Vegetarian/Vegan Table Service Meals in the Parks

In general, table service restaurants at Walt Disney World are a vegetarian's dream. A lacto-ovo vegetarian can usually find something appealing either already on the menu, or available simply by omitting an ingredient or two. As a vegan, it's a bit more challenging, and how successful you are usually has more to do with the chef on staff at the time, than with what is listed on the menu. That makes creating a useful resource very challenging.

The following chart will give you some ideas of the more "veggie friendly" locations and options, but keep in mind that each experience is unique. Mentioning your dietary needs when you make reservations will increase your options, as will calling the restaurant 72 hours before your meal. With or without prior arrangements, we strongly recommend that all vegans ask for a chef as soon as they are seated. Some servers are more helpful than others, but there is no substitute for the assistance you can get from the chef.

Magic Kingdom





Main Street, USA

Crystal Palace

all-you-can-eat buffet character meals; see, breakfast, lunch or dinner menu Some vegans have reported outstanding service here. My own experience was less than stellar. However, there was a nice selection of salads, and at least enough other items on the buffet to make a complete meal.

Plaza Restaurant

sandwiches, salads and ice cream, including a veggie sandwich; see menu Nice old-fashioned ice-cream parlor. The veggie sandwich should be "veganizable" by request. Rumor has it that you can get Tofutti, and possibly Rice Dream here.

Tony's Town Square

Italian lunches and dinners with quite a few veggie choices (more at lunch than dinner) There's a Lady and the Tramp theme here. While I wasn't overly impressed, they can arrange a vegan pasta dish. You may want to call ahead for better options.

Liberty Square

Liberty Tree Tavern

classic American lunch or dinner.

Dinner is family-style and meat-centric; lunch menu usually shows a vegetarian option. Vegans may want to call ahead.

The Tavern now has a quinoa burger, which is vegan, that they serve at lunch. We dropped by at dinner, and we were told we could have the burger then but they would charge us the dinner price. That didn't seem reasonable to us, so we left.


Cinderella's Royal Table

dining in the castle – reserve early for the character breakfast; see breakfast, lunch and dinner menus Breakfast is not very veggie-friendly unless you choose the yogurt-and-cereal option. Lunch and dinner veggie choices are very limited. There's definitely something magical about eating in the castle, but I wouldn't choose this one for the food.

Epcot – Future World





The Land

Garden Grill

family-style character dinners; see menu. Note that a vegetarian option is usually available, though not shown on the menu. The standard menu is meat-centric, but they have a wonderful selection of fresh veggies to work with. Ask for a chef, and call ahead if possible – they seem eager to work with special requests.

The Seas

Coral Reef

seafood restaurant – watch your lunch or dinner swim by! There are actually a couple of veggie options on the menu for those of us who prefer our food to lack fins. However, the menu doesn't look too promising for vegans.

Epcot – World Showcase






Le Cellier Steakhouse

Canadian steak house serving lunch/dinner and Child's menu There is usually a vegetarian item on the menu, but vegans need to call ahead. While considered a great choice in the past, recent experiences have not been so good.

United Kingdom

Rose & Crown

English pub food by the World Showcase Lagoon; have lunch or see IllumiNations during dinner

There is usually some sort of vegetarian dish on the menu — veganizable and quite good. Options are limited, but service is great.

Now instead of the Seasonal Vegetable Curry they have a Vegetable Pie 'N' Mash for dinner (with seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes, and cheddar cheese). During lunch they offer a Vegetable Stone Pie (mushrooms, onions, spinach, cheddar cheese, and a side salad).

Ask the chef to "be creative" — you may be rewarded with some outstanding meals.


Chefs de France

classic and contemporary French lunches and dinners Several veggie choices at lunch and one at dinner. They should be able to accommodate a vegan.


Restaurant Marrakesh

couscous galore, and a belly dancer to boot, at lunch and dinner Largely a meat-focused menu, but there is vegetable couscous available (not vegan).


Teppan Edo

Teppan Grill and Sushi items. Menu

If the sight of meat and fish being cooked bothers you, stay away! Edamame.

Tokyo Dining


Edamame, Tofu, Bento Box


Tutto Italia

Lunch and Dinner Menus Pasta, meats and fish. I wouldn't risk this one without a call in advance. Vegans should check if pasta has eggs.

Via Napoli

/Lunch/Dinner Menus – Fresh pizza and pasta.

New restaurant with a promising menu. Vegetarians should have a number of options. Vegans will have to ask about ingredients, but if the chefs are accommodating, there should be at least a few options.



German family-style buffet; see lunch menu and dinner menu Meat, meat, and more meat, plus potatoes, spaetzle and sauerkraut. I was surprised, though, to hear from a vegetarian family who had a wonderful meal prepared for them here – call ahead.


Nine Dragons

basic Chinese comfort food at lunch and dinner Surprisingly meat-heavy menu, and doesn't earn highest marks among WDW visitors. Also beware of hidden ingredients such as chicken stock, and fish paste in almost every dish. Staff seems reluctant to modify dishes. I would skip this one.


Restaurant Akershus

classic Norwegian breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet Reviews on this one seem to be mixed. The menu doesn't offer much, but if you catch a good chef, you may be treated to a rather decent vegetarian / vegan meal. Try calling ahead for best results.


San Angel Inn

charming setting inside the Mexico pyramid, serving authentic Mexican lunch and dinner A "small" vegetarian menu is available, if you ask. However, the staff definitely has trouble with vegan requests. I have heard more than one report to match my own unpleasant experience. I would skip this one.

La Hacienda de San Angel

New Mexican restaurant with a view of World Showcase Lagoon, serving dinner only. The menu doesn't look that promising, but Mexican food should be easy to modify. I hope to have a report soon on just how accommodating these chefs will be.

Disney's Hollywood Studios





Hollywood Blvd.

Brown Derby

contemporary American fare in a beautiful setting from the golden age of Hollywood; lunch and dinner menus The noodle bowl with coconut-crusted tofu is vegan, and tasty. Other options may be available by request.

Echo Lake area

50's Prime Time Cafe

homestyle comfort food in a kitschy, '50's style kitchen atmosphere; see menu They usually keep a vegetarian dish on the menu, veganizable by request. Vegan dessert is almost always available, and the service is terrific – a definite favorite.

Hollywood and Vine

buffets at lunch and dinner Plenty of veggie options at any time of the day.

New York Street

Mama Melrose's

Little Italy-style Italian restaurant with a range of basic to adventurous options; menu now the same for lunch and dinner Don't be deceived – this is not just a pizza joint. The minestrone and the portobello mushroom appetizer are fantastic. There are plenty of veggie choices. I've heard at least a few options can be made vegan by request.

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre

sit in your car in an indoor "drive-in" and snack on basic American fare; see menu Quite a few veggie options here beyond basic hamburgers, but many folks just come for the atmosphere and a milkshake. While not much vegan on the menu, be sure to ask – they'll come up with something.

Animal Kingdom






Rainforest Cafe

rainforest-themed chain restaurant with a wild atmosphere Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner, and Child Menu

Quite a few veggie selections, and huge portions. Service is a little less than stellar, though, and vegan options may be limited.

There is a Portobello Sandwich burger that is vegan if you ask them to leave off the cheese, and it is very good.


Tusker House

African-inspired buffet with many vegetarian and vegan options. Menus here. This is one of the better options for vegetarians and vegans – several vegan options on the buffet. While not quite up-to-par with Boma, you won't leave hungry. Some of the chefs are more helpful than others.


Yak and Yeti

Menu Wok-fried Green Beans, salad, Vegetable lo mein. While the menu lacks much for vegans, the staff seems to be accommodating.

For years the Vegetarian Pages were maintained by Kitty Smith, a vegan. We thank Kitty for all her updates!