The Unspoken Dress Code Millennials Are Following in Disney World

What is your go-to outfit for a park day at Disney World?

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In addition to planning dining reservations, park itineraries, and all the fun tidbits that go into a Disney World vacation, we also HAVE to plan our outfits! Tackling Disney World is no joke, and you need to dress for the challenge!

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We previously looked at the unspoken dress code Gen Z is following at Disney World, so, naturally, it’s time to see what dress code millennials are following!

We asked our millennial team members what they always wear to the parks, and we think they’ve come up with some pretty great answers — let’s take a look!

Comfy is KEY

Like the Gen Zers, millennials agreed that the best way to prep for a park day at Disney World is to keep it simple and comfortable. In fact, because park days are usually crowded, hot, and full of physical activity, many agreed that athleisure — athletic wear worn for leisure purposes — is the way to go.


This LOGENE Women’s Summer Casual Mini Dress on Amazon is sleeveless, breathable, and comes with built-in shapewear and POCKETS! Great for athletic activities or a hot summer day at Disney World, this is the kind of dress millennials are sporting during their park days.

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Skirts were another popular recommendation and this ODODOS Women’s Athletic Tennis Skort would be a great option for an active park day!


Featuring built-in pockets, stretchy and breathable fabric, and extra protective coverage, this is the kind of skirt/skort you can feel comfortable in while getting in and out of Space Mountain.

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When it comes to wearing pants at the parks, the millennials on our team are fans of yoga pants.


Maintaining the trend of cozy and cute, these ODODOS Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants blend style and function with stretchy and breathable fabric. You can pick up a pair in many different sizes and colors!

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You Gotta Have the Right Shoe

When it comes to shoes, many millennials on our team are Vans loyalists. Best for leisurely days, Vans are skater shoes that have become part of the zeitgeist for millennials. They were popular when millennials were growing up and remain popular today.


Coming in a plethora of different sizes, colors, and styles, the Vans Classic Slip-On provides good comfort and a classic style that’s hard to top.

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Don’t Leave Your Fanny Pack At Home

Fanny packs are back in style, baby! Millennials at Disney World are OBSESSED with these small bags — and for good reason! You don’t have to worry about the extra sweat backpacks cause and they’re small, yet practical, which is absolutely ideal for a long Disney day.


This waterproof and wear-resistant Joysoda fanny pack for men and women is adjustable and comes in several different colors. Better yet, it’ll cost you under $10!

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Another solid option is the Lululemon Athletica Everywhere Belt Bag.


This bag is more expensive than the previous one but has good reviews for its quality, versatility, comfort, and appearance.

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Another bag under $15 on Amazon, the ODODOS Unisex Mini Belt Bag is another excellent choice!


Available in TONS of different colors, this bag is adjustable, chic, durable, and perfect for storing small items during a park day!

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Embrace the Cringe with Matching Shirts

Look, millennials may not be proud of it, but they seem to LOVE wearing matching family shirts at Disney World!


Head over to Amazon for these YUMAQ Disney World matching family shirts! The shirts are customizable and actually sport a cute design that avoids the “cringe” label.

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When in Doubt, Disneybound

Millennials are the kings and queens of Disneybounding — incorporating Disney-themed elements in your fashion.

This Snow White Disneybound is everything!

Disneybound outfits bring out your creativity and the options are nearly limitless!

Daisy Duck Disneybound outfit

Want to Disneybound as Daisy Duck? Easy!

Rapunzel Disneybound outfit

You can even Disneybound as Rapunzel with the right prep! Disneybounding is the next best thing to dressing up in full costume. The best part is that it’s totally welcome at the Disney Parks!

As long as your comfortable and happy (and following the Disney World rules), you can’t go wrong with your park outfit. As was the case with the Gen Z unspoken rules, the most important rule is that YOU love your outfit. Let us know some of your favorite go-to Disney World fits and continue to follow us here at AllEars for the latest Disney World merch updates and parks news!


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