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Reviewer: Laura R Review Date: 09/30/2018

Rating: (8) Would Recommend:

The food is surprisingly good here. There is your standard fare like burgers and chicken nuggets, but at dinner there are several really good options with the turkey and the salmon being real standouts. The ice cream station is also really good.


Fresh food, and pretty good tasting


Long lines to pay and not enough seating

Reviewer: Disney nut Review Date: 09/29/2018

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

just as good as the other all star resorts


good food and pretty quick service


gets crazy around cheer competition time

Reviewer: Anonymous Review Date: 09/26/2018

Rating: (8) Would Recommend:

We have stayed at All Star Sports several times & have generally had a good experience with the food court. Breakfast is fine, not outstanding but pretty good. We have found that the quality of the breakfast food is better if you can get there before the crowds. I guess once it's crowded, they are just trying to get it out as fast as possible. For dinner, the create your own pasta is good, as well as the pot roast or roasted turkey from the entree station. I like the mashed potatoes at this station - they taste homemade.


Good dinner options different than the typical burger & fries found at the parks


Can get crowded, especially if you have the misfortune of being there at the same time as a sports team

Reviewer: bellebookworm9 Review Date: 02/12/2018

Rating: (3) Would Recommend:

We dined here for breakfast during our one overnight in February 2018. Arriving by 8:30am we did beat the mad rush of cheerleaders so that was positive. The refurbishment that was completed a few years ago looks very nice and was desperately needed.

I had a Mickey waffle with strawberry topping, bacon, and sausage. The waffles were delicious as always, though I am sad they've gone from one large waffles to several small ones. The sausage was overcooked to the point of the casing being crunchy, and the bacon was limp.

My mom chose a mixed fruit cup from the grab 'n go area. She took a few bites and said it tasted sour, so she was able to exchange it for a cup of grapes instead. She noticed that some cups had a sell by date of the previous day, as a side note. She was eating her grapes and then discovered a dead fly on the branch of one of the bunches! That killed her appetite and she was thankfully able to get a refund of her money for the fruit. Danishes that were ordered by several in our party were fine.


Mickey waffles, nice redecoration


Other food disappointing and downright gross

Reviewer: nick6300 Review Date: 09/11/2014

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

Surprisingly, we ended up preferring the hotel dining to most park quick service because of the large selection of drink/desserts/snacks, you can eat in your room in bed in front of the TV in your jammies;), and you can store what you don't eat in your frig for a little later. Because you can use your mugs for soda/hot choc/or coffee, you can get a fruit smoothie (often did this) or a bottled juice, for example, to put in the frig for later or pack right into your suitcase. They had cupcakes, breads, choc. mickey rice crispies, packaged cookies, mickey's ice creams bars and sandwiches, small scoop ice cream for desserts, and many more. Because by the end of the night, we have had like 4 desserts during the day, we usually took a 6oz Goofy's packaged gummy worms/bears to pack in our suitcase for home!

The Disney app will incorrectly list a bunch of lunch/dinner choices. While those are all sometimes available, there's only 3 stations that will make a couple of items each. For us, they were the same every night from 9/1-9/8 (create your salad, burger/chick burger, pasta, pizza, and the turkey or chicken or london broil steak dinner with 2 sides (mac & cheese, corn, mashed potatoes, stuffing, rice, veggies), and slightly different for lunch (offering quesdillas, taco salad, nachos, and beef or turkey sandwiches instead of the turkey, chicken, steak dinners).

We ordered the nachos and a ham sandwich once for lunch and the panko chicken alfredo or marinera several times. The create your pasta (also meatball and sausage choices for meat) are the biggest portions, and to us, the tastiest. You get a side tossed salad that's not great.

The main downfall is that it takes a really long time to get your food from about 8-11pm because everyone is coming back from the parks, and many of the parks' quick service locations close by 8. Also, many people line up early for 9pm finishing shows such as Illuminations or Electrical Parade, say 8pm, so haven't eaten since like 7-730. The crowds that late in the evening at the cafeteria will shock you the first time. I thought it was going to be empty at 11pm! Instead you can wait 30 minutes to get to the front of a line to order then wait a little longer to check out. During late night, many of the speciality dinners end at 10pm... meaning create your own burger, hot dogs, and personal pizzas is all you get. While it was sort of tempting to get a burger since you can put fried onion straws, mushrooms, onions, cheeses... just about anything you wanted... we went the entire week without ordering a single burger. We were trying to order different things while being on the dining plan for the first time.


variety of drink/dessert/snack options


especially long lines from 8-11pm, speciality items stop at 10.

Reviewer: debsil4 Review Date: 02/12/2014

Rating: (7) Would Recommend:

I stayed here for 5 days last week for my daughter's cheerleading competition. Over the days, there were quick grab and go purchases and some meal purchases. Overall, it is the same food court at all the value hotels. Food is decent but nothing special; but there are a few things that I didn't care for and I have stayed at a value hotel once a year for the past 5 years because of cheerleading competitions.

First, AS Sports is a hotel that caters to the sports teams that are competing at WDW. When competitions don't end until after 10PM and you don't even get back to the hotel until 11:30, why can't the food options stay open later then midnight? When we arrived back at the hotel, it was 11:40 and upon arriving at the food court, only the hamburger/ hotdog counter and pizza counter were open. Needless to say, the lines got extremely long because so many people came back looking for something to eat. I'm sure they would have been closed had we arrived a little later.

Second, the new Mug policy is terrible. We had numerous problems with the refills not being correct or the number of days wrong. And if you didn't keep your receipt, you were out of luck. I may be back in 2 months so I asked what the policy is and I was told I would have to buy a new mug.

Third, last spring when I was there, there was wine and beer available for purchase in the refrigerators. Now you have to purchase from the bar or giftshop and that closed at midnight.

A couple of good things : my daughter loved the taco salad and I loved that they would grill your hotdog if asked.


Grilled hotdog


Closes too early / New refillable mug rules

Reviewer: pseudosquid Review Date: 04/04/2013

Rating: (8) Would Recommend:

We ate here a few times during our stay. Below are some of the items we ordered:

Chilli cheese fries - Pretty good actually, I should have asked for some ranch or sour cream to dip them in though.

Hot dog with coleslaw - The coleslaw was seriously some of the best I ever had! The hotdog was fine, nothing special.

Cucumber salad - Good but could have used a slight flavor boost.

Chocolate cake - Good everywhere in Disney in my opinion!

Pasta with Meatballs w/Breadstick - Pretty good actually, I really liked it and I'm picky about Italian food.

Baked chicken with mac and cheese and stuffing - Very good, all in all I was pretty happy with everything I ordered in this cafe.


Good food, convenient