Epcot Archives Skyleidoscope (1985-87)

Skyleidoscope Soars Beyond Imagination
(Walt Disney World News, September, 1985)

"Each Saturday and Sunday this fall at 3pm, the aerial spectacle of Skyleidoscope transforms the 45 acre World Showcase Lagoon into a colorful fantasy-land of purple dragons, exploding gumdrops, and whimsical flying machines as Epcot Center kicks off a giant celebration called "Party Gras".

"It's a gala extravaganza of sea and sky wrapped in a kaleidoscope of magical rainbows made from silk, smoke, and sparkle. Set to a marvelous musical symphony, the 15 minute extravaganza features 60 flying, whirling, sailing objects of imagination and 80 aero-mariners."

" Dremfinder, the famous character from Epcot Center's Journey into Imagination, directs his whimsical navy and air force from an 85 foot airship. Together they try to build magical rainbows but are thwarted by the invasion of winged dragons in the lagoon below. Calling on an entire fleet of candy-striped parasails, speedy sea scooters, colorful sailboats and sea planes, Dreamfinder commands an exciting battle of fireworks and frenzy, until the monstrous dragons turn into harmless dragonflies. Only then can Dreamfinder create rainbows so breathtaking that only seeing is believing."

Surprise in the Skies planes
Surprise in the Skies planes
Surprise in the Skies Hang Glider
Surprise in the Skies
Surprise in the Skies plane and boat
Surprise in the skies plane and boat
Surprise in the Skies Boat
Surprise in the skies boat