Heads Up! Here Are Five Things That Are NOW BANNED in Disney World

Disney World has many aspects that make it unique in the world of theme parks, but when it comes to park rules, it falls in line with many others.

Magic Kingdom

Because all theme parks need to make sure that their guests are safe while they’re experiencing the park. Some of these rules are pretty well known, but others you may not know abouthere are 5 things that are 100% BANNED from Disney World parks.

No Phones on Space Mountain

One of the most recent rule changes is that you can no longer have your phone, or any handheld/loose items on Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom.

Space Mountain

This is because items continually kept flying out of guests’ hands on the ride, and since it’s pitch black in there, guests had a very low chance of getting them back. Now, all your items have to be secured on your person or in the ride vehicle storage pouch.

Smoking AND Vaping

For years, smoking has only been allowed in the designated smoking areas around Walt Disney World Resort, but that also includes vaping of any kind.

Smoking area sign

There are designated smoking spots around the Disney World parks and hotels, and if you’re found to be smoking anywhere else, you will be quickly asked not to by any nearby Cast Members.

Selfie Sticks

This one has been around for a few years now, but if you haven’t been in awhile, you need to know that selfie sticks are not allowed in any Disney World parks anymore.

Galaxy’s Edge

However, selfie sticks are DIFFERENT from tripods! According to Disney World’s website, selfie sticks are prohibited, but as long as your tripod or monopod is small enough to fit in a regular sized backpack and isn’t over 6 feet tall, you can use one of those in the parks.

Any Toy That Looks Like A Weapon

Now, Disney isn’t in the market of selling toys that look like firearms or weapons, but the lines do blur a bit on this one.

Galaxy’s Edge merchandise

Costumes aren’t allowed for guests over 14 years old, and those dressed in costumes aren’t allowed to have any accessories that look like a human weapon. Emphasis on human, because you can buy Lightsabers in Disney’s Hollywood Studios (and those are technically weapons in the Star Wars universe). Our advice? If you’re thinking there’s a possibility it won’t be allowed, just don’t bring it.

No Remote-Controlled Toys

Speaking of gray areas, Disney World has banned all remote-controlled toys (including drones), HOWEVER they sell remote controlled droids in Hollywood Studios that you can BUILD!

Droid Depot

However, you can’t drive these droids all around the park, and that’s where the rule comes in. There are a few small places you can play around with your newly-built droid outside the Droid Depot, but otherwise, your droid needs to be packed away.

Newly built droid!

If you’re ever worried about rules in Disney World, you can ask nearby Cast Members, who will be more than happy to help! Be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest news!

These 5 unspoken rules will change the way you do Disney World!

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What rule did you not know about in Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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