4 Magic Kingdom Rides with a Near-Perfect Score from Disney’s HARSHEST Critics

Listen, who doesn’t love the rides at Disney World?

Big Thunder Mountain

Even for the pickiest ride connoisseur, there are so many to choose from. Thinking about that, we wanted to find out which of the rides in Magic Kingdom got near-perfect review scores from Disney’s harshest critics! Let’s dive into the results!

We dug into the AllEars reader reviews of Magic Kingdom rides to see what YOU think of each one. We tracked down the ones with the BEST scores — here’s how they stack up.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

First up on this list is the PeopleMover and it’s sitting at 95% based on your recommendations.

The PeopleMover is a CLASSIC!

Let’s take a look at what you said about it:

  • “Relaxing ride after standing in line for Space Mountain. We always ride this at least once. It is a must-do.”
  • “I don’t know where to begin, the People-Mover is one of the best attractions at Disney World. It’s most definitely a Must-Ride when you are visiting the parks, Great way to experience and explore Tomorrowland without moving a step. I don’t recommend riding this in the middle of the day cause the wait normally spikes up to around 25 which is crazy for this ride. If this ride is a Must-Do, save it for the end of the day when you can walk on and see Tomorrowland lit up! If you time it correctly one of my favorite things to do on this ride is watch the fireworks.”

We couldn’t agree more! Riding the PeopleMover is one of the highlights of our days every time we go to Magic Kingdom. It’s truly a must-do in our opinion.

Haunted Mansion

Next up on this list, we’ve got the always spooky and terribly fun Haunted Mansion! Right now, it’s sitting at 97% based on your recommendations.

The Haunted Mansion

Let’s take a look at what you said about it:

  • “This is my all-time favorite ride at Disneyworld. Not only is the mansion the perfect setting but the cast members just make it perfect.”
  • “So fun! I love the pre-show, I love the idea of a haunted mansion in Disney World. the visuals on the ride are so fun. The backstory of the ride is cool to get into and the music is great too. May be too scary for small children.”
  • “It’s a classic for a reason – it’s delightful and it’s a long experience compared to many rides.”
Haunted Mansion

There might not be truer words than, “It’s a classic for a reason.” We just can’t stop ourselves from visiting the 999 happy haunts every time we find ourselves at Haunted Mansion. Also, is there a better way to escape the Florida heat than by taking a ride on Haunted Mansion?

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Next up on this list, we’ve got the wild ride in the wilderness — Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! Right now, it’s sitting at 99% based on your recommendations.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Let’s take a look at what you said about it:

  • “Fun easy coaster that made me laugh the entire way.”
  • “so much fun! my favorite part about it is letting yourself loose in the cart and letting your body slide side to side! lol it enhances the intensity and makes it more fun!”
  • “I have always loved BTMR…always a go-to when we go to WDW. We didn’t get a LL for this one; but the wait wasn’t that terrible. It kept moving at a nice pace. Plenty to see in line so not a bad wait.”
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

That’s the thing about this ride — it’s got such amazing theming that even if you have to wait a bit, you’re going to be entertained. Also, if you catch it just right, it can be quite the experience when the fireworks are going off.

TRON Lightcycle / Run

Next up on this list, we’ve got to go to the grid for this one. We’re talking about TRON Lightcycle / Run and right now, it’s sitting at 100% based on your recommendations. Wow!

TRON Lightcycle / Run

Here’s what you said about it:

  • “Arguably the best thrill ride in this park, however, it does have its faults. The ride isn’t super accessible as you need to sit as if you are on a bike and the restraints might make it impossible if you are bigger or just have bigger calves. However, I am a big fan of the Tron movie, so for me, it’s perfect.”
  • “So, TRON and I have a love-hate relationship: it loves me to ride it, but I hate riding it! All joking aside, it’s an extremely fun and thrilling coaster delivering an experience like no other ride in Disney World, especially its insanely fast launch. Something to be aware of is that the ride vehicles are motorcycle-style where the seating position has you almost leaning forward flat on your belly. The seating position, in addition to the very hard materials used to construct the ride vehicles, makes for a very uncomfortable ride for some. Fortunately, there are modified (traditional roller-coaster) seats on the last row of some of the trains in case you do not prefer the riding position of a Lightcycle. This ride also doesn’t currently offer a standby line, so the only way to ride it is to join the virtual queue or purchase an Individual Lightning Lane (cost fluctuates based on demand). I certainly understand this ride being a one-and-done for some guests as the long wait may not be worth just a 60-second ride, but I still recommend everyone riding it at least once for the launch alone.”
Tron Lightcycle / Run

In our opinion, all rides, even great ones, have pros and cons. The launch on this one is top-notch, and you’re not wrong that it’s not the most accessible ride out there. Still, in the end, if you can snag a VQ, we’d highly recommend riding it at least once!

Splash Mountain/Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Last up, we wanted to have a brief chat about Splash Mountain. It made it on your list and is sitting at 99% and we can understand why.

Splash Mountain

Here’s what you said:

  • “It is a perfect Disney ride. It has a great song, it’s long, it’s a Disney boat, and it has thrill.”
  • “I love this ride! It is probably going to have a long line though, so keep an eye on that. I’m going to miss the original Splash Mountain!!!”

That’s the thing. It was an incredibly fun ride that was truly a classic. We all miss the ride and we’re simultaneously beyond excited for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opening up on June 28th! We’re definitely looking forward to riding it and hearing your thoughts on it too!

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom

Those were just some of your thoughts on some of the near-perfect rides at Magic Kingdom.

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Which rides at Magic Kingdom do you think are near-perfect? Let us know in the comments! 

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One Reply to “4 Magic Kingdom Rides with a Near-Perfect Score from Disney’s HARSHEST Critics”

  1. I agree on almost all of these except Tron. Too short, and the queue is difficult for maneuvering in a wheelchair. In addition, I would add Philharmagic for its clever and playful storyline incorporating scenes from favorite Disney animated movies. Also, these original rides: Peter Pan for its dreamy flight above Neverland; Winnie the Pooh for its incredible ride vehicles which bounce and float; Liberty Belle Riverboat for its serene ride far away from the madding crowd; and the Enchanted Tiki Room for its Polynesian vibes and in honor of theme parks’ first audioanimatronic figures. Finally, much as I will probably enjoy Tiana’s new ride, it will not have the Academy-Award winning soundtrack, nor the wit and wisdom of the iconic Uncle Remus stories.