Photo Tour: Disney World’s Space Mountain Exit Refurbishment Complete

Are you a Disney World Space Mountain fan? If so, be prepared to add steps to your pedometer the next time you ride this attraction!

Space Mountain

The exit of this attraction has been undergoing refurbishment, which is now complete.

The ride remained open during the refurbishment, and now the exit path is open with changes. The biggest change you’ll find is the removal of the “speedramps”/moving sidewalks that were along the path out to the gift shop.

Space Mountain New Exit System

You’ll now be walking and winding  your way to the gift shop via several ramps.

Space Mountain New Exit System

As you get closer to the shop you’ll start to see some color added in the lighting and in some art on the walls.

Space Mountain New Exit System

You’ll exit as always into the gift shop!

Space Mountain New Exit System

Are you a Space Mountain fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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7 Replies to “Photo Tour: Disney World’s Space Mountain Exit Refurbishment Complete”

  1. Under


    Could it be more bland? No more dioramas? No moving beltway? And I know the video cameras and monitors were cheesy throwbacks, but kids actually still liked them.

    I miss RYCA-1 ?????

    1. Chuck,
      While the beltway and the camera were kinda neat, they just encouraged people to linger. That was all fine and dandy back in the days of small and moderate crowds. But that doesn’t work in the new WDW era of pack em in like cattle and quickly herd em out into the gift shop.

  2. Glad to see they scrapped the horizontal escalator. It never worked when half the people just stood still and the other half ran or speed walked. I’m guilty of both, depending on my mood at the time. As long as they kept the “star chamber” music and the clean minimalistic future look, I’ll give it a thumbs up.