FULL TOUR: See Inside This STITCH-THEMED Disney Hotel Room!

There’s nothing quite like staying in a Disney hotel!


That’s doubly true when you’re traveling abroad. This time we’re taking a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort and checking out one of the resort hotels there — the Disney Ambassador Hotel! Let’s have a look at what you can expect in one of their character rooms!

We really enjoyed our time at the Disney Ambassador Hotel in the Tokyo Disney Resort. The hotel is themed like a 1930s airline terminal, and it looks fantastic! Being that the hotel is in Tokyo, much of everything will have Japanese text, so we’d recommend having Google Translate installed on your phone should you need to understand something not in English. That being said, you will not have any issue finding your way around or communicating with any of the Cast Members.


Now, let’s shift the focus and take a tour of one of the standard floor character rooms at the hotel! The one we’re touring is the Stitch-themed room!

As soon as you walk into the room, to the right you’ll notice the closet where you can hang your clothes. Also, the in-room safe is inside.

Entrance door and closet

Behind the entrance door is a fire safety placard and the “Please Do Not Disturb” hanging placard.

“Do Not Disturb” placard

Inside the closet is where you’ll find your extra pillows and bedding…

Extra pillows and bedding

…shoe horn, shoe brush, complimentary adult and kid slippers…

Complimentary slippers (adult and child sizes)

…luggage rack, and step stool.

Luggage rack and step stool

To the left of the entrance door, you have the walkway into the rest of the room.

Walkway into the room

The first thing you’ll come upon is the door to the adjoining room and then the vanity (which connects to the coffee and tea station).


The mirror has a beautiful lei frame.

Lei mirror

Underneath the vanity is a trashcan and a stool with the alien language from the movie carved into the stool.

Trash can and stool

To the left of the vanity is the coffee and tea station.

Coffee and tea station

It’s where you’ll find all you need for making your morning brew or cup of tea.

Glasses, mugs, ice bucket, and hot water kettle

Behind the hot water kettle, you’ll find the outlet. Keep in mind that the outlets in Japan are two prongs (instead of three prongs in the U.S.) also the voltage is lower (100 volts at 50 Hz instead of 110-120 volts at 60 Hz in the U.S.).


Below the station is where you’ll find the room’s mini fridge.

Mini fridge

One of the nice perks is that you’ll find complementary water bottles inside.

Complimentary water

Before continuing on into the room, let’s have a look at the bathroom.


In front of you is the vanity, which has plenty of storage space for your personal items.


If you look closely, you can see that Stitch is embossed into the mirror’s glass.

Embossed Stitch in the mirror

And don’t get us started about the wallpaper here.

Stitch wallpaper in the bathroom

On the counter, you’ll find a lot of complimentary items like cups…

Complimentary cups



…and a cute pouch with a Stitch design.

Complimentary pouch with Stitch design

Inside the drawer to the left, you’ll find a hairdryer.


The drawer on the right has a tissue box.

Tissue Box

Under the vanity is a rolling toiletry table.

Rolling toiletry table and trash can

The door on the right leads to the commode room.


The glass on the door has Stitch on it.

Commode room door

The commodes in Japan have a lot of buttons and functions. We’d recommend taking a moment to learn what each of them does.


On the left side of the bathroom, you’ll find the shower room. The glass on the door has Lilo.

Shower room door

You’ll find a separate shower and a large soaking tub.

Shower room

Now, let’s head on to the rest of the room. On the left, there are the two double beds.

Double beds

In between the beds is a bedside table with the room phone and alarm clock on it.

Table between the beds with room phone and alarm clock

Not only are the phone and alarm clock there, but you’ll also find a power strip and writing pad.

Bedside table

Under the beds there is space to put luggage, however, being that there are bed skirts one might leave things behind accidentally since they would be out of sight or out of mind.


The carpet has stitch’s pawprints — both with claws and without, ukulele, pineapples, and surfboards.

Carpet pattern

Each headboard has unique artwork on it!

Stitch headboard

Here’s a look at the artwork on the other headboard:

Lilo headboard

Also, there is a trundle bed under the bed that is closest to the window.


Opposite the beds are the TV and TV stand. Also, just FYI, the wifi information is on the TV.

TV and TV stand

All three drawers are the same size. You’ll also find complementary pajamas.

Complementary pajamas

Next to the stand is where you’ll find another trash can and recycling can.

Trash and recycling cans

This room, being a corner room, had a huge, wrap-around window.

Wrap around window

In front of the window is the room’s table and chairs.

Table and chairs

Here’s a closer look at the table:


The pillows on the chairs in the room also have the alien language print on them.

Pillow on chair

There’s also plenty of great Lilo and Stitch-themed artwork.


Here’s another piece:


Here’s another piece:


Here’s another piece:


We also found several additional complementary gifts in the room like this tote…

Complimentary tote

…and these complimentary cards.

Complimentary gifts

And that’s the room! It’s got plenty of space for more than four people.

Standard Floor Character Room

We’re always here bringing you the latest Disney news, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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