Photobombs from Readers

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

In last week’s episode I wrote about photobombing. It wasn’t a how to course but rather a recap and look at how something old is new again. New-ish, really. If you missed the blog, read it now so my count goes up and my blog looks popular.

Readers were asked to submit their Disney photobomb shots and a handful came in. People are having a good time with this subject so keep submitting photos and I’ll keep posting them to my Light Meter blog. Send your photobomb to [email protected]

Now what you’ve all been waiting for, the evidence!








Bonus photo. It’s not a photobomb because you know you’re all going to be photographed, the only element of surprise is what pose people will strike. This group of 4 had decided to act sick. Little did they know what the couple in front of them had planned.’

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2 Replies to “Photobombs from Readers”

  1. I can relate to photo bombing on my previous trip to Walt Disney World. I was lucky to have 2 guys photo bomb my pictures, one by Figment and one by Chefs De France.