Say goodbye to Snow White’s Scary Adventures at Disney’s Magic Kingdom



Another one of the Magic Kingdom’s original attractions closes today, May 31. After 40-plus years, Snow White’s Scary Adventures will be shut down and the space reconfigured as part of the multi-year Fantasyland expansion project.

For many, today will be a day of fond farewells. For others, it’s out with the old and in with the new.


When Snow White’s Scary Adventures first opened in 1971, Snow White did not appear in any scenes within the attraction. Instead, guests were supposed to be experiencing the story, based on the 1937 Disney animated film, from the princess’s perspective. In addition, the Queen-turned-witch popped up more often and the Dwarfs were seen less. Consequently, that version was considered by many parents to be scarier.


A refurbishment in 1994 toned down the witch’s dominance of the attraction by adding Snow White to several scenes, including the classic Happily Ever After ending in which the Prince awakens Snow White from her spell. The Dwarfs also are more prominently seen alongside the ride, too. (Want to read more about Snow White’s history with The Walt Disney Co.? See Jack’s blog HERE.)


Although I always have a sense of deja vu when riding Snow White’s Scary Adventures, I don’t have specific memories of the attraction from my first childhood visit to the Magic Kingdom in 1979. I can recall a vague sense of adventure circling the wishing well and heading into the mines, but I do not remember being overly afraid.


By the same token, Snow White’s Scary Adventures was not a ride that I begged to go on repeatedly, and neither do my elementary-school-age children today. My 7-year-old daughter would much rather be interacting with the Disney Princesses than just zipping by murals of them. For our family, spending 30 minutes in a queue for a meet-and-greet has more value than the same amount of time in this old-school ride. I can imagine we are not alone.

And so, although I am sad to see another bit of Disney World history disappear, I am excited about the new Princess Fairytale Hall, which will be built in the building that now houses Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Set to open late in 2013, this location will be the new home for princess meet-and-greets.

Disney describes it this way: “The castle-like entrance will feature walls of stone and stained glass windows. The entrance will open into a large gallery — an airy space with a high ceiling and portraits of Disney Princesses. When it’s time for their audience with a princess, guests will proceed to an elegantly finished room to meet her.”

In the meantime, guests can continue to meet the Disney Princesses, including Snow White, at the Town Square Theater at the front of the park. There, you can even get a FastPass and avoid a long wait. (A tip: The princesses rotate appearances in the theater. If Snow White is a must-see for your little girl and she is not there when your audience occurs, ask a cast member when she is scheduled to return.)

Snow White usually appears for meet-and-greets with all her Dwarfs at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

One of the last parts of the Fantasyland expansion to open will be the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster in 2014. This gentle ride is expected to use new technology to create a swaying train on a course that includes the Dwarfs’ cottage and mine.

Are you among the fans eager for something new? Or would you have preferred that Disney preserve Snow White’s Scary Adventures?

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27 Replies to “Say goodbye to Snow White’s Scary Adventures at Disney’s Magic Kingdom”

  1. I rode this when I was a teenager (I’m 38 now) and even then it was horribly dated and cheesy. Hard to believe it has lasted this long.

  2. I guess it’s clearer to me why they replaced this ride, I had no idea there was so much dissinterest in it (or maybe the lovers of this ride just haven’t come forward). I went on the ride when I was 4 years old in the spring of 1972 and it’s always been one of our family’s favorites ever since. I’ve taken MY kids on it and they loved it. Nobody in my family has any interest whatsoever in a “meet and greet” with a costumed princess, the rides (Toad’s Wild Ride, Snow White, Peter Pan) were much more exciting for us. I would have preferred to have them update the ride with modern technology and special effects, but it’s obviously much cheaper to flatten it into a stage and slap a couple of girls in princess costumes on it. It’s the degredation of Disney, and the value for your ticket money is eroding constantly.

    It’s actually kind of disgusting.

  3. I agree that this ride was a bit past its prime- but to replace it with another meet and greet is a bad move. The next time we go, my kids will be well beyond the meet and greet phase and it seems alot of the world is converting to this.

  4. While I am sad to see this classic ride go, I am also quite excited to see what new expansions that they are working on at WDW. I wasn’t really a fan of this ride when I was little…Not that it scared me…I just didn’t like it.
    (In my opinion, I think they should get rid of that HORRIBLE Stitch ride!!)
    However, I do agree that WDW needs to tone down the Meet & Greets. It seems like those things are taking over!

  5. Meeting characters is great and part of the Disney experience, but I hate to see meet and greets replace rides, especially classic attractions. I think a Princess meet and greet only tailors to a very specific audience and my family already feels excluded from dining at Akershus (which we used to love) in Epcot because we have no desire to dine with Princesses and don’t want to pay the additional cost for a character meal there. Disney needs to keep all their guests in mind and make sure they have options for everyone!

  6. I was there for the closing of SWSA on 5/31 and rode it 3 times during the day and then exited the ride a little after 10 pm to see the last ride get sent thru. It was sad to see that, knowing that for the first time in 40 years it would not run again the next day.

    As sad as we all are to see it go, we have to remember that Walt said Disneyland will never stop growing/changing.
    We have to wait ’til the Mine Train opens and see what story it’ll tell (Walt was, above all else, a great storyteller.)
    If Snow White is not included enough in the new ride, then we can yell. I’m more angry about the fact that they are going crazy with the Princesses! Enough with the Meet & Greets already!

  7. I loved the snow white ride and Mr.Toad’s wild ride. I wish they would put them some place in the parks again.I have been going to Disney since 1976 and it’s become a second home. Looking forward to the new roller coaster,but wish they would have thought about putting the meet n greet some place else and leaving the old rides that Walt made.

  8. It was probably never Walt’s intention for something to stick around for so many years (and years past its prime). Yes, Snow White was a “classic” attraction, but wasn’t it the man himself that said:

    “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”

    “It’s something that will never be finished. Something that I can keep developing…and adding to.”

    My $0.02

  9. I love the classic rides and think they should stay as is. But this is an exception and I am happy about the new direcction

  10. This is such a sad day to see another attraction gone. Snow White was Walt’s baby. I can understand Disney wants to put more attractions in, but to lose this is just not right. I miss Mr Toads Wild Ride, will miss this too. I hope they take some of the props and use in the new Mine Ride.

  11. i’m afraid to say i’m not sad to see this attraction go and I love the older rides! I got sick of seeing parents dragging their kids on it when the poor kids didn’t want to go. Only to have them emerge afterwards screaming in fear and being afraid of every single dark ride after. I can’t wait for the new mine train coaster in 2014, it sounds fantastic!

  12. Sad to see this classic go – lots of good memories riding this as a child, and now of my children on this attraction. I will miss it. 🙁

  13. I will be sad to see Snow White go, just as I was when Mr Toad’s Wild Ride was closed. My first ride was at Disneyland in Anaheim, and I was probably 4 at the time. I don’t really remember much of it except that it was dark, very scary, and the witch was ever present. I was terrified of that ride then.

    My next ride some 20 years later was at the Magic Kingdom and I loved it, and certainly didn’t find it the least bit frightening. I don’t think it is so much my love for the attraction causing some small sadness over the closure, but maybe just the loss of a memory and some nostalgia that I will never again have the opportunity to visit. I do wish though that they would invest in more attractions and less character meet and greets. I have no interest in those whatsoever so it is with disappointment that I find they are replacing a ride with that of all things. Why don’t they replace that horrible Stitch attraction instead?!!!!!! Disney execs how ’bout it? Hint, hint.

  14. Ordinarily I would be upset about such a classic piece of Magic Kingdom history being closed, but since the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is coming, I’m excited about the change. It will be interesting to see what (if anything) the Imagineers carry over from Scary Adventures and into the Seven Dwarfs ride.

  15. I am so glad this incarnation of Snow White is out the door! There just wasn’t anything particularly interesting about it. VERY excited about the mine train!

  16. Honestly, I believe this ride could have been relocated in some fashion rather than completely disposing of it. I am not a fan of removing older, nostalgic rides from the Kingdom. However, I am sure everyone will enjoy the new Princess Meet & Greet area. I am all for expansion, but not at the cost of losing existing rides.

  17. It’s a shame to lose such truly classic ride; which has entertained many generations over its 40+ years in WDW. I do feel Disney needs to keep up with the changing times. I am glad to hear the Snow White and her dwarfs, will a bit of modification, will be getting her own new spot in the expansion. I don’t think Disney will ever let us forget her.

    Although I do think some ‘classic ride’ should never be touched e.g. Mad Hatters Tea Cup, I did think it was time for this ride to be modernised for the next generation.

  18. I think this is a stupid move on Disney’s part.
    I am a 26 year old female who has been comming to WDW since i was 1. I loved the Snow White ride and the Mr. Toads Wild ride.
    They were fun and a good way to cool down.
    I am not married and i don’t have kids, so i am NOT a fan of those STUPID “meet and greets”.
    Walt Disney built Disneyland because he did not want to sit back and whatch his kids have fun. He wanted to be a part of it.
    I think Disney is starting to forget that.
    I absolutly ADORE WDW with all my heart. It is like home when i am there. I just hate to see bad decisions made.
    They need to quit catering to kids and start making the true Disney fans, who appriciate it, happy.

  19. I agree Snow White was a forgetable attraction to ride after Small World, Peter Pan and Dumbo. Looking forward to something new.

  20. Yet another opening-day attraction bites the dust. I still haven’t gotten over the closing of the stagecoach ride at Disneyland.

  21. My opinion is to keep rides that can be enjoyed by everyone and don’t replace them by “attractions” that a limited age range of little girls like.

    If you have to have meet-n-greets, don’t take away iconic attractions for them.


  22. Good riddance! This ride was too scary for my kids and I remember it being scary as a kid. However, it was a good representation of the movie which is also too scary for my kids! But I would also rather spend time waiting for the princesses than being whisked through a replication of a movie we can watch at home. I kind of feel the same way about Winnie the Pooh, but I really enjoy the queue for that ride! So fun and interactive! I also look forward to Fantasyland finally being finished. Hopefully it’s while my kids are still young enough to enjoy it. This last visit it really took away from the atmosphere and we had a giant crane in our shot of the castle!

  23. I’m all for progress but sometimes tradition has to win. Soon there will be nothing left of what Walt Disney wanted. It’s sad.

  24. I hate to see classic rides go too but if any of them ever deserved to go, Snow White’s Scary Adventure was one of them. It seemed more fitting for a carnival than the world’s premiere theme park.

    As a man, with a son and no daughters, I cannot say I am excited to see the Princesses move in either BUT the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Cart, that I am looking forward to!