The One Time You’ll Regret Staying at a Monorail Hotel in Disney World

Some of the most popular and expensive hotels in Disney World are located on the monorail just next to Magic Kingdom.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

I have stayed in every single Disney World hotel and the monorail hotels — Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and Disney’s Contemporary Resort — are some of the best of the best. But, there’s one time that you will seriously regret your decision to stay there.

Before we get to the big problem with monorail hotels, you can figure out if one of these hotels is right for you with my full ranking of Disney World hotels.

But let’s talk about that problem!

Most of the time, the monorail is a massive boon and convenience for those staying at these hotels. Lines are often short and you’re just a handful of stops away from Magic Kingdom at all times. You even have an easy transfer to head to EPCOT!


However, there is one time when this major convenience can instead become a major headache. You might regret relying on the monorail when you find yourself needing to get to or from your hotel around the time that Extended Evening Hours begin at Magic Kingdom or EPCOT.

Extended Evening Hours are a perk given to those staying at deluxe hotels where guests can stay in the theme parks for extra hours after the parks close to other guests.  This perk is amazing but it also brings with it a serious issue.

Magic Kingdom Monorail

Monorail wait times skyrocket around the beginning of this event. The time often lines up with regular park close as well as dinner time. So, there are so many people trying to use the monorail trying to leave the parks, get to the parks, get to their hotels, get to their cars, and get to and from dinner.

During a recent filming day, we were trying to get from Disney’s Contemporary Resort to the Magic Kingdom parking lot around this time and the wait for the monorail was 45 minutes PLUS. Because that is not a walkable distance, we ended up having to pay to rideshare back to our car instead of using the free Disney transportation.

All aboard!

If you are staying at a monorail hotel, I highly recommend avoiding the monorail on evenings that have Extended Evening Hours or holiday parties. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself trapped and regretting your stay.

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7 Replies to “The One Time You’ll Regret Staying at a Monorail Hotel in Disney World”

  1. The problem at the Contemporary is because the trains leave the Magic Kingdom full. At the Contemporary you cannot get on unless someone gets off, and almost everyone is staying on to get to the TTC.
    I wonder if taking the boat to MK might have been faster.

    1. Most people going to the TTC would be using the Express Monorail, which does not go to the hotels. Nevertheless, on a full monorail, anyone getting on at the Contemporary must hope that a sufficient number is getting off there, as well.

      1. Thank you for pointing that out. You’re right….there is not. I should have written more clearly that I was referring only to hotel guests; not to the relatively rare occurrence of a non-hotel guest wishing to go from the Contemporary to the TTC at MK closing time. Only at the Polynesian would it be feasible to walk to the TTC.

    1. Rain will negate that option for most of us. However, I love that option whenever we can use it. Monorail waits have been rising quick lately not only during these evening hours. I too have had to opt for a rideshare choosing not to wait the 45 minutes to just get on the monorail to get back to my monorail hotel.