Pirates League

Avast ye mateys, Captain Jack Sparrow is on the lookout for additional crew members!

The Pirate League Logo

The Pirate League Sign

It seems that while some of Captain Jack’s men were on a plundering raid, they came across the warehouse of the East India Trading Company. Deciding that this would be easy pickin’s, they aimed their canon at the door. Unfortunately, they missed their target and their canon ball lodged itself into a stone wall. But their second shot was better directed and knocked down the door.

Wayward Canon Ball

Knocked Down Door

After the booty was safely stowed aboard there ship, Captain Jack surveyed the empty warehouse and decided that this would be the perfect spot to recruit and train new pirates. Being the hearty soul that I am, I signed up to become a swashbuckler.

My adventure began outside of the East India Trading Company – oops, The Pirates League. This is located near the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean. It was here that I picked the pirate-look I would live with for all eternity. I was allowed to choose from the following: Cursed Pirate, Smokey-Eyed Jack, Multi-Eyed Jack, Black-Eyed Jack, and Captain Hook. If my sister had been along, she could choose from any of the above plus Empress for a more feminine look. I chose the Cursed Pirate.

Pirate League Entrance

Pirate Facial Choices

After making the necessary arrangements, I went inside. Here, some of Jack’s pirate folk greeted me with a hearty “aargg.” While looking around I found some pirate accoutrements for sale if I was inclined to part with some pieces of eight.

Pirate Greeters

Pirate Accoutrements

The first thing all shipmates-in-training must do is discard their old name for a new pirate identity. This is done with the greatest of skill and precision. First, I was asked to blow on two dice, one black and one white. Then these dice were carefully placed in a treasure chest that was attached to a ship’s wheel. I was then asked to give this wheel two complete turns. When finished, the dice were removed and the numbers read aloud.

Pirate Name Selection

Another, nearby pirate took these numbers and consulted some ancient parchments associated with my birth month. After careful consideration, a name was chosen for me — Benjamin Damploather.

Pirate Name Selection

Next stop was one of the ten Muster Stations where I met my trainer. Her name was Brenna and she spoke perfect pirate-ese. I was seated in a chair and made comfortable. Brenna then reconfirmed my pirate selection and started to work on my makeover.

Muster Stations

Benamin Damploather

During the makeover, Brenna engaged me in conversation. But keep in mind, Brenna is an eighteenth-century pirate. She doesn’t understand modern English words. When she asked why I wanted to become a pirate, I explained that I was here to experience the training program, then write a blog about it on my computer. This totally confused her. She had no idea what a blog or a computer were. So after some thought on my part, I told her that I would be using my quill pen to ink some scrolls which would be distributed to all of you using magic beyond her imagination. This seemed to satisfy her.

Makeup Application

Makeup Application

Makeup Application

Makeup Application

After the makeup had been applied, I was given a bandana and a painless tattoo.

Donning a Bandanna

Tattoo Application

Brenna told me that Captain Jack required her to take three weeks of training before allowing her to transform new recruits into swashbucklers.

When my makeover was complete, Brenna gave me a pirate’s booty bag. In it, she placed my earring and false teeth as she isn’t allowed to place these items on the trainees. However, a parent or friend can assist you if you’d like to don them for your upcoming portrait.

Pirate Booty Bag

Benjamin Damploather

The makeover took about thirty minutes. At its completion, I pledged allegiance to Captain Jack and took the Pirate’s Oath.

Pirate Oath

I was then escorted to another section of the warehouse where I was given my sash and sword by a different pirate. With the sword came a command that I was not to slash, poke, jab, prod, slice, cut, or carve my siblings, parents, strangers, birds, animals, or Disney property. After agreeing to this condition, I was asked if I’d like to see Captain Jack’s secret treasure room with the condition that I would not take any pictures or ever reveal what took place inside this inner sanctum.

So if you want to know, you’ll have to become part of Jack’s crew.

After leaving the mysterious room, I was given a packet that contained my pirate’s oath, complete with my pirate’s name. Also included was my pirate photo.

Pirate Photo and Oath

Reservations for Pirates League are strongly suggested. They can be made 90 days in advance by calling 407-WDW-CREW (939-2739). A credit card is needed at this time to secure the reservation, but is not charged until the actual event. Ten doubloons will be applied to your card if you cancel less than 24-hours in advance. Guests are requested to bring a brush, but this really isn’t needed for boys and men with short hair. Captain Jack does not allow his trainers to have brushes but some Empresses require them in order to pull their hair back.

There are three packages available. The First Mate and Empress packages each cost 50 doubloons plus pirate tax. This includes a choice of one of the six facial treatments, a tattoo, a photo and an assortment of pirate accouterments. The Captain’s package costs 125 doubloons plus pirate tax. It includes all of the above plus an appropriate costume. The age limit is 3 and above. Those 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

I asked if trainers accepted pieces of eight for their services. I was told that this is never solicited, but Captain Jack does allow his mates to accept doubloons if the trainee feels that he or she received a job well done.

While being made up, I saw three brothers as well as a father and son take the oath. They all seemed to be having a good time. I know I did. But this was just the beginning of my adventure. The subsequent walk through the Magic Kingdom is where my decision to become a pirate really began to sink in. You’d think these tourists had never seen a dead man walking before.

Before and After

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49 Replies to “Pirates League”

  1. After reading this I can’t wait until I am there in Sept. just made a reservation for the same day we will be doing the Halloween party -now just looking for a pirate costume to take with me.

  2. Jack, I have a 4 year old daughter who wants todo The Pirates League. D you recommend it for a girl. We’re going to WDW in 3 months, and I want it to be special. Thanks.

    Jack’s Answer:

    Girls are absolutely welcome at The Pirates League. They even offer a
    “girls” option. So don’t hesitate to take your daughter.

  3. Went to the Pirates Leage with my 2 grandsons. As you guessed my name is Yellow Bellow. Just had my face done but the grands did the whole gig. Capt. Jack and Capt Hook. Had lucnh at Cindarella’s Table and dinner at the Brown Derby and then on to Fantasmic. A full day and planning on it again this May AGAIN. I loved it ! ! ! ! !

  4. Hi, I thought this was a great blog and answered a lot of my questions! We are taking our son and daughter to WDW in Feb 2011. My daughter has yet to decide between a pirate or a secret star makeover-ha ha.

    My question is do you think a sometimes shy 3.5 year old boy would enjoy this or would it be too much? I want both my kids to enjoy a character change experience.

    Thanks and I really appreciate your investigative work!

    Jack’s Answer:

    The “pirates” that apply the makeup at Pirates League get into character. There is nothing scary about them, but they do speak with a pirate accent and dress the part. Of course, they’re wonderful at sensing the child’s reactions and can tone it down accordingly. But I think you should prepare your son for what’s going to happen so he’s not surprised.

    I feel a three and a half year old will enjoy the results more than the experience. There are some “games” that are played before and after the makeup session that will probably go over his head.

    Personally, I think 3 1/2 is a little young for the Pirate’s League. But I’ve never had kids of my own so I’m probably not the best person to ask. On the other hand, the official Disney page says kids must be at least three to participate so they think this age is appropriate.

    Sorry I can’t give you a more definitive answer.

  5. This blog with the pictures got my 7 year old son sooo excited to go to disney and experience this!! This was a fabulous idea to have a full blog with pictures of all the steps. Even my 30 year old husband wants to get in on the action!!

  6. Just returned from Valentine/President Day weekend. The highlight of our trip was my 7 year old son’s Pirate League experience. I would highly recommend this to any pirate lover. I had afternoon reservations, however, there was no wait for walk-ins, and the hands on, one-on-one experience was priceless. Originally I was going for the first mate package but upgraded to captian once I saw the costumes. They were high quality, the same ones sold at the Disney Store during Halloween time. My son chose the Black Eyed Captain Jack look and aged before my eyes complete with scar, beard, and mustache. It was hilarious. He definately looked like he had been in a brawl and he loved it! Immediately upon exiting he was in full pirate mode, sword fighting with other kids and causing quite a scene as others stopped to watch the kids play and even asking if they could take pictures. We lucked out and had timed it perfectly, because shortly thereafter a cast member gathered up the kids in the area and took them on a buccaneer brigade with a group photo and treasure at the end. And yes, all photos can be added to your photopass. (Tip: Bring makeup remover for easiest cleanup.) This experience was worth every cent and they do give you an itemized receipt. Ahoy matey, adventure awaits!

  7. Do you know if there would be a problem with changing packages once we arrive. For example, we book the basic but then decide we like the costumes and wish to upgrade to the deluxe or purchase the deluxe and change our mind after we see the costumes and wish to change to the basic. This is assuming we have reservations for a specific package already. Thanks for all the help and info!

  8. Can’t wait to take my 5 year old grandson the 1st week of December, he thinks he is Capt. Jack, we got him a Capt. Jack Sparrow costume for the Disney Store 2 years ago and it still fits so we are going to let him were it when he “becomes” a real pirate! Thanks for all the info! Debbie

  9. Jack,
    Great information! I was wondering, can a tween wear their own pirate costume to the first mate package event? I mean, if she has her own pirate costume, can she wear it to pirate league and get the first mate pkg?
    thank you!

    Jack’s Answer: See above comments.

  10. I plan to do this when I go in September with my grandson. We’ll then be in a perfect mode to join the others at ESPN and watch the Raider / Charger Monday Night football game.

    We’re huge Raider fans and this just seems to be so natural.

  11. What about doing a basic package but having your kids already in costume to save some $$? Wondering if that is acceptable…I quess the same questions for bbb and if your child wore the dress they own from home….I loved the pics and can’t wait to go back and have my 5 year old experience it….a perfect addition to his pirate room!

    Jack’s Comment:

    Disney does have a rule against wearing costumes into the parks. However, this is primarily aimed at adults. Disney doesn’t want a child confusing a guest for a character.

    I see little girls dressed in Disney princess costumes all the time, so I know Disney looks the other way in these cases. Notice I said “Disney” princess costumes. Since you’re spending money on “their” product, I doubt that they’re going to ask you to leave the park and change clothes.

    I suspect the same would be true with the boys. If you purchased some Disney pirate clothes at a Disney Store or the World of Disney at Downtown Disney, I can’t see that there would be any trouble.

    On a different, but related topic… At Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties, adults are allowed to wear costumes into the park. But there are rules.

    1. Costumes should be child friendly, not obtrusive or offensive.
    2. Adults may wear masks, but they must not obstruct vision.
    3. Guest that look like Disney characters are not to pose for pictures or sign autographs.

    I suspect these same rules should be considered when looking into a costume for your child.

  12. Ha ha! This was especially entertaining for me, Jack, because before Captain Jack Sparrow started recruiting pirates and putting them through training at Pirates Lair, I waded through a lot of Pirate booty in the same spot and spent an awful lot of time organizing clothes hangers of all things. I’m pretty sure that the chair you sit in for your training is in the same room that our First Mates (we had a few) would read off the muster and make sure we were all aware of orders for the day. (Translation, that used to be a storage room for Pirates inventory and we held team meetings in that room with the chairs when I was on the College Program back in 2004.) Good times!

  13. My 2 boys became cursed pirates on the 30th around noon. We learned about the pirate league just a few days before we left for our WDW trip on the 29th. The pirate in the photo of you spinning the wheel also gave my kids their pirate names. The lady at the register in one of your photos was in the “secret” room. She was absolutely hilarious and played her part very well. The staff was having a good time being pirates and there was at least one sword fight that broke out while we were there. It is rumored that Jack himself sometimes runs through the room at break neck speed much to the confusion of the guests.

    My 10 year old got tired of all the stares and questions after awhile. He was worried about eating in the makeup as well. I had a hard time convincing him that it would be OK. The waiter at nine dragons said he thought we must not be feeding our kids very well. In fact most of the Disney cast members were not aware of the pirates league and kept asking about the make up.

    Overall my kids loved the experience. Though they were both very concerned when we couldn’t get their eye-liner off that night in the hotel room. For the commenter that asked about rain. It rained most of the day and the kids didn’t have any problems with runny makeup. I think sweat under the makeup would be of more concern than rain. In fact we really had to work with soap and water to get it off.

    Under oath I won’t give away the details of the secret room, but we’ll say it was quite magical.

  14. Thanks for the information and review. My entire family is going to WDW for thanksgiving and my brother wants to treat my kids to the Pirate adventure for their birthdays. Reading your blog has gotten all of us in the mood.


  15. Jack

    As this is our first visit to the Magic Kingdom, is there anything that you would recommend seeing or doing? My children are 12 and under. Two boys and one girl.

    Thanks for all of your assistance,

    Jack’s Answer:

    There is no way I can answer this question in a few simple sentences. There is just too much to cover. However, the more you educate yourself before arriving, the better time you’ll have. Disney World is not a place you can just “drop in” and expect everything to be perfect. It takes planning on your part to optimize your vacation.

    Here is a link to the Allears “Planning” page. You need to do some research.


    Have a super vacation.

  16. Hi Jack,

    Sorry, you can’t get rid of me now!! lol

    What did you think of the costumes that are provided with the Captain’s package? Are they well made, up to Disney standards? We have in the past purchased Disney costumes for Halloween and they tend to be expensive, but well made and generous in size. We try to get them when they go on sale as Halloween can be expensive with 2 Pirates and a Maiden!
    Also, can you purchase one of the packages well there? We have booked the experience for the boys, but the closer we get to going, I think it would be a hoot to experience this magic as well. (I love dressing up at Halloween as I work at a school and I LOVE Pirates!!) My own kids get a kick out of it too, well my youngest still does!
    Thanks for all of your great info,

    Jack’s Answer:

    I have to be honest, I didn’t investigate the costumes. I should have, but didn’t.

    It’s been my experience over the years that Disney clothing is expensive, but well made. Since guests are spending $70 additional for the “Captain’s” package, I would hope that the costumes are of good quality, but I really can’t say.

    To answer your other question. Yes, you can book a Pirates League package after you arrive, but I wouldn’t chance it. I suspect that this is going to be a very popular destination and if you’re thinking about doing it, book it now. As long as you cancel more than 24 hours in advance, there is no charge. If you cancel less then 24 hours in advance, there is a $10 fee.

    I think you should do it.

    Have a great time.

  17. OMG! Jack this is so cool. I am going in Sept. 2009 and am gonna try and make time to get there. I am thinking of getting either empress or smokey-eyed Jack minus the beard. Thanks for the info and I’ll try to get some pics to you.
    One question though, is there anyway to just buy the costume? Thanks!

    Jack’s Answer:

    You cannot buy “just the costume” at Pirates League. I believe these are exclusive for the makeover. However, other pirate costumes are available in the shop next door. But I have no idea how extensive this collection is or what the prices are.

  18. Jack,
    Thanks for the Pirates League review. I just signed my 11 year-old daughter up for the Empress package the end of July. She is a huge Pirates fan!

  19. Jack,
    Pretty cool stuff! I think the next step would be to add glow-in-the dark make-up and have special “pirate league” trips thru the “pirates of the caribbean” ride! How cool would that be?

  20. Jack,
    We are going in September and after seeing this my son and husband want to have the Pirate Adventure.
    This will be an adventure we will surely remember.

  21. I assume you keep the costume?

    Jack’s Answer:

    For $125 you darn well better get to keep the costume!

    Okay, now for a more calm response. Yes. Most certainly, the costume is yours to keep.

    When you order the Captain’s package, you don the costume first, then the makeup is applied. Disney didn’t want guests to mess up their faces after the fact by struggling with a costume.

  22. Soooo looking foward to this!!! Great Job! BTW, can you purchase the Jack Sparrow pirate flag? Would love to hoist the colors here at home!


    Jack’s Answer:

    I really didn’t pay any attention to the merchandise for sale. Sorry. But the shop next door — the one you exit through after riding Pirates — sells all sorts of pirate-related souvenirs. And I’m fairly certain flags are among their wares.

  23. Great blog! We knew this was coming and made our reservations a while back for our Aug. trip. Now that my 9 yr old son read your blog he can’t wait and my 8 yr old daughter decided this would be way better than Bibbity Bobbity Boutique!

    When I made my reservation a cast member told me that after the experience you are given some type of challenge or scavenger hunt to do around MK. Did your experience include this?

    Jack’s Answer:

    I was not given any challenge or scavenger hunt when I completed my makeover. However, I did let Brenna and the manager know I was there to experience everything so I suspect you were misinformed — but who knows?

  24. Jack

    Because this is an expensive adventure, if it rains and there is the possibilty of the makeup running, do you receive a raincheck, money back or credit to put towards something else? (I have 3 children, so it will be over $300.00!!)

    With the basic package you are missing out on the costume, is that right? Do they miss anything else? Do they still get the full treatment and tour??

    Jack’s Answer:

    I did not ask about rain-checks so I can not answer your question with any reliability. You’ll need to inquire about this when you make your reservations. But my guess is there are no rain-checks given. Since it rains almost everyday during the summer, I think guests using the Pirates League will just have to plan for this possibility.

    From my own experience, I don’t think a little rain hitting the face is going to be a problem. I needed to take a shower and scrub my face with soap and water to completely remove the makeup.

    The only difference between the First Mate and Captain’s package is the costume. First Mates get the full treatment and entrance into the secret room.

  25. Thanks Jack, as always a great blog. i was looking forward for your report on thid new attraction. Next January my kid will love it, we owe him. Three years ago his sister did the bibbidi babbidi boutique and Disney didn´t hav anything similar for boys.

    Thanks so much for living this experience and letting us know how it works. Keep up the good work¡

  26. Looks like fun- Maybe people would not have stared so much if you would not be wearing a polo shirt! 🙂 Wish so much to have you reporting job!

  27. This looks amazing, and your description was truly awesome. So what exactly is included in the basic package? (The $50.00 one). Thanks !!

    Jack’s Answer:

    The basic package includes:

    A choice of one facial makeup
    Sword & Sheath
    Earring & Eyepatch
    Exclusive Pirate Coin Necklace
    Map Case Folder
    Personalized Pirate Oath
    5×7 Photo

  28. Love your blogs, Jack! I’m a senior who loves to do Disney by myself when kids/grandkids are not around. This sounds like something I would love to do – just to take the oath and see the “mystery” room. Awesome report. Thanks.

  29. Do you know what the children get with the full package?

    Jack’s Answer:

    The Captain’s Package contains the following:

    Sword & Sheath
    Earring & Eyepatch
    Exclusive Pirate Coin Necklace
    Map Case Folder
    Personalized Pirate Oath
    5×7 Photo

    And the choice of one of the following costumes:

    Boney Pirate
    Captain Jack
    Captain Hook
    Buccaneer Girl
    Puffy Pirate Shirt & Captain Jack Hat with Dreadlocks

    I’m sorry, but I don’t know the details as to what the costumes include.

  30. I am so excited !! Me , my husband and 2 sons are going down in october and cannot wait to do this before the Halloween Party ! Already made reservations !

  31. Great, Jack!!! Really amazing make up,you are such a good sport!! =)
    My question, do you know if the make up they use is hypoallergenic? My daughter loves makeovers, but her skin is really sensitive…

    Thaks for the great report and pics!

    Theresa Konno

    Jack’s Answer:

    I asked about the makeup and was told that most of it is hypoallergenic. Notice I used the word “most.” I would definitely make further inquiries once I arrived. But I’m guessing that Disney has taken this into account as your daughter is not alone with her sensitive skin.

  32. Agree with everyone……EXCELLENT job again!!!

    I’d love to hear more about your walk through the park following this….

    How many people asked to get pictures with you?

    Jack’s Answer:

    My objective was to get my face painted for Allears — nothing else. With that completed, I left the park — quickly. However, I had MANY curious people stop, stare, point, and laugh as I walked by. The men especially took notice. I guess this is more of a “guy” thing.

  33. Hey I know Brenna! I watched all of her youtube videos of her in the College Program. She just came out of it and went right to this!. So cool. I want the Captain Hook look!

  34. Oh, I just love that you went all out and picked the most made-up pirate face. If you’re going to do something, do it right!

  35. Jsck,
    You look great! Thank you for the info. We are booked for Sept. 4th for my 3 yr old’s birthday and my husband and 5 yr old will join the fun. I was wondering what the feel of the make up was like on your face? My oldest son has allergies, so we were wondering about the “itch” factor. We can’t wait to get there and thank you for all of the great info.

    Jack’s Answer:

    First, I was told that most of the makeup is hypoallergenic. However, if your son has allergies, you might want to make further inquiries when you’re there.

    The makeup was applied to my face damp, then allowed to dried. It did not itch in the least. I can’t say that I was completely unaware of it, as my face felt a little “stiff.” But it wasn’t a problem and once I stopped thinking about it, I forgot about it.

    The makeup washes off with soap and water. The tattoo will last several days.

  36. LOL I loved reading this! I did the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique last time I went, but some of the stuff you got was much cooler – an oath!?! come on! that’s just awesome. I’m glad you decided to walk the plank and survived to share this with us. Now i’m debating on doing this, although the empress makeup is just too peachy keen for me. I wonder if they’ll create a wench paint-job by then, or i could ask for one of the others without a beard LOL

    Jack’s Answer:

    Girls and women can choose from any of the six options. When Pirates League was in its testing mode, cast members could volunteer to be guinea pigs. A number of women selected the “pirate” look and really looked interesting with their five-o’clock shadow. But I’m sure they’d omit the beard if you asked.

  37. This is a great report, thank you for doing this! I will definitely be going for a grown-up pirate empress look the next time I go to WDW (from the UK). One thing though – I presume the full package that includes a costume would only have costumes in children’s sizes?

    Aarr, me hearty, cracking good report I says!

    Jack’s Answer:

    I have good news for you. The Captain’s package provides adults with a Puffy Pirate Shirt & Captain Jack Hat with Dreadlocks. It’s not a complete costume, but decent. Sizes for adults range from Small to X-Large.

  38. Fantastic! Sampling food in restaurants, checking out hotels, giving an insite into what to expect and now this! Jack you’ve gone the extra mile again.

  39. Jack,

    This is AWESOME!!!!!!!
    I’ll be back at the world in January to run the Full Marathon and I cannot wait to do this!!!!!
    Thank you for another awesome blog of great information!!!


  40. Thanks so much for posting this! I read about Pirates League before it actually opened and booked it for my 5yr. daughter on good faith. (Going in Aug.) I think she will love it!!!

    We also booked the Pirate & Pal Voyage that same night, so this will be perfect!

    One question….how long do you think it took you from start to finish?

    Thanks for the great pictures!!!

    Jack’s Answer:

    The make-up portion of the procedure took 30 minutes, however, the entire event took almost an hour. By the time I checked in, got my pirate name, waited to see the secret treasure room, then paid, another 30 minutes had passed.

  41. Jack this really looks like something I would like to surprise my husband with. Do you know if I would be able to go thru with him to take pictures of his pirate adventure?

    Jack’s Answer:

    It’s absolutely okay to accompany your husband and take pictures. The room was full of parents and friends snapping photos.

  42. Ok, hubby and I are reading this and trying to figure out when we can sneak down just to do this before the next regularly scheduled trip next year! Thanks, Jack!

  43. Jack, i’ve been waiting for a blog since the pirate league was announced and this was wonderful. My family just visited Disney in March 2009 and we are now returning in Sept 2009 just so my 5 year old son can experience the pirate league. He’s been very excited ever since I told him about it, but even more so now that he’s seen all your photos! Thanks to you and all the other all ears writers for such wonderful Disney information! You look like you had a blast! My husband and I are excited to be transformed into pirates too!

  44. Here’s my favorite line of yours:

    “I told her that I would be using my quill pen to ink some scrolls which would be distributed to all of you using magic beyond her imagination.”

    Very well done.

    Would you recommend doing the Pirate League experience as an easy costume prior to the Halloween party?

    To be more exact; would the makeup melt in the Florida heat?

    And while I’m living vicariously through you – would you please attend the new fireworks dessert party at the magic Kingdom and take lots of pictures of the dessert table?

    Jack’s Answer:

    I think attending the Pirates League before a Halloween party would be a great way to get a costume. But I’m sure you’re not the only person to think of this. BE SURE TO MAKE RESERVATIONS.

    The Captain’s package provides adults with a Puffy Pirate Shirt & Captain Jack Hat with Dreadlocks. It’s not a complete costume, but decent. Sizes for adults range from Small to X-Large.

    I was told that the makeup used is theatrical makeup. It was applied to my skin moist, then dried. I have to assume it was designed to stand up under the heat of hot stage lights so I would think it would stand up under the hot Florida sun. However, it does wash off with soap and water so stay out of the rain.

    As for the dessert buffet, this has already been covered by others on the Allears team. After all, I have to let someone else have a little fun. Check out this weblink.


  45. I’m sitting here laughing. That looks like fun! I’m kicking myself for booking the Pirate’s Adventure at the Grand Floridian for my son instead of this.

    Do the CMs speak with pirate-y accents?

    Jack’s Answer:

    All of the cast members spoke pirate-ese — all the time. It really added to the fun.

  46. Jack you crack me up! Did people stop you in MK and ask you questions? What was the oath like? If they offered this on the DCL for pirate nights OMG!

    Thanks for another fun read!


    Jack’s Answer:

    Since I was only at the Magic Kingdom to experience the Pirates League, I skedaddled out of there at its completion. But I garnered many curious stares as I walked through Adventureland and down Main Street. Even the cast members were gawking at me.

    I purposely didn’t write about the Pirate’s Oath as I wanted this to be a surprise when the rest of you experience this new attraction.