Only Disney World EXPERTS Know About Douglas, and Now He’s BACK in Action!

We have great news for a VERY niche group of people!

Flavors of Florida in Disney Springs

During the holiday season at Disney World, we’ve seen a fun addition come out to entertain guests in Disney Springs. However, while we’re still a few months away from the holidays, this offering has returned for Flavors of Florida. Any guesses?

Douglas the Talking Fir is BACK! If you’re unfamiliar, Douglas the Talking Fir is a fir tree sitting in a planter box on wheels that can MOVE around Disney Springs and chat with guests! Yes, we’re not kidding; he can really TALK with guests in real-time. We’re not talking pre-recorded responses, people.

Douglas the Talking Fir is BACK!

And to disguise him a little bit more, he’s got oranges all over his branches to better fit in with the summertime season. There’s also a Flavors of Florida poster on the box to really seal the deal.

He’s so fun!

Douglas may only be around for Flavors of Florida in the month of July, so be sure to stop by and say hello! We aren’t sure if he’ll return for the holidays this year, but we hope so!

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