Disney Pic of the Week РM̬xico

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Cuando ustedes estan en EPCOT y quieren sentir algo rico en colores, comida con sabor, y el deseo de escapar el caluroso sol, vaya a Mèxico donde siempre es de noche. Hay tantas cosas para comprar, mucho mas que un sombrero o un poncho como joyerìa, dulces, arte y por supuesto, las maracas. Pueden tomar un bote y descubrir el pais junto a el Pato Donald, Panchito, y Josè Carioca. No olviden que pueden enviar un video a su familia y amigos completamente gratis y eso es una cosa que es muy raro Walt Disney World. Pues, que estas esperando? Vayan ya!

Handpainted Oaxacan wooden figures are created right in front of you.

When you’re at EPCOT and you want to feel rich, warm colors, eat food packed with flavor and escape the hot sun, go to Mexico where it’s always nighttime. There are lots of things to buy much more than a sombrero or a poncho, like jewelry, candy, and of course, maracas. You can ride a boat and discover the country alongside Donald Duck, Panchito and Jose Carioca. Don’t forget that you can send a video to your family and friends absolutely free, something that’s very rare in WDW. Well, what are you waiting for? Go already!

A special thanks to my “little sister” Jenniffer Vazquez for editing my Spanish.

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2 Replies to “Disney Pic of the Week – Mèxico”

  1. I was not aware that you could send a free video to friends & family. Where exactly in Mexico is this located?

    Lisa responds: Once you are inside, if you look to the left there’s a bright vibrant room where kids can create masks. To the left of the kiddie table in the corner is the kiosk where you can cliff dive, become a puppet or fly on a magic carpet. Que divertido!

  2. Que linda foto!! Mexico es definitivamente uno de mis pabellones favoritos de World Showcase, sobre todo porque es uno de los pocos lugares donde puedo hablar mi idioma.
    What a beautiful picture!! Mexico is definitely one of my favorites pavillions of World Showcase, specially because is one of the few places where I can speak my language.

    I’m chilean and I just love Disney…and I working hard to visit the world again on December…but shhh! it’s a surprise! 😉
    I love this blog!!!