Mickey’s Not-So-Scary vs. Horror Nights: Disney Fans Fight Club Episode 2

The first rule about Fight Club is you do NOT talk about Fight Club. Remember that rule if you’re going to keep reading…

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party vs. Halloween Horror Nights

Okay, now that you’ve officially joined Fight Club, let’s go. Spooky season is one of the most popular times at the Orlando theme parks like Disney World and Universal. So much so, that they BOTH have special events that happen after hours. Which one is better? Which one is worth your money? That’s what JP and I are here to debate right now! Let us know what side you’re on, but first, hear us out…

JP defends Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney World

I’d like to start this post by being completely honest — I’ve never been to Halloween Horror Nights but I HAVE been to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party once, and I cannot WAIT to go again. I love the atmosphere of the whole event, but I also just REALLY love trick or treating, which you can do at the event! I know that’s a little silly since I’m an adult, but trick or treating was always one of my favorite memories every year (I had some pretty epic Halloween costumes, just saying), so getting to do it at Disney World’s Halloween party made me feel like such a kid again.

Boo to You Parade

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) is SUCH a fun event for people of all ages, and that’s my first biggest argument — unlike Halloween Horror Nights (which is the furthest thing from family-friendly), MNSSHP has attractions and entertainment for the whole family!

Hocus Pocus Villains Spelltacular

Most of Magic Kingdom’s rides are open during the event, and some, usually Mad Tea Party, Space Mountain, and Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor also have Halloween overlays, so not only can families choose to enjoy the special Halloween entertainment together, but the rides are there too! And some of these ride overlays are not for the faint of heart — Space Mountain in the pitch black is NOT for the weak of heart!

Let’s go to a party!

For those of you who enjoy special food, you can also grab exciting Halloween treats that are exclusive to the event! This is in ADDITION to the Halloween treats that are available all day in the park (but we recommend grabbing those early so the restaurants don’t close before you get a chance to try them), so there’s no shortage of fun Halloween food to snack on.

Halloween Party eats from 2023!

Now, are there scares galore like there are at Halloween Horror Nights? No, not in the slightest — BUT this is my argument here — Halloween Horror Nights is for ONE group of people: those who like to be scared. MNSSHP, on the other hand, is for a variety of people: those who love trick-or-treating, those who love exciting shows and entertainment, and those who love Disney World and/or Halloween without the scares. The list goes on and on.

The Zom Beatz Bash is GREAT for kids!

Instead of some of your friends not being able to come out for the night with you because they don’t do well with being scared (it’s me, I’m that friend), it’s more likely that everyone can find something they’ll enjoy at MNSSHP. At Halloween Horror Nights, you can’t just avoid the haunted houses — there are scare zones that are really difficult to avoid, so there’s little to no way to avoid being scared.

HHN also doesn’t have the ability some other Halloween events do where you’re able to wear a glow necklace or something to symbolize you don’t want to be scared by the scare actors, which is a bummer. I really would love to experience the artistry and the creativity of Halloween Horror Nights, but as it stands, that’s just not an option for me.

Happy Halloween!

Don’t want to do rides at MNSSHP? Don’t worry, there’s plenty to enjoy elsewhere. Don’t want to see the shows? No worries — spend some time trick or treating, riding rides, or meeting characters. My point is: MNSSHP may not have the scare factor you’re looking for, but it has pretty much everything else. And that’s why I think MNSSHP wins over HHN (except for those prices, Disney, can we PLEASE get that under control? You’re not helping with my argument) and I’ll definitely be there sometime this year, so I’ll see you there!

Riker defends Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando

Believe me, I love Halloween at Disney World…but I will choose Halloween Horror Nights over Not-So-Scary every time. Halloween Horror Nights happens annually at Universal Studios Park and it has become a tradition for me to go each year. 2024 marks year four for me! I’ve been to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party too of course, but there’s something about Universal’s event that keeps drawing me back…

Universal Orlando

For the price of the ticket, you have access to 10 haunted houses, several scare zones, exclusive food (for purchase), special entertainment, and lower wait times at rides. Horror Nights tickets start at $82.99 while Not-So-Scary tickets start at $119. Also, there are more dates to choose from at Universal.

Stranger Things Haunted House

I admire Horror Nights because it’s the same at its core each year, but it’s also so different. So much work goes into the haunted houses, and yet they are all different and creative every year. While staples like the Pizza Fries and Twisted Taters are around, the menus get revamped and themed to the houses. Some of Disney’s specialty food for Not-So-Scary is good, but it’s usually a lot of sweet treats.

Twisted Tater

Yes, people stand in line for hours at a house, but people stand in long lines for other Not-So-Scary-specific things like the meet and greet with Jack and Sally. So I feel like we’re pretty even there. Both events also offer low wait times for rides in the park — a huge perk to paying for something like this! Once I rode Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts three times in a row with no more than a 10-minute wait and it was magical. Between the Death Eaters roaming the Wizarding World and getting to experience the land with fewer people at night, that is honestly worth the price of the ticket alone, in my opinion.

Death Eater near Gringotts

The one downside to Horror Nights is that it’s hard to do everything unless you have Express Pass, and well, it’s PRICEY. In 2024, the prices start at $139.99…and that’s in addition to the cost of a ticket. However, you can easily get through ALL of the houses and rides with this purchase. It just depends on what your priorities are!

I also understand that this event is not for everyone, whereas with Not-So-Scary, every member of the family or friend group can go. Horror Nights is definitely an adults-focused event with the level of scare, the content of their shows, and the number of alcoholic beverages they have at stands around the park.

Drink in souvenir cup at Halloween Horror Nights 2023

But isn’t that what spooky season is for? To be scared out of your mind? Honestly, I don’t love many scary movies but there’s something about being in a house and thinking of it as a show that thrills me. I giggle when someone scares me and often say “Nice, that was a good one!” when they make me jump out of my skin. I know — that’s not the case for a lot of people. Just ask Emma or JP!

All the 2024 Universal Halloween Horror Nights Houses That Have Been Announced

WE NEED TO KNOW. Which side are you on? Be sure to let us know in the comments. Stay tuned for Episode 3 of Disney Fans Fight Club where we debate Magic Kingdom vs. EPCOT. It’s gonna get ugly…

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  1. I’ll have to side with JP because I’m not into the scary stuff, but for full disclosure I’m not into Universal either. Never been, and have never been to either party as our trip always coincides with the next holiday season. Riding Tower of Terror is about as far as I will want to take things.