17 WEIRD Disney World Experiences Everyone Has Had

Disney World can be so magical…but also SO weird.

Cinderella Castle

I mean, have you ever REALLY thought about it? You can ride a flying dinosaur at TriceraTop Spin, drink something at Oga’s Cantina that makes your lips numb, and we’ve seen some pretty wild souvenirs in the parks, too. But DON’T WORRY — when I tell you we’ve all experienced these weird experiences in Disney World, I mean it, so don’t ever be embarrassed.

That Darn “it’s a small world song”

Starting off strong, we all know how iconic “it’s a small world” is — it’s an opening day attraction in Magic Kingdom, and you may also know just how easy it is to get that song STUCK in your head for the whole rest of the day.

“it’s a small world”

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, and it’s actually why a lot of my coworkers choose not to ride the ride unless they have to — getting that song stuck in their heads EVERY day is NOT ideal.

“They’re Waving To Me! Wait — Just Kidding.”

Picture this — you’re watching the parade and waving to all your favorite characters, when you notice that one of them is waving back to you!

Festival of Fantasy Parade

But wait, hang on, they’re not really making eye contact with you. It’s almost like they’re looking behind — yep, they’re waving to the child behind you…that’s a little awkward, but only you and the character will likely ever know!


This one is pretty common, but it’s because it really happens to EVERYONE — those tracks on Main Street U.S.A. are wonderful for those Main Street vehicles, but NOT for humans.

Magic Kingdom

Because if you’re not paying attention, you WILL trip over those things OR get your ECV/stroller wheel stuck in them and it’s NOT fun. So just take it from us and watch where you’re going.

Mickey Bars Are Wonderful…But Don’t Save Them For Later

Mickey Ice Cream Bars are a classic snack for people of all ages who love ice cream, but these things can get MESSY, especially during the summer.

Mickey Bar

And when things melt, they get all over your hands AND face. While you can look down and see the mess on your hands, you may not notice the chocolate all over your face until you look in the mirror, which could be a few minutes from when it was eaten. Again, it’s okay, it happens to us all (but maybe check your face in your phone’s camera if you’re feeling a little self-conscious!).

Being in The Spotlight

Over at Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor in Magic Kingdom, there’s a few sections of the show where some people from the audience are highlighted. And even for those who love being involved in shows, this one can be a little awkward.

Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor

Because for some of these bits, it doesn’t matter what you say, it’s the job of the comedians to turn it into a joke, which can be a little strange, especially for those that aren’t expecting it.

Why Does That Finger Scanner Take SO Long?

When you’re tapping into the parks, you have to use your fingerprint to complete the process, and sometimes this takes WAY longer than you’d like.

Tapping In!

Just awkwardly staring at the light spinning and spinning and SPINNING around for what feels like FOREVER is THE WORST because then I start overthinking — did I use the right finger? What if there’s something invisible on my finger and it won’t work? How can I prove it’s me? And then two seconds later it scans through and everything is fine.

Falling Asleep And Not Knowing Where You Are

We commonly say that some of the longer attractions in Disney World, like Carousel of Progress or Hall of Presidents, are fantastic ways to take a quick nap while you’re in the AC.

Carousel of Progress

There’s a downside here, though — if you’re exhausted and have fallen into a deep sleep, you may wake up and be VERY confused at where you are, what’s happening, and maybe even who YOU are. Can you imagine waking up out of a deep sleep and being in the middle of the Carousel of Progress?

So…What Was That?

This next suggestion from my coworker made me laugh, so I had to put it in, but I have an experience of mine own I have to share, too. My coworker said that watching the old Country Bear Jamboree show (the new one opens on July 17th!) left her feeling VERY confused.

Country Bear Jamboree a few days before closing

The old show had a LOT of jokes that (thankfully) flew right over kids’ heads and had a few lines that were pretty outdated and didn’t age well, but it threw a lot of people off. Funny enough, I felt the same way when I watched Enchanted Tiki Room for the first time — not for the same reasons, but I definitely walked out of there not quite sure what I had just experienced.

Learn about the new Country Bears show here!

Beverly. End of Sentence.

Over at Club Cool in EPCOT you’ll find a cool area for soda lovers to try different Coca-Cola brand sodas from around the world! However, there’s one soda here that we do NOT recommend.


And that’s Beverly. However, if you don’t KNOW about Beverly, someone may try to trick you into drinking it, and if you fall for it…let’s just say your reaction  may be a little embarrassing.

WHAT DO You Do With Characters?

This is one I feel ALL. THE. TIME. Meeting characters is so fun and whimsical…until you freeze up and can’t say anything.

Emma, Quincy, and I meeting Daisy!

This is the story of my LIFE, y’all. I talk about it often, but I have so much trouble saying anything to characters. I am getting better, but it’s HARD guys! This can easily be a little embarrassing, but remember that characters and their attendants are ready to help lead the conversation, so don’t panic too hard!

I’m facing my #1 fear in Disney World!

Didn’t I Use to Love This?

I have my list of favorite Disney World snacks (that’s slowly getting longer) and I’m sure you do, too. But you know what’s the worst? When you grab a snack you loved and suddenly hate it.

My beignet review is coming soon (…hopefully)!

Now this is usually because the snack itself has changed, not necessarily that your tastebuds have changed (although that is possible, especially if it’s been many years). This is common in Disney World unfortunately — snacks change ALL the time and sometimes we dislike their new version.

Getting SOAKED on A Ride

Disney World has a few water rides that you KNOW there’s a possibility you could get soaked on, but then GETTING soaked on it is a whole different story.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

This is especially true if it’s not hot out/the sun isn’t out, so you don’t dry off quickly. Then you’re just walking around, soaking wet, with no change of clothes and no chance of drying off soon. Take it from me — not fun.

Getting Soaked From RAIN

And on a similar note, you may also be facing some awkward moments when it starts to rain in Disney World and you have no rain gear.

Rain in Hollywood Studios

Now, some of us aren’t rain gear people (Breedlove and I just talked about this like 2 weeks ago), and that’s fine, but it means that you’ll need to be okay with getting SOAKED, especially if it’s raining SUPER hard. You can take cover somewhere, but unlike guests with rain gear, you won’t have any protection if you’re deciding to walk around with no gear.

Being Stuck At A Weird Ride Point

Rides break down, it’s to be expected. But have you ever been stuck at a super STRANGE part of a ride? 

Haunted Mansion

I’ve been stuck on Haunted Mansion RIGHT in front of the bride which was TERRIFYING, and I’ve also had friends of mine say that they’ve gotten stuck (and almost evacuated) off Peter Pan’s Flight when they were flying over London, which is wild.

Fighting With Your Family/Group

We say all that time that fighting with your family and/or group is inevitable to some extent — it’s hot, you’re all tired, and you’re possibly dehydrated, so it’s bound to happen. But that doesn’t make it any less awkward.

Spaceship Earth

The fight gets more and more awkward the louder/more public it is, so if it’s at all possible to keep it to a lower volume or in a more private spot, it’ll be less awkward!

Leaving The Park…And Being Back There Not 7 Hours Later

If you’re someone who experiences the parks open to close, and uses Early Entry/Extended Evening Hours depending on the hotel you’re staying at, then you may not leave the parks until midnight…and then you’ll be back 7 hours later to rope drop the next day.

Magic Kingdom

This may not be awkward to you at all! But if you’re like me and try to explain why that’s such a great idea even though it makes you exhausted to your friends back home who aren’t Disney fans…yeah you may get some strange looks.

You’re Probably MORE Tired Than You Are At Home

For most people, vacations are supposed to be relaxing and help you recharge from everyday life. However, Disney World vacations are usually the total opposite of that.

All Star Movies

Again, not necessarily awkward until you realize just HOW exhausted you are and how you may need a vacation FROM your vacation when you get back to your everyday life. So when you get back to your job and everyone wonders why you’re so tired, be ready with ALL the photos to tell them all about how the trip was more than worth it.


Now worrying about awkward moments shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your vacation (that’s rich coming from me, who is very much on #TeamAnxiety with Emma, but you know, do as I say not as I do), so just have a great time and take everything in stride!

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