Caribbean Beach Resort — Pirate Room

I recently spent the night at the Caribbean Beach Resort in one of the new pirate themed rooms. In this blog, I’ll be discussing the overall resort and describe this new experience in Disney accommodations.

When Michael Eisner was hired by shareholders Sid Bass and Roy E. Disney in 1984, he was given the directive to develop the Disney World property. One of the first things he did was order two new resorts be built, the deluxe Grand Floridian and the first moderately priced Disney hotel, the Caribbean Beach Resort.

Located south of Epcot, the Caribbean Beach Resort is comprised of 33 guest houses clustered together in villages. Each village represents a distinct Caribbean style inspired by and named after the Caribbean islands of Trinidad, Martinique, Barbados, Aruba, and Jamaica. Each two-story building has sixty-four, 300 square foot rooms. Each room has two double beds and can sleep four.

The first stop for guests when arriving at the Caribbean Beach Resort is the Custom House. This is where everyone checks in and receives a slew of interesting paperwork describing the resort and the rest of Walt Disney World. At this time, you’ll be given your room keys and directions to your room. If you arrive before your room is ready, you’ll be given a phone number to call to check on status.




The heart of activity at the Caribbean Beach Resort is Old Port Royale Centertown.


Shopping is available here at Calypso Trading Post. A large collection of Disney merchandise is on hand as are other tropical gifts. Adding to the already strong West Indies décor, pirate theming has been added.



One of the truly unique items for sale here is a coconut, ready to be mailed to friends and family back home. This is the genuine article already stamped for delivery to anywhere in the U.S.. All you have to do is add the address.


Old Port Royale Centertown is also where you can grab a bite to eat. For counter service meals, try the Market Street Food Court. This festive avenue features a number of stalls selling everything from donuts to pizza to pan seared salmon. Seating is provided in one large and several smaller areas. Brightly colored walls and overhead fans help you believe you’re in a tropical locale.





If you’re in the mood for a slower paced supper, try Shutters. This table service restaurant is located at the far end of Market Street and offers a nice relaxing atmosphere in one of its several small dining rooms.




Just outside of Old Port Royale Centertown is a pleasant area where you can sit and enjoy a cocktail from Banana Cabana.



In the mood for some boating, then head for the Barefoot Bay Marina. Here you can rent a Sea Raycer for a zippy ride or a pontoon boat for a more relaxed experience. The pontoon boats, now decked out with a pirate theme, are especially nice for groups. Have your lunch packaged “to go” at the Market Street Food Court and enjoy a meal out on the water.




Also scattered around this 45 acre lake are a number of white sandy beaches. This is the perfect spot to work on your tan (don’t forget the sunscreen) or read that best-seller everyone has been talking about. Beach chairs and hammocks are waiting for you.




The swimming pool at the Caribbean Beach Resort was completely remodeled a couple of years ago. It now looks like a Spanish fortress guarding some far off tropical harbor. The pool also offers “zero-entrance” for easier access into the water. A separate area for the younger set is nearby. A mock shipwreck and slide is the centerpiece of this play area.






Each village has its own “quiet” pool. Although children are welcome, the area is sedate and meant for relaxing more than splashing. Also nearby each quiet pool is a laundry facility. This way you can sun and swim while taking care of this far from exciting chore.




Each village has its own bus stop. It’s here that you catch a motor coach to the various theme parks or Downtown Disney. The maximum wait should be no more than 20 minutes – less during busy times.


The Caribbean Beach Resort is large. So large that it has its own internal bus that continually circles the resort, stopping at each village and Old Port Royale Centertown. One complaint I’ve heard about this resort is that the Market Street Food Court is too far away from a number of the villages. If you find that’s the case for your family, catching this bus might be the answer.

Here are some general pictures of the resort.







All of the rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort are completely non-smoking, but a number of pleasant spots have been created for those of you who wish to light up.


I booked this most recent trip just so I could stay in one of the new “Pirate” rooms. In case you haven’t heard, Disney is redecorating a number of the rooms here with a pirate motif. Take a look and see what you think.








An artist’s rendering of one of the new scenes added to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction hangs on the wall.


One thing I like is Disney has added a curtain between the lavatory and bedroom. The last time I stayed at a moderately priced Disney resort this was not offered. Now a family can have a little more privacy.



The bedspread design features gold coins and gem stones. The carpet looks like peg-and-groove planking.



The refrigerator is housed in a wooden chest and extra pillows are available in a trunk.



The vanity area is adequate with two sinks and an open closet. Six bath towels were on hand upon arriving. A tiny, key-locking safe, an iron, and ironing board are also available.




The shower curtain features sailing ships and the Flying Dutchman is etched into the shower wall.



Last year I wrote a review about the Contemporary Resort. In it, I complained that the Mickey branding had all but been removed from the toiletries. I’m happy to report Mickey is back. But note, the plastic wrapping on the soap is so strong, I needed to use my car keys to break it open.


I did enjoy the new pirate theme. It’s not too heavy handed, nor is it childlike. I feel Disney created a nice balance that both children and adults can enjoy. But I also must point out a few negatives.

First, if you can only sleep in a pitch-dark room, do not stay at the Caribbean Beach Resort. The way the drapes hang from the curtain rod, it is impossible to cover the windows completely. The windows do have plastic blinds, but light still leaks in. My room was only semi-dark and there was nothing I could do about it.


Also offered is a high-speed internet connection. But it is located on the nightstand between the two beds. That’s perfect if you wish to recline while working. But if you’re like me, I prefer to sit at the room’s table. The internet cable will reach that far, but just barely. It was very taut. If anyone were to walk between the table and bed, they will run into the cord and pull your laptop to the floor.

The pirate rooms are a lot of fun, and I would recommend them to anyone with children. But there is an extra charge to stay in one of these fanciful rooms. Check the fact sheet for the Caribbean Beach Resort on for current prices.


After posting this blog, received the following from Jenny Trahan:

We just returned from Caribbean Beach Resort and stayed in a new refurbished Pirates-themed room. Our Mousekeeping supervisor told us that the nightstands, dresser and refrigerator cubby (as pictured in your newly posted photographs) are temporary and that the new furniture has not yet arrived. They will be replaced with items that resemble barrels. No word on when the new furniture will be there.

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88 Replies to “Caribbean Beach Resort — Pirate Room”

  1. We visited Disney Caribbean Beach Resort in 2012. It was diffidently a home away from home. We are going back this year, and we have booked the Disney Caribbean beach resort again. this time we will be staying in a Pirate themed room. We had wonderful experiences, we enjoyed all amenities at the resort. All the cast member were super nice & mouse keeping was great, also keeping in mind the little ones the mouse keeping made it extra fun for the kids to come back to animals or character made things made from rags and towels. My kids loved it. I can’t wait for our return back this year. I’m a huge Disney lover and I love planning our trip way in advance after we left in June 2012 I started on my 2013 planning and now it’s time for countdown. I hope everyone reading this will consider staying at the Disney’ s Caribbean Beach resort. We’re Dreams do come true.

  2. Are the Pirate rooms located only in certain buildings or are they scattered throughout the resort?

    Jack’s answer:

    In certain buildings.

  3. I am just wondering if you have had any feedback regarding the mattress quality of the pirate rooms. I have heard they are thin and uncomfortable. What have you heard? Thanks!

    Jack’s Answer:

    I have slept on the Pirate bed mattress at the Caribbean Beach as well as the fold-down beds in the Art of Animation suites. Both mattresses are about 8 inches thick. Disney claims they’re a special temperpedic mattresses and very comfortable. I thought it was okay, but not great. I have had a couple of people write to me complaining about the Pirate room mattress.

  4. My family and I stayed at the Caribbean Beach in 1996, when I was eleven years old. Seeing these photos put the biggest smile on my face – with the exception of the pirate theme, everything looks the same as I remember!

  5. Hello, I am planning a trip in about 6 weeks and wondered if you could tell me the most optimal building to request to get closest to the area for drinks and snacks. I want to be nearest a bus pickup as well but I assume there are several and the mug refill is a big deal for the people in my party. I know I might not get the request I ask for, but I want to be prepared for asking for it!

    Thanks, Lisa

  6. I have read that the pirate beds are awful. That the mattress is pretty thin and not comfortable at all. We are planing a trip in December and are curious if that is true and if so has Disney addressed this problem at all?


    Jack’s Answer:

    I have had one other person write and tell me that they did not like the Pirate Beds. I have stayed in a Pirate Room only once and had no problems at all. Since I was comfortable, it never occurred to me to check the thickness of the mattresses. I have no idea if Disney has “addressed this problem” because I’m not sure there is a problem. I would suggest you contact Disney reservations and ask them.

  7. Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures and for putting such a positive spin on this resort & the pirate themed rooms. We booked our vacation about a year and a half in advance & chose Port Orleans French Quarter. However, free dining was just released & we had to move to the Caribbean Beach Resort in the Pirate rooms in order to save over $500. Our 2 boys are young, only 6 & 8, so we figure this will be the best time to stay in this resort. We are all not big people so the bed size won’t bother us too much. We will just have to wait for our cruise to enjoy the larger beds 😉 Thanks again for the wonderful review & photos!!!

  8. We live local but want to plan a special birthday for my son, who is turning 10 in June, and he LOVES pirates, so this looks perfect…but I’m wondering, my mom always travels with us…can the room accomodate 5? Can they provide a cot or something for an extra person? We really couldn’t afford an extra room for her (she lives with us). Also, how far in advance do you need to book things like the pontoon boats, etc? We are planning on having 2 (local) families meet us there to celebrate the birthday and want to plan a fun day for all. Thanks so much for all you information and photos!

    Jack’s Answer:

    The official policy for the Caribbean Beach Resort is four guests, and one child under 3 in a crib, per room.

    The pontoon boats do not need to be rented in advance. With rare exception, they are always available. However, I would suggest renting one at the monorail hotels with access to Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon or at Downtown Disney with access to Sassagoula River. There is far more scenery to see on these two bodies of water. The lake at the Caribbean Beach Resort is very small with very little to see.

  9. We stayed in a pirate room Sept. 2011 with our 2 autistic children and were glad that we were far away from others bc the kids can be loud. We even enjoyed the walk to the main area since the weather was great but I can see how it could be awful in cold or extremely hot weather. Beautiful grounds. Our only complaint is that the rooms were extremely small-and this is a wheelchair accessible room. We have stayed at other resorts and was surprisingly dissappointed compared to the value resort rooms. They were so small we could not easily move a wheelchair to the bathroom much less turn it around at the entrance area. Two beds in this small area makes it too cramped. We will not stay in a pirate room again. I did just notice from the pics that the nemo rooms looked bigger. I dont know for sure though.

  10. I stayed at the Caribbean Beach resort this past December. It was great, except for the fact that the frigid weather kinda ruined the island feel. (I was there that week of the record low temperatures. One day, factoring in wind chill it was 19 degrees) The walking wasn’t too bad, not as bad as staying in the 80’s building at Pop Century. I was in Aruba, and at least there was a bus stop close by. I really liked how peaceful this resort was, and can’t wait to go back. (Two weeks away…staying in a pirate room this time).

  11. I’m thinking about Caribbean for our first trip down, I want to go somewhere that will really knock our socks off…while still having money to live on and eat..etc. Are the Pirate rooms worth the extra $$, or is it no biggie compared to the long walk? I have 2 boys that would LOVE the pirates, for a day or two, then I wonder if I would regret being so far away from everything.
    PS, did a vampire take the picture of the bathroom vanity? Where the camera…and cameraman?

    Jack’s Answer:

    The basic rooms at the Caribbean Beach are nice, but nothing special. I think the Pirate Rooms are very imaginative.

    Don’t let he “walk” enter into your decision. Many of the basic rooms are just as far from Port Royale as the Pirate Rooms. You can always drive or take the internal bus if you’re further than you’d like to be from Port Royale.

    If this is your first visit to Walt Disney World, EVERYTHING will knock your socks off. If you don’t tell your boys about the Pirate Rooms, they’ll never miss them. It’s all about what your budget can affort.


    p.s. The vampires name is Photoshop.

  12. Me and my family are staying at CBR in late Sep. early Oct. in a pirate room. Jack, you said that the beds are comfortable, but are they big enough to sleep 2 adults comfortably? Is the walk to Old Port Royal as far as people have said in the comments?

    Jack’s Answer:

    The beds in the Pirate Rooms are full size. This is fine for some couples, cramped for others.

  13. We just returned from Disney and stayed in the pirate themed rooms in Trinidad South. Probably the furthest away from the Port Royale but very quiet! We did use our vehicle driving us to the main house (food and drinks) and then loaded the bus there at Port Royale. It was very convenient having our vehicle, then we could leave our mugs in our car so we did not have to tote them around all day at the parks. If you learn the bus routes it is pretty easy to get the hang of where to get on and where to get dropped off. This hotel probably is not as “kid friendly” as Pop Century. Arcade did not have “tickets” to buy prizes with, which really upset my son. He remembered that from Pop Century. Not a big deal though. Yes, you can see fire works at night-they are from Epcot. My biggest suggestion would be to bring your own soap. The soap there did not seem to smell real nice. Also, if you are on the dining plan…learn what you can and cant buy. That is usually what would hang up the lines because people did not know what they could get and not get before paying for the items.

  14. Hey, hello. I have a question. My family has planned our first trip to WDW. We are going in May… And i would like to request one of their buildings and would like to know which you think is the best. I dont want to be around alot of noise and my family and I are private kinda people. Dont mind walking for the food courts and such. I was thinking by looking at the map Trinidad South or Aruba. But we didnt request a pirate themed room, so maybe Trinidad South is out??? Whatta ya think?

  15. We just stayed last week in the pirate rooms and liked it a lot. The main complaint was the walk to the area to get refills on our drinks. We were in Trinidad South and it took at least 10 mins. We are not lazy, but after walking all day at the parks, the last thing we wanted to do was walk to get a drink. I really think they should have a drink station at each hotel to accommodate those who are so far away.
    Yes you could see fireworks from the resort, but just a few. I think from Epcot… they only have a few that are high in the air the rest is the laser show that you can only see at Epcot.
    The beds were very comfortable. The mattresses were short, but nobody complained about them at all.
    We used the discount on the hotel offered, and I am so glad we did. This was our first and probably only trip as a family, and it was so worth the price!
    The only negative I could think of was waiting behind people in the checkout line for food, and listening to people argue about their dining plan with the cashier. We don’t have a dining plan and just wanted to pay and go. Not have to wait while other people sorted out what was on their plan.

  16. I will be traveling to CBR with my 24 yr old son who has Down syndrome for the National Down syndrome Conference on July 14. Any suggestions for us? My son is a big guy, the bathroom looks cramped, any rooms have bigger bathroom? I am his mom, so can’t stay in the handicapped room as it only has a king sized bed, we need separate beds. Also, he needs to catch the bus to the main convention at Coronado, they have said it’s a long walk from any of the CBR villages to catch the bus to Coronado. Thanks, great blog, BTW>

  17. We have 3 chilldren (9, 11, and 12). I see the pirate themed rooms only sleep 4. Does Disney allow you to rent a cot for the 5th and/or have connected rooms? I’d really like to stay in a themed room as my step-children have never been to Disney!

  18. Hello there – we have booked a Pirate themed room for our vacation May 16 -23. My problem is I have done something to my knee and concerned that the distance between OPR and our building is going to be too much… how close are the pirate themed rooms really? I am already pretty bummed about what the knee will do to our family vacation, and would be even more choked if we need to move rooms.

    Can you help me out?

  19. What a wonderful blog. Most helpful, as I am staying with my son who is disabled in July. Thanks for all these details.

  20. We are staying at CBR the second week of March 2010 (7th -13th).
    Do you have any idea of how busy/crowded the parks are during that week? The “tips” suggest that the parks may be their busiest during this time, however I am looking for a clarification of “mid-March”. Most spring breaks occur a little later than our arrival date and we are hoping that relieves some of the park congestion. Any first hand knowledge of the crowds in that particular week? Lastly- How easy/quick/costly is a taxi from CBR to Magic Kingdom? We arrive late our first day but want to be sure and get the most out of the first day as we can.
    Thank you for any input

  21. We have been to Disney lots and lots of times, but have only stayed at CBR one time back in 2000. I was wondering if there are elevators at the CBR? When we stayed there it seems as if there were no elevators to the top floors…only stairs. Also, can you tell me which “villages” are closest to Port Royale? Thank you very much.

  22. We have stayed at CBR many times. The last time was May 07 for the wedding of our daughter. She was married in the Wedding Pavilion and the dinner/reception was at the Grand Floridian. It was a truly memorable experience. Everything was perfect. The people at CBR went out of their was to accommodate out every need. I especially want to mention the bar staff. I am on first name basis with most of them. We are returning in March to Trinidad with our new grandson. Although he has been to Disney several times- his parents are Disney Junkies- I can’t wait for him to celebrate his second birthday with the pirates. Thanks so much.

  23. We just got back from the “Pirarte Room” at the Carribean Beach resort and my husband was just as enthralled with the furnishings as my 8 year old son. We did get the new “covers” for the refregerators that looks like a powder keg, the dresser tha looks like cargo boxes and the tables with the compass in the center. It was very nice, but i don’t think we’d have to stay in a pirate room again for my guys to be happy- The surprised look on my husband’s face and his search for a place to BUY the furntiure they have in the room (Boat beds and all) meant it was a success.

  24. Do any of the pirate rooms have bunk beds? One of our daughters is a crazy sleeper. It’s no fun sharing a bed with her.

    Jack’s Answer:

    To my knowledge, the pirate rooms just have two double beds, no bunk beds. Sorry

  25. My husband and I stayed at the CBR in 2007 and we can’t wait to go back in 37 more days with our daughter, son-in-law, and three grandkids. We LOVE this resort and have no desire to stay anywhere else. When you go to Disney there is walking. We nver found the walking to be long. We found it very relaxing. Our wait for any bus was never more than 10 minutes. (We always go the week before Thanksgiving) I truly feel at hoem at the CBR. When there we traveled to all of the parks and downtown Disney and never had a issue with the bus. In the evening the bus was crowded, but most times we found a seat on the bus. If not, it was not bad standing. People were always aware of parents with kids and always gave up their seat. You will truly on vacation at the CBR

  26. We are booked in October. How do you get a Pirate theme room and are there any adjoining rooms?


    Jack’s Answer:

    At the time you made your reservation for the Caribbean Beach Resort, you needed to request, and pay extra for, a Pirate Room. I assume they have adjoining rooms, but you’ll need to call Disney back ask.

  27. Jack,

    Thanks for the great info. I’ll be staying in on of these rooms next month. I have one question though. Do you remember what inputs the TV has? On your posts about BLT you showed pictures of the TV input box. while this does not have that box, does the TV has an HDMI input?

    I’m going to be bringing a mini mac with me and want to hook it up to the room tv and will need an HDMI port to plug it into. Thanks!

  28. Do you know if the new furniture has arrived yet?

    Jack’s Answer:

    I stayed there months ago and was told that the missing furniture would be delivered in a couple of weeks. I have to assume that it has been.

  29. My question is, how much floor space is there at CBR? I was thinking of putting down a twin air mattress or two for the kids so we could each have our own “Bed”.

    Jack’s Answer:

    The rooms at CBR are around 340 square feet. These are the largest of the moderately priced hotels. However, there really isn’t much floor space for air mattresses. I suppose you could squeeze a couple in, but you’d need to move the table out of the way and you’d be stepping over them on your way to the bathroom.

  30. Question. Did you stay in a pirate room with the water view or just a regular pirate room?

    Jack’s Answer:

    I stayed in a standard pirate room. Even though you didn’t ask, I’m assuming you’re looking for an opinion.

    The question you need to ask yourself is this, “How much time are you going to spend in your room, looking out the window?”

    I had a view of the garden and it was perfectly fine. But something you need to think about is this; you must keep your blinds open in order to enjoy the view. Since this is a motel (exterior hallways), that means that people walking by your room can look inside.

    To be honest, I think a water view is better than a pool or garden view, but if I was on a tight budget, I’m not sure it would be worth the extra cost.

    I hope this helps you with your decision.

  31. Hi..

    Maybe you can help out . We are going to be in Disney this August. No children, Adults and an older teenager.
    We booked a Water view room. After reading your blog & other reviews I am more confused now than ever as to what Island to request.
    Some say Martinique others say Trinidad North. Then there’s Barbados, Jamaica etc. etc. See my dilemma.
    Is there a preference as to one resort being nicer than another? I know there is a distance problem with like trinidad South being the farthest.
    But is one building nicer than another I guess that’s my question.

    Also, anything that you can suggest in requesting ahead of time? And what we should NOT miss to do or see.

    I am getting excited and want to have a bit of a plan ahead of time.

    I thank you.


    Jack’s Answer:

    The buildings on each island (cluster) have a slightly different Caribbean theme, but I certainly don’t think that one is better than another. The interiors are basically identical. The difference is whether you get a pirate room or standard room and what type of view you request. For me, the only question is how far you’re willing to be from the pool and food court. If this isn’t an issue for you, you don’t need to worry about making a special request.

    If you do want to request a certain island, I would call Disney back (central reservations) and put in your request. But remember, this is only a request and Disney is under no obligation to honor it — but they will try. The earlier you can check in, the better chance you’ll have of getting what you ask for. Keep in mind, most people request the rooms closest to the pool.

    As to your question about what not to miss, I would need to know more about you and then I’d have to write a book in order to answer. My best suggestion is to learn as much about each park as you can in advance of your trip. Allears is a good place to start.

    Have a fantastic vacation next month.

  32. My family and i stayed in trinidad south and we thought it was very nice. The rooms are very well done and the maids did such a mice job when having to clean up our room. one thing that i have to say is i think that everywhere in Disney is the cleanest place possible on the Earth! My family and I would always say that this place is sooo clean!!
    I recomend that when going to Disney for a vacation stay at the Trinidad South rooms at the Carribian Beach. Hopefully my family and i will soon be back!

  33. Taking a trip to WDW in August, staying at the CB and booked a pirate room. We have two granchildren (ages 7 and 4) and know we’re going to have a great time. We’re very excited, probably more so than the kids!

  34. Can someone tell me when you leave the parks where the bus stop is located. I have heard you walk farther than the value resort. I have booked by next vacation here and I am having second thoughts. I love Coronado Springs and walking after a long day at the park is an issue for me.

    Jack’s Answer:

    I’m not exactly sure what your question is, but let me do my best to answer it.

    The bus stop at the Magic Kingdom is close to the turnstiles and it’s an easy walk.

    The bus stop at the Studio is a little further than that of the Magic Kingdom, but is still an easy walk to and from the turnstiles.

    Epcot and the Animal Kingdom are further away, but not unreasonable. However, if walking is an issue to you, you might not agree.

    Within each bus stop, Disney has mixed up the hotel loading areas. In other words, the deluxe hotels are not always the closest and the budget resorts are not always the furthest. You need to read the signs to determine where each hotel loads. It’s different at each park.

    Here’s how the bus stops work at the hotels themselves.

    The deluxe hotels only have one bus stop. The reasoning is that the hotel is usually fairly compact so the walk is about the same for everyone.

    The moderate hotels, (like the Coronado Springs) have several bus stops. Usually these resorts are so large they require multiple stops. But because they have so many, this sometimes puts the stop closer to you than the deluxe or budget resort.

    The budget hotels, although massive, only have one bus stop. You could have a long walk depending on where your room is located. But that’s one of the reasons it’s a budget resort. Disney had to cut costs someplace and this is one of the many ways to accomplish this goal.

  35. I have booked our 2nd trip to Disney 11/25-12/6! Myself and my dd 6 and 11 are staying at all star music for 8 days and doing the theme parks with dining then we are at CBR for 4 days and just relaxing. We are staying in the pirate waterview room and couldn’t be more excited! These are our first vacations and Disny has truly been the most magical place on earth for us! Thanks Disney

  36. Jack, I stayed at CBR sometime in the early-90’s and I seem to remember it being all pinkish roofs and much less theming, especially the water areas. I understand the pools and a few rooms had a makeover, but has the rest of the resort also been remodeled or “re-themed?” Your pictures make it look more vibrant and diverse in character than I remember. I don’t even remember a table service restaurant back then. Thanks.

    Jack’s Answer:

    To be honest, I’m not 100% sure of the answer to your question. But here’s what I can tell you. The resort has not been “rethemed.” It always had a strong Caribbean flavor. However, I looked at some old pictures of mine taken in 1989, and the paint scheme seemed to be a little less vibrant. But my pictures were taken on a cloudy day so I’m not sure if this is actually true. Disney does periodically change the colors of buildings and it is possible that they are using more vibrant hues than they used to.

    As for the roofs, many different colors are and were used.

    The main swimming pool was given an extensive makeover. It now has a much more obvious Caribbean flavor.

    Also, the food court in Porte Royale was remodeled and Shutters Restaurant was added.

  37. Hi! My boyfriend and I are going to WDW this September and we’re planning on staying at the CBR. We’re torn between either a bayview room in a more centralized “island” or a pirate themed room up without a waterview in the more seemingly isolated Trinidad South island. Which areas would be more quiet? Do you have any suggestions for couples?
    Also, are the beds in the pirate themed rooms really uncomfortable? Someone commented earlier about a “lack of box spring” ?

    Thanks and I can’t wait to go! It’ll be my first time at WDW. 🙂

    Jack’s Answer:

    I think the Pirate Rooms are cool. Even though they’re designed for kids, adults can enjoy them as well. Are they romantic? Not particularly. Are they fun? Definitely.

    A standard water view room is also nice and probably more romantic than the Pirate Room. But how often will you be looking out your window to enjoy the view? Only you can answer this.

    After I stayed in a Pirate Room, I read the comment that there were no box springs under the mattresses. I’m not sure if this is true or not. The bed design is deep enough to accommodate a box spring, but I never checked since I thought the bed was comfortable.

    I suppose there might be more families with children in the Pirate Villages than others, but I’m not sure this will really make a difference. Each Village has its own “quite” pool. Most children opt to swim at the Port Royale pool as it offers a slide and other extras.

    None of the Villages are secluded. The only difference among them is the distance from Port Royale.

    Your question is very subjective. Between the two options you gave me, I don’t think you can make a wrong choice. Both are good.

  38. I am trying to decide what would be the better area to stay…area with pirate themed rooms..which I heard was Trinidad South????or Martinique or Trinidad North which I understand are closer to food areas and pool..etc We have children 6yr and 9yr..

    Jack’s Answer:

    The one complaint I hear about the Caribbean Beach Resort is its size. Some people complain that it’s too spread out and getting to Port Royale can be a long walk or an inconvenient bus ride.

    When I stayed in a Pirate Room it was in the Trinidad South village. It was about a ten minute walk from there to Port Royale. If this is acceptable to you, then I would say go for a Pirate room. They are very cute and I know you’re children will enjoy them more than a standard room.

  39. Jack,

    Thanks for the helpful tips. After writing my wife spent hours upon hours reading reviews. She said that probably 1 out of 10 were actually negitive. Not as bad as I thought. She said they mostly complained of the fact that CBR is so big. (and they were to lazy to walk). We don’t mind a nice walk at a resort. It helps to pass time, and our 2 kids love to see all the animals on the resorts.

    I’m glad I had the oppurtunity to ask my questions you gave plenty of insight to a second time traveler to Disney.

    Thanks! Your advice will be well taken!!

    Jack’s Comment:

    The number one complaint about the Caribbean Beach Resort is its size. However, there is an internal bus that constantly makes a loop around the resort, so you can keep this in mind if you end up in the hinterland.

  40. Jack,

    We are staying at CBR in December 2009 for Christmas. We booked a water view Pirate themed room. I have seen multiple bad reviews for CBR on many different websites. It frankly has me concerned. We stayed at the Grand Floridian last year in July. Should I be worried about the bad reviews? I loved the pictures of the rooms, and all the information you gave.

    another question is what part of CBR are the pirate themed rooms located? and how easy is it to get to Epcot and DTD from there? We were planning on taking transportation to Epcot and then taking the Monorail to MK. I know that we’ll need to use the bus to go to the other parks, i.e. AK, and universal. Any tips on making the transportation to the other parks easier?


    Jack’s Answer:

    I’m really surprised at all the negative comments you’ve been reading about the Caribbean Beach Resort on other websites. If you read the comments under my blog, this property has a very loyal following.

    Is the CBR as nice as the Grand Floridian? Absolutely not. The GF is a deluxe resort and the Caribbean Beach Resort is a moderate. But the Caribbean Beach Resort is a very nice property.

    Of course the room and the bath are smaller than the GF. But you’re paying less so that’s to be expected. And Port Royale (food, shops, and pool) can be a distance depending on what village you are assigned. I know the Pirate Room I stayed in was a 10 minute walk away.

    But I think the grounds are lovely and the atmosphere charming. I’m assuming you’ve booked a Pirate Room because you have kids. The GF offers nothing like this.

    The food court at Port Royale is a food court. I see nothing wrong with it, but there is only so much you can do with this type of facility. You need to judge it for what it is, a Disney food court.

    Shutters, the table service restaurant at CBR, offers good food and service. Once again, it’s not Citricos, but it isn’t intended to be.

    I had never stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort until this last visit. I always stayed at Port Orleans when I was choosing a moderate resort. But after my visit, I would have no qualms about returning.

    I guess you really need to ask yourself if you’re willing to go from the flagship Disney property to a moderate resort. I’ve stayed at almost every resort at Disney World and have been happy everywhere. But I set my expectations accordingly for the type of room I had booked.

    I really don’t know what others are complaining about in the comments you’ve read. I like the Caribbean Beach Resort and so do many others.

    Sorry, I don’t remember which villages offer the Pirate Rooms. Call 407-824-4321. This is Walt Disney World general information and they can answer almost any question.

    As for transportation. The Caribbean Beach Resort has a number of bus stops all around the property. There is one close to each village. Each theme park, water park, and Downtown Disney has it’s own bus and they run every twenty minutes, maximum wait.

    Why are you taking a bus to Epcot and then the monorail to the Magic Kingdom? Unless you plan on visiting Epcot first, this is a total waste of time. There is a direct bus to the Magic Kingdom from the Caribbean Beach Resort and it drops you off at the park’s doorstep. If you go to Epcot first, then transfer to a monorail, you have to transfer again once you get to the TTC. This could take over an hour.

    I know others would disagree with me, but I always tell people if they can afford to rent a car, do so. With the exception of the Magic Kingdom, it’s quicker to drive than take a bus, especially if you want to go from one resort to another.

    I could write volumes with your question, but I do need to cut it short. I hope this helps.

  41. We are going in Aug/Sep to CBR, Pirate rooms. I had seen pictures recently of the barrel-type furnishings, but can’t remember where I saw them! We originally had reservations for POP, but I upgraded them to CBR as a surprise (shhhh!) for husband’s 50th. So no one knows but me! Our girls LOVE pirates, and will FLIP! I’m also getting some of the gift packages delivered for husband’s birthday from Disney Floral. They look awesome! It does sound like the walk to dining and shopping is a bit long, but most of that will occur at the parks, so not a big deal. Most other blogs I’ve read said transportation can be hit or miss. But we’ll be on vacation, so no worries, mon!
    See you there!

  42. We absolutely love the Caribbean. We have been staying there since the early 90s. We do sometimes stay at Port Orleans Riverside, but with three kids, the Caribbean has become a favorite. First let me say on our last trip, all three of my kids were three and under. Yes, we were VERY busy, but they were at quite fun ages. The new kiddie pirate pool was an absolute hit for my kids. They loved it and I think it may have actually been their favorite part of the trip! My only complaint was that there is no one from the Caribbean supervising the area. A lot of older kids would come into the area when the bucket was getting ready to dump and block out the little ones from going down the slides. My mom (luckily she is more vocal than me) had to speak to some of them several times. My poor son was only three and did not understand why some big kid was telling him he had to wait to go down the slide, while I am telling him when he gets to the top he needs to go right down so other kids can have a turn. I wasn’t the only parent having this problem. Otherwise, we are looking forward to being there in September! My kids are each a year older and bigger, which may make it even harder to get them out of the pool this time, but I can’t wait!

  43. I’m so glad to see your posting on this type of room! The pics look great and we can’t wait to stay here, it looks like it’s worth every extra penny! We weren’t sure when we read one review that complained about the beds being too hard but when you’ve been at the parks all day… I guess it really won’t matter. It’s our first trip to WDW so we’re very excited and can’t wait!

    Jack’s Comment:

    Personally, I find the beds at the Disney resort extremely comfortable. I wish I could afford one of these mattresses for my home.

    Have a great trip! And be sure to stop by Guest Relations on your first day and pick up a “First Time Visitor” button. They’re free and it will let everyone know you’re experiencing the magic for the first time.

  44. Headed to CBR in September and am SO excited. Wife and I saw the first photos and had to book a trip. Really can’t wiat! Thanks Jack for the photos and your point of view. We were last at the Love Bug, though it was cute and I didn’t like it at all. This one seems like it will be very nice and I like the moderates. Port Orleans was very nice, but this one looks better. My wife was a Travle agent and she said that the resort is great but hasn’t been there in years.

    Our count down is on th Mickey’s not so spookey Halloween…. I think this is the first time EVER that I have looked forward to Fall…

  45. Hello. I’m just wondering if anyone knows an ETA for the new furniture for the pirate rooms? We will going at the end of June and are really hoping it is there by then. My son wants to grow up to be a pirate, so we are SO excited about the pirate room, but the temporary furniture in your photos is a bit disappointing. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the barells are in for the summer time. Also, I’m looking for all the little secrets and/or “special little suprises” I can come across. I have heard that the kids meals at CBR are served in sand pails with shovels, and I LOVE the coconut “post cards” as a suprise for family back home. Can you think of any other little extras or special touches like these anywhere in CBR or the parks and restaraunts?
    Thank you so much for all the great info!

    Jack’s Comment: It was my understanding that the rest of the furniture was only delayed by a couple of weeks. It should be there by now. Readers?

    As for other surprises — I have nothing to share with you. I guess you’ll just have to be “surprised.”

  46. The coconut postcards can also be found at Disney’s Polynesian Resort and they cost $19.50 including shipping.

  47. Dear Jeanne,

    In May 2008 we (24 and 27) fitted three different WDW resorts into one vacation. We started off at the CS, moved on to the All Star Music and wrapped things up at the CBR.

    Having never stayed at a WDW property before, this was quite the experience! Since my first trip ten years before, the CBR had been my dream place to stay. However, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed when comparing it to the CS.
    While the grounds are beautiful and I loved the combination of all the different islands, it just felt like the the CS was more “finished”. The rooms at the CBR seemed a bit bland compared to those at the CS, as did the lobby/check-in area. And although the CM’s at the CBR happily helped us out, they didn’t quite go the extra mile like they did at the CS. Even though the CS is also a huge resort, we felt like the CM’s treated us on a more personal level rather than as another room number.

    If I remember correctly, the food was a bit more expensive at the CS, but you do get enormous portions and a wide variety of options at the Pepper Market. We opted to buy our food there and eat it outside by the water, which was just amazing. Trying the same thing at the CBR turned out a lot more hectic and just didn’t have the same charm and tranquility as it did at the CS.

    With all reasons mentioned above and more, I have now convinced my mother and sister to stay at the CS coming July! I can’t wait!

    I hope this helps you in figuring out wich resort is the best match for you! 🙂

  48. Hi Jack! I was just wondering if you had any suggestion on this resort compared Coronado Springs? We are DVC members and are use to staying at the deluxe resorts but decided to try a moderate this time. Four adults will be going so there’s no need for “kid” stuff. Any advice would be great!

    Jack’s Comments: My first bit of advice is to read the Fact Sheets under the Accommodations section of A wealth of information is available about both resorts.

    Coronado Springs is one of the few resorts that I have not actually stayed at so I don’t have any first-hand experience other than stopping in occasionally for lunch or dinner.

    Disney tried very hard to make all of the moderately-priced resorts equal but different. So the only real difference is theming. The Caribbean Beach Resort is a tropical get-away whereas the Coronado Springs has an American Southwest/Northern Mexico theme. Both are quite lovely and well executed.

    Both offer nice table-service restaurants, but I think Maya Grill at CS is a little more upscale than Shutters at CBR.

    The casual dining (Pepper Market) at CS is unique for Disney World, but a description would take too long here. Once again, check the Fact Sheet.

    Which resort to stay at is a very subjective choice. If you’ve read the comments for CBR, you see that it has a very loyal following. But I’m sure the CS does as well — I just haven’t written about it yet so these people haven’t been given a chance to be vocal.

    My personal first choice of the moderately-price resorts is the Port Orleans – French Quarter.

    But I really wouldn’t sweat your decision too much. I truly believe you’d be happy at any of them.

  49. I will be staying at the CBR for the first time. We will be staying in the pirate theme room. I was wondering it if will be worth the money. I have only stayed at Pop Century and Saratoga Springs.


    This is a very subjective question and the answer depends on so many factors I’m not privy too. But here’s a brief answer. You won’t be disappointed at the Caribbean Beach Resort. It’s very nice. The only possible drawback to staying here is the distance to Port Royale if you’re assigned a far out village.

    As for the Pirate rooms… Personally, unless you have children, I wouldn’t recommend them. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re great. But I believe an adult couple might be happier spending that extra money on a nice meal at one of Disney’s better restaurants. But if you have kids, they’re going to love staying in a Pirate room and their enthusiasm will bring a smile to your face.

    I hope that helps.

  50. Does anyone konw if CBR is all finished with refurbished? We are going in August and payed for a prefered room which I understand are Martinique and Trinidad North. I want a refurbished room but concerned Trinidad North has not been refurbished. I have heard conflicting things from several people. Does anyone know if Trinidad North has been refurbished? Has anyone stayed in a refurbed room in Trinidad North? Thanks for your tome.

  51. Hi, When booking a Magic Your Way package with AAA for the Caribbean Beach Resort, can you specifically say you wan to stay in Trinidad North or Martinique so you can be closer to the Port Royale and main pool or will you show up and be told you can only get what is available the day you check in? I would think they have a reservation system that allows you to pick a room in a building you want but on the Disney website I saw a disclaimer that says they will take “requests for rooms” but it is still based on what is available the day you check in.

    Answer: First, booking thru AAA gives you no advantage when it comes to special requests.

    At the time of booking, you should request anything special you require, like room location. Disney will do their best to honor your requests, but there are NO guarantees.

    When it comes to the Caribbean Beach Resort, they offer “preferred” rooms. These are located in the villages that are closest to Port Royale. However, these rooms cost more — but you’ll be assured that you get what you want or need.

    For more information about room types and prices, check out the Fact Sheet for the Caribbean Beach Resort under “Accommodations” on

  52. We are staying in a pirate room in June after school lets out. I have girls and my 9 year old saw the pictures and shouted “May we stay in the Peter Pan room, Pleeeeeze?” Too funny.

    Just wondering, have any of you stayed in a Pirate room NOT in Trinidad South? Are they any different?

    This is our first time at CBR. For the last 2 trips we stayed at French Quarter, but hubby wanted to try something new this time. We have also stayed at all the value resorts and Pop Century is the only one that impressed me. We stop and the Winn-Dixie and stock up on snacks and breakfast food. I have found that the fridge in the room more than makes up for the higher priced resort. I’m counting the days….

    Comment: This was my first time to ever stay at the Caribbean Beach Resort. So to answer your question, I have only stayed in the Trinidad South village. It is my understanding that all of the rooms are identical (unless you get a room designed for the handicapped).

    I have stayed at the Riverside and Port Orleans and was very satisfied and really didn’t see a need to try the CBR. The only reason I did was to experience one of the Pirate rooms. I have to admit, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this resort.

    I agree with you. I think the Pop Century is the nicest of the value resorts.

  53. Really ,a beautyful place for enjoying and after looking pictures ,it seems that hospitality will very fine here at beach resorts.

  54. I am responding to Tracy Brokmeier’s question that was posted on Feb. 26, 2009. If you looked a Jack’s pictures you will notice that there is a small refrigerator in the room. If you are worried about your diabetic son, just stock the referigerator with food & drink items so you will have them on hand at all times. Also good for insulin if you need it.

  55. Hi Jack,I thought of another Question. I have heard this is a conference center and that the food here is priced higher for this reason. Did you find this during your stay? Thanks

    Answer: Coronado Spring, NOT Caribbean Beach, caters to conventions. The prices here are comparable to other Disney Resorts.

  56. CBR was the first Disney vacation our family had on Disney property in 2006! Amazing isn’t even the word! Our stay was out of this world! The resort was beautiful! From the architecture to the landscaping, just breathtaking! The kids came ‘home’ every day to new towel animals! One day they were all placed in a towel hammock set up in the window! Our 6 yr. old and 1 yr. old were delighted! ( I have to admit, I too, loved it!)

    The counter service was great, there was so much to choose from! The atmosphere made a very relaxing vacation even on days when we were running around in the parks.

    We sent one of the coconuts to our parents! They loved it and couldn’t stop talking about it for months! What a memory!

    But it didn’t end there! We had such a great time that we decided to purchase DVC! We have been up and down the coast, from Massachusetts to Florida. The disney way just spoiled us completely and we knew we could never go to another resort that was not Disney approved! We have loved every ‘Disney’ vacation since then! and in 2.5 years we are enjoying our 5th Disney Resort vacation! Something we never thought we would be able to do has become a Dream Come True!

    Thanks for the CBR blog! All those pictures brought back wonderful memories!

  57. Love the pics. One question.
    Are there any “hidden Mickey’s” in the bedspread or elswhere?

    Answer: I specifically checked the bedspread, but didn’t find any Hidden Mickeys. I really didn’t scour the rest of the room with that intent, but I didn’t see any. But keep in mind, some of this furniture is still temporary. A new nightstand and chest of drawers are on order. Who knows what they might have.

  58. We stayed in a pirate room from February 5th-8th. I agree about the light peeking in through the sides of the curtains. My husband finally took the curtain and tucked it on the door handle. I found the beds to be extremely uncomfortable- no box springs. The bed was the main negative. Everything else was great! Enjoyed it but proabably would not do a pirate room again for the extra money. Note: It is 1.5 miles from Trindad South to the Custom House. It is quite a trek. We had our car, but rarely used it. Bus system is great, you just have to be patient and plan extra time if you are on a time schedule.

  59. Hi! We are staying in a pirate room at CB this summer and were wondering where these rooms are located and how close they are to the pools? Thanks

    Answer: My Pirate room was in the Trinidad South Village. It was about a 10 minute walk to Old Port Royale (the food court) and the “main” swimming pool. However, each Village has its own, smaller pool nearby.

    I spoke with Disney reservations last week and they told me that the Pirate rooms are being placed in several of the Villages so I have no way to ascertain what distance you will encounter. Sorry.

  60. Jack, thank you so much for the pictures and to everyone for their comments to get me in the mood for my trip to Disney this May!! This will be my family’s 7th time to Disney and we always stay at CBR. This upcoming vacation we momentarily thought about staying somewhere else but just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. We simply just love, love, love this resort.

    There is nothing like spending the day at the parks and returning after dinner for a swim and to relax at the Banana Cabana. The tropical theme is just what we love. Can’t wait for May!!

  61. I have made reservations for CBR for the first week of June. This is our family’s first trip to Disney. I requested to be in the Martinique Building. I have 2 boys ages 2 and 5. Do you think that this is the best building choice for our family? I picked it because it has a play ground and beach and pool all close by. Thanks for you time.

  62. I am returning to CBR for my fourth time this May. I absolutely love this resort. I hope we are NOT put in a pirate-themed room. The very small dresser and TV setting on it look like a cheap motel room – not at all themed! Not much drawer space either. The main reason we stay here is the tropics theme, very relaxed and island-like. Hopefully the information I received when booking was right, that you pay extra for these rooms, which we didn’t. I’m sure families with young children will enjoy these rooms, but not the northern empty-nesters trying to get away from it all!

  63. I’m a DisneyWorld fanatic & have visited over 20 times now! My parents started taking us for our annual ‘family vacations’ & now I do the same w/my family. I’ve stayed at the deluxe & value hotels, you definetly get exactly what you pay for when you’re staying at the ‘value’ resorts.(Polynesian is my all-time FAVORITE!) & am returning there this May! I love the tropical/beach them of the Polynesian, but once I saw this blog on the CBR, I can’t wait to try this one out (next year!)It was very informative & the pix are great! This year it’s just me & my teen-age daughter,so we’re splurging.Next year, it’s the Carribean Beach for sure!

  64. Thanks for all the pictures of the pool! We are booked for a trip to CBR this September, and having never been there before, it was difficult to visualize where the pirate ship fit into the pools. With a two and four year old, I’m ecstatic that it is in the kiddie pool! No other pictures I’ve seen have captured that…GREAT to know! Thanks!

  65. I so appreciate all the great info I have found on this blog! My family will be staying at the CBR in May and have found so much great info here. The images of the new “pirate”rooms are great! My boys are so excited about our stay. But I do have a question.
    Does anyone know if they can actually attach bed rails to those great pirate beds? We are taking our 2 son’s ages 3(he will turn 4 while we are there!!) and 6, and to keep them in the bed. We asked for bed rails for our room and the reservation folks said that they wold have them for us. However,has anyone else used them in one of the new pirate rooms yet? I have looked at al the great images of the beds on this blog and can’t imagine how they would attach them. So, if anyone out there has any info about the bed rails please let me know. I am a tad worried about my little monkeys tumbling out of bed while they sleep. Thanks in advance for any info. Be well!!

  66. Wonderful pictures! When my kids were younger we always stayed at CBR and once they were a little older we bought a Disney timeshare since we try to go to Disney once a year. However, everytime we go, no matter where we stay we ALWAYS go to CBR because it has such wonderful atmosphere. We love the music played while we eat and love the just walk around. It will always feel like home to us!

  67. There is a priority mail USPS label on the coconut so to ship it should be $4.95. That doesn’t include the cost of the coconut.

  68. Our family and another family stayed at the Carribean Beach Resort last February. I’ve stayed at many, many Disney resorts, the last time was this past weekend and I like to try new resorts. However, with this being said, I feel the need to warn others that this resort lacks some things the other moderate resorts offer. One being, there really aren’t any signs posted to guide you to the food court, buses, etc. We walked around alot..only to find out the place we needed to be was on the other side of the resort! In addition to this, if you plan to make the trip alone with the kids or are staying for a long time w/ alot of suitcases, stroller, etc. there are no elevators! We had to lugg all our and the children’s suitcases up the stairs by ourselve’s. This was very difficult and had we’d known in advance, we could have asked for the first floor upon checking in. So folks ask for the first floor! 🙂

    Comment: When I checked in, the cast member provided me with a map of the Caribbean Beach Resort. This helped a lot in determining where things were located. But I have to admit, I was surprised that there are no elevators here.

  69. Our family has stayed at CBR both of our trips to Disney. The last one, we visited several of the “other” onsite resorts. Our favorite is definetly CBR. However, I wish they would update the menu at the counter service areas. It would be nice if they could take a hint from some of the other resorts and encompass a little more variety in their menu. We are planning our next trip next year, can’t wait to see the new updates to the main pool area (it was under construction on our last visit). I think having the individual island pools is a great selling point for CBR. Keep up the good work.

  70. Thank you so much for the pics of the updated rooms. My family and I are planning to stay in one of these pirate themed rooms in April and are very excited now that we were abe to see some pictures! Are they only doing the pirate themed rooms in Trinidad South? If so, how far is that from the food area? We have a 7 y/o diabetic son and are a little nervous about being too far away from the food area if we need it in a hurry. Thanks again!

    Answer: I felt it was a significant walk from my room in Trinidad South to the food court. It probably took me about 10 minutes to make the trip.

  71. One downside to the new pirate room is that they did not make ANY of them wheelchair accessible. That means I can NEVER stay in those rooms! I am not even sure that it is legal to create a category of rooms with no handicapped accessible rooms! A great disappointment!

    EDITOR’S NOTE: We contacted Walt Disney World directly for an answer to this question. Here is the response we received: There are eight accessible rooms with the pirate theme and four with a roll-in shower. These rooms will be put into inventory during the month of March.

  72. Thanks for the pictures of our family “home”. We have stayed at CBR 3 times, soon to be 4.
    I so needed an escape from Massachusetts winter, and this article did the trick. Love the pictures of the new Pirate room. I’ve been waiting patiently to see how the rooms look. I’m sure families will truly enjoy their stay.

    So Jack, how did you manage to take a picture of the mirror without a reflection? Great job!!

    Answer: You’re the second person to ask me how I took pictures of the mirror without my reflection. Would you believe I’m a vampire?

    Truth is, I’m pretty handy with a computer and I was able to erase my image with Paint Shop Pro (the poor man’s version of PhotoShop).

  73. hi kate- we sent one last year. it was a total of 9 dollars give or take some change. But there was a problem. I paid for the postage at the hotel, but when my sister got the coconut, it was being held at the post office for postage due, CBR never paid for the postage, so i had to shell out another 4 dollars.

  74. I’m concerned about how spaced out the resort is. We’re hoping to book a vacation at CBR for May 09. Should we rent a car?

    Answer: I am often asked “Should we rent a car?” by people visiting Disney World.

    Disney offers excellent mass transit around property. Notice I used the phrase “mass” transit not “rapid” transit. With the exception of the monorails, there is nothing quick about taking a bus or boat around property. And in most cases, you’re going to have to wait to catch the bus and it might make multiple stops before proceeding to your destination. But they are clean and efficient and they will get you where you want to go eventually.

    With the exception of the Magic Kingdom, it’s easier to drive to the theme parks rather than take a bus. And if you want to visit a different resort than your own, you must first take a bus to one of the parks or Downtown Disney then transfer to another bus, as there is no direct service between most hotels.

    I always tell people; if you can afford it, rent a car. You’ll be happy you did.

  75. Can anyone tell me how much the coconuts you can mail cost? We’re not staying here but would take a special trip over to get one to send to my goddaughter depending on the price. Thanks!

  76. Thanks for the new pictures. We stayed at the CBR last March and going back in 3 months. The rooms look great. I heard they are doing a Nemo room too. I had no idea about the Cabana out back, I will make sure to check it out this time.

    Cant wait for the return!

  77. Thanks for the post on the Pirate themed rooms at CBR. We booked one back in January for our trip at the end of May. We stayed at CBR in 2004 and we’re too keen on the experience. When we stay at a moderate, it’s usually Port Orleans Riverside (our favorite moderate). POR wasn’t available on the dates we wanted, but CBR was. After some hesitation, we decided that our three young boys would love the Pirate theme. We are going to work with Disney Floral to have some pirate themed items delivered to the room for our arrival. We’ve been anxious to see “actual” pictures and first-hand accounts. The rooms look great and we’re looking forward to the trip.

  78. I am from Canada and planning my first vacation to Disney in September. Can anyone suggest a resort close to the eat areas?

    Answer: The two closest Villages to the food court are Martinique and Trinidad North.

  79. We recently stayed at CBR (December ’09) and it was truly beautiful. My 2 year-old son loved the play on the beach and at the pool and we enjoyed the feel of the resort.

    The only serious drawback for us was the location of the check-in/check-out at the Custom House. We had time to kill between check-out and catching our Magical Express bus and we wanted to eat. So we had to wait for an internal bus to go Old Port Royale Centertown as it was too far to walk. But because we had to waste so much time waiting for internal buses, we didn’t really get time to shop or relax and we almost missed our Magical Express bus because we had to wait so long for the internal bus to return to the Custom House (over a half an hour!). Disney could have made a lot more money from us and our last minute purchases had we had the time to do it!

    Comment: The Caribbean Beach Resort was the FIRST moderately priced hotel at Disney World. If you notice, Disney has not repeated the “mistake” of creating a separate building for check in/out at their other resorts. They learned there lesson here.

  80. We stayed here for the first time May 07, loved it that much we returned May 08, and yes guess what we’re on our way back this May, counting the weeks down!! My husband ,me and our 2 teenage daughters. Disney CBR is the best, can’t wait to get in the new pool as when we were there last year it was being constructed. This will be our 10th visit to Disney, once you have been its very very addictive nowhere else will do!
    Great pics & blog.
    Marie Dorey
    Norton Disney Lincoln England

  81. We have stayed at CBR during our last 2 visits to Walt Disney World with our most recent being October of 2008. I love the pictures of the new rooms. It makes me “home-sick”. I was especially happy to see so many pictures of the new pool.

    Once again, great blog by Jack.

  82. We stayed at the Caribbean Beach resort this past December. I have stayed at most all of Disneys moderate and better resorts. From check-in until we left for our Disney cruse, we had a PERFECT vacation. I am hard to please but the folks here were great. The room was wonderful. The cast members were very nice and helpful. The Mousekeepers did an outstanding job. Rating of 1 – 10, these folks rated an 11.5. Thank you for a great job and congratulations to all of you. You make Disney the magical place that it is. I just wish we all could do as good a job as you. The world would be so much better.

    Many thanks,
    Bill and Pat Lam
    Summerville, SC

  83. I have been to Disney 35 times, staying at 8 of the onsite resorts. Caribbean Beach is our home away from home. My family and I have stayed there over 20 times!

  84. Great article. Thank you so much!

    Just wanted to add that the rooms at the Caribbean Beach are 340 square feet and the pool was just redone about 6 months ago.

  85. My family and I were able to stay at the Caribbean Beach Resort last year for a two week vacation in May. It was an amazing resort and was truly worth the price. It was my first time staying is a resort that wasn’t value and when we went back in December, we stayed at All Star Music where we then realized that the extra that you pay for a moderate is well worth every penny.

  86. We stayed at the Caribbean Beach resort for the first time in 2006. We really loved the resort. You felt like you were on a island paradise, for us anyway, compared to the hustle and bustle of home and work! Our room was spacious and clean for a party of 4, 2 adults and 2 children. Our resort was in close proximity to everything. There was not one thing we did not like about the resort. We are doing the bounceback for the dining plan in August. We were torn between this resort and trying the Port Orleans Riverside. We are currently reserved at the Port orleans Riverside but who knows, we may change our minds and go back to this lovely tropical paradise!!!!!!!!!! No Passport Needed!!!!!!!!