Alligator Swamp

Focus on Disney World by Barrie Brewer

Alligator Swamp on Tom Sawyer's Island
Copyright © 2010 Barrie Brewer, Nikon D350, 18-200mm VR, 1/250s shutter, f5.3, ISO 2500

Take a ride on the Liberty Belle in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom and you’ll see all kinds of interesting things as you circle Tom Sawyer Island – like this old guy at Alligator Swamp. He’s got nothing better to do than to sit back and watch what’s going on over on the island. Ah, life on the bayou – I bet he could tell you a thing or two.

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One Reply to “Alligator Swamp”

  1. Great Pic Barrie ! Tom Sawyer’s Island is a brilliant escape . Up to the fort , plug a few of the Thunder Mountain trippers , down the Escape tunnel , hide up in Injun Joes’ cave , then leg it across the barrel bridge on to a waiting raft – hopefully with a paint brush ! Island regulars will know what I’m talking about . May even volunteer to sit in the rocking chayr for a day or two . Keep the pics coming .


    Barrie’s reply: Thanks Mike!