daytime and skip the extra fee. Dressing up was fun, although it was hotter than expected and polyester doesn't breathe well at all even though my costume was sleeveless. I might consider trying this another year with a different touring plan to see if the experience is better. If it's the same or worse, I won't be attending MNSSHP anymore.


Unique characters, great atmosphere, great shows


Crowded, weather

Reviewer: pwood78 Review Date: 10/03/2016

Rating: (4) Would Recommend:

I have attended the MNSSHP party several times in the past. We attended this year on Sunday Sept 25, 2016. It didn't seem really crowded, but the lines were insane to meet characters and to trick or treat.

I felt like we had to stick to one theme and couldn't do everything.

We got in the park at 4pm and rode some rides and had a quick service dinner, at 7pm we attempted to trick or treat. We waited 10 minutes in 1 line to get 2 pieces of candy so we gave up on trick or treating, it was a waste of time.

We walked past every character meet and greet, the lines were ridiculously long, which I knew beforehand that the lines start really early and take a long time, so I didn't plan on meeting characters anyway.

so we stuck with watching the parade, shows and dance parties. Unfortunately, everyone but me was pooped out by 10pm, so I missed the fireworks. With 2 more hours we may have been able to do a little shopping, watch fireworks and maybe jump on a quick ride or 2.

I wouldn't recommend going to the party anymore. It isn't the same as in the past.

The Toy Story dance party is gone. And the villains used to come off the stage after the show and do meet and greets, I met 5 villains back to back in 15 minutes last time I went in 2011. They don't do meet and greets after the stage show anymore, and there aren't many villains out at all doing meets.





Reviewer: Tanasigirl Review Date: 09/27/2016

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

We attended our first MNSSHP on Tuesday, September 13, 2016. It was a very low crowd from what I gather, so we had no trouble with lines at all.

We were allowed in the park at 3:45. They move you to the right and you go behind the shops of Main Street for a second to get your treat bag and your first handful of treats. We had a couple of fast passes and an early dinner reservation to keep us busy till the party started at 7.

The monsoon lasted from 5-7, but it didn't slow us down. They canceled the first parade and closed a few rides for lightening. Otherwise, we ran from one ride to the other until the rain finally stopped and the party could begin.

We were not interested in characters or candy stations, just the atmosphere, fireworks, and parade. It was fun to see how elaborate some are with their costumes. We did a little, but just to fit in.

The Happy HalloWishes were tremendous! Loved the Oggie Boogie part. The Headless Horseman and the ghost outside the Haunted Mansion were unable to join us due to the weather, so that was a bit sad. But we watched the Boo to You parade from Frontierland and that was the best thing we did. Much lower crowds and the zombie version of the Dapper Dans was very entertaining.

They list all these restaurants that are to be open, but they don't stay open very long. So, we ended up at Pecos Bill late at night, which is not a favorite.

All in all, a great night for us. We were there from 3:45 pm till about 1 am. If you can do those hours and can keep a chill attitude, it's a lot of fun. We sat up at the train depot from about 12:15 till 12:45 just watching the lighting on Main Street change color.

Oh and go early in the season and in the week like we did. Much more manageable crowds. Boo to you! Happy Halloween!


Great parade and fireworks



Reviewer: prncsmom Review Date: 09/25/2016

Rating: (1) Would Recommend:

This was our first time attending the party and will likely be our last. We attended on Tuesday, September 20, 2016. We arrived early (we had park hopper passes for the week) and the park was already hopping - unbeknownst to us this was a night Disney offered discount admissions to cast members, so it added to the crowds. We got our bags and wrist bands and then the down pour happened. People were trying to take cover while they cleared out the park of non-party attendees. It was a bit chaotic to say the least. The trick or treat lines were long and going from station to station ate up a bulk of our time. We did a ride or two, but it was that or wait for character photos and not trick or treat. We did manage to see the second parade because we stopped to take a break and the cast member said now would be a good time to secure seats. It was a good, but not great parade. We did see some of the last of the night Hocus Pocus show - our son was tired and we decided to leave a bit well as everyone else did staying at the resorts. Getting a bus back to the hotel was not easy and the drivers were impatient and frankly a bit rude to cram as many people on as they could - the other passengers who had never attended felt the party wasn't worth the price either. That was a theme we ran into for the remainder of the week - just not worth it. For the money - use it for park hoppers or add the water park or treat yourself to something nice to take home - the party was average and not worth it in our opinion.


Lots of Candy


Over crowded, tremendously long waits for photos, hard to see the parade, show and trick or treat

Reviewer: BarbD Review Date: 09/21/2016

Rating: (1) Would Recommend:

It was so crowded and we couldn't enjoy the shows, people were placing their kids on their shoulders (which I can understand) but it made it so difficult to enjoy the show. Line for rides too long. Didn't even bother. Was like being there during the day. Parade crowds were 6 rows deep, couldn't really see. They were directing the crowds throughout the park which made it seem like the park was even smaller. I went years ago and it was an amazing experience, on and off the rides you could see the shows and parades. Sad to say but I think Disney is becoming way too crowded and no longer enjoyable.


Lots of cute costumes



Reviewer: TeacherGrandma Review Date: 09/20/2016

Rating: (7) Would Recommend:

I attended the party on 9/16/16, a Friday night. It certainly was festive, and many costumes were almost professional looking. I had no idea people went all out on their costumes. There was a lengthy torrential downpour just as the party began, which lead to standing room only in the Emporium. I thought it was quite crowded (more crowded than 2 of the Christmas parties I attended last year). There were lines for candy, lines for photos, lines for party merchandise, and humungous lines for characters! Wait times for rides were pretty low. Hallowishes was amazing! The Celebrate the Magic was the same version shown every night. I was unable to see the show, which is supposed to be great, and saw most of the second parade on Main Street (could see easily; crowds low). The 5 hours of the party goes by in a flash. Some tough decisions need to be made.


Stunning Hallowishes Fireworks


Wicked Crowded
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