Is the Citrus Swirl GONE in Magic Kingdom? What We’re Seeing Right Now.

Snacks come and go in Disney World all the time.

Sunshine Tree Terrace

Sometimes, we’re not mad about menu changes if they impact a snack we didn’t like, but other times, Disney messes with our favorites, and we would do just about anything to get them back. This may be the case with a popular Magic Kingdom snack — it just disappeared AGAIN, and we NEED IT BACK!

Over at Sunshine Tree Terrace, there’s a complicated backstory with the Citrus Swirl. We’ve seen it come and go from the menu multiple times in the past, but something is different this time.

Citrus Swirl

We noticed it was gone from the Mobile Order menu on My Disney Experience, and when we spoke to a Cast Member, we were told some not-so-great news about the fate of the Citrus Swirl. Things are a little confusing right now; we won’t lie.

The Citrus Swirl

Why? Well, as we said, we’ve seen this snack go away and come back multiple times, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s off the menu for a few days or weeks and then makes a comeback. For now, this treat is NOT available at Sunshine Tree Terrace, but we’re going to keep our eyes out in case it returns.

Citrus Swirl was removed from the physical menu in May 2022

Bottom line: don’t panic just yet! While we’re bummed it’s not on the menu right now, we’re hoping to see it return in a little while, and all will be well in the world again.

Sunshine Tree Terrace

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One Reply to “Is the Citrus Swirl GONE in Magic Kingdom? What We’re Seeing Right Now.”

  1. I hope they bring back the ORIGINAL version! The one without the vanilla soft serve added. It was the world’s most refreshing treat back when you could just get swirled up orange deliciousness.