10 Must-Have Souvenirs From Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Has it been a while since you’ve been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

Toy Story Land

With all the fun things you can enjoy in the park, sometimes we lose focus on the best parts of Hollywood Studios — the themed lands. Speaking of those “Lands,” we wanted to highlight a couple of must-haves from Toy Story Land that you’ll want to check out on your next Disney World trip!

Disney Vacation Planner

Hollywood Studios’ Toy Story Land is a pretty popular spot, and it’s full of color, food, TOYS, and wonder.

But what about the merchandise? Let’s have a look at some must-haves that you’ll have to check out next time you’re at Hollywood Studios.

Toy Story Land Merch Cart

First up, you might want this Alien Sipper for $14.99.

Alien Sipper

Here’s a closeup look at the alien in the sipper. Isn’t it fun? One word: OOOOO.

Alien Sipper closeup

Next, let’s have a look at some Pizza Planet merch.

Check out this Pizza Planet Pizza Cutter for $14.99. It’s got that signature Pizza Planet logo — just like the movie!

Pizza Planet Pizza Cutter

This Pizza Planet T-shirt is also available in Toy Story Land for $29.99. We love the alien invasion details on this top — so fun!

Pizza Planet T-Shirt

This Pizza Planet Button-Up is $64.99. Headed to dinner? This is the shirt you need for the occasion! We love t he detail on the collar; it’s subtle yet so fun!

Pizza Planet Button-Up

This Pizza Planet Hat is $29.99. That embroidered design is so eye-catching, don’t you think? Plus, that dark-wash denim will match so many outfits.

Pizza Planet Hat

Next, let’s have a look at some other Toy Story merch.

Check out these Peas in a Pod for $22.99.

Peas in a pod

This Slinky Dog for $32 is SUPER popular. We’ve seen SO. MANY. little ones carrying around their own personal Slinky.

Slinky Dog

This Dash & Dodge Power Boost Set is available for $19.99. OK, we’ll admit it. This one looks FUN!

Dash & Dodge Power Boost Set

Finally, let’s have a look at some Toy Story pins.

Check out this Toy Story Land Alien pin for $12.99.

Toy Story Land Alien Pin

Or this Toy Story Land Woody pin for $14.99. It’s the perfect memento for Toy Story fans!

Toy Story Land Woody Pin

Those are just a couple of the souvenirs we think deserve to be on your radar for your next trip to Hollywood Studios.

Toy Story Land Merch Cart

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Would you pick up any of these souvenirs from the Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios on your next trip? Let us know in the comments below!

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