You’ll NEVER Guess Where We Were EVACUATED from in Disney World Recently

Sometimes things just don’t go quite the way you expect them to at Disney World. So when this happens, it can be super frustrating or a cool experience depending on the circumstance.

EPCOT trams

Disney World has certainly had its fair share of rough starts to a day but we recently experienced something that had never happened to us before… until now!

Sometimes things just go awry from the jump right when you arrive at Disney World, and that recently happened to us too! When we parked for the morning at the Transportation and Ticket Center (AKA the parking lot for Magic Kingdom) we had no idea we were gearing up for a period of CHAOS!

Parking lot trams

In case you’re not as familiar, parking to get into Magic Kingdom is a bit of a process. Once you’ve parked (unless you don’t mind walking the entire distance) you’ll wait by a tram stop sign to board one of the circulating trams which will take you to a station closer to the security station.

Parking Lot Trams at Magic Kingdom

Once we boarded the tram, we instantly got the feeling that something could be amiss. It all started when we noticed we were parked across from the loading zone waiting for the other tram to move and we were stationary for a few minutes.

We’re not moving

Shortly after that, the tram we noticed was running but also not moving was evacuated which also caused our tram to be evacuated due to the one in front of us being immobile.


Fortunately, we were able to walk over to the main entrance to get through security and on with our day very quickly just afterward but we’re not above counting this as a ride evacuation for the day!

This was a unique situation that took us on a wild (but not moving) ride early in the morning and it was a fun experience to speak to now. We’re always looking for the best ways to tell you about potential hiccups that could affect your Disney World trip in advance so be sure to stay tuned with us at All Ears for the best vacation tips, tricks, and updates!

WARNING: This New Disney World Ride Problem Could Ruin Your Trip

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Have you ever had a chaotic experience as a start to your day at Disney World? Tell us about your experience!

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