4 Disney World Hotel Pools I’ll Never Use Again

What time is it? It’s (almost) Summertime! It’s your vacation and we know there’s nothing more important than soaking up the sun while lounging at your Disney World Hotel Pool.

Hippie Dippie Pool

And because you’re ‘off the clock’, we want to make sure ‘the pressure’s off’  (reciting High School Musical lyrics is one of my specialties) by helping you out and compiling a list of 4 Disney World Hotel Pools we’ll never use again.

We asked our readers on Facebook to share the pools they would never visit again…and here’s what they said!

It’s hard to think that there’s any pool we’re not a fan of on Disney property, but high expectations are completely understandable when you’re planning the perfect trip to Walt Disney World. And unfortunately, these pools just didn’t make the cut.

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The Lava Pool at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Ok-ok, I know you’re thinking that we’ve totally lost our marbles by having The Lava Pool on our list, but hear us out for a sec. After spending an entire day at the parks, a relaxing day at your resort is just what you need. But, if your planning on hitting up this pool at the Polynesian Village, we don’t think “relaxation” is what you’ll be getting exactly.

The Lava Pool at Disney’s Polynesian Villa Resort

With the Polynesian Village Resort being as popular as it is (and with good reason, we’ll admit) you can bet that its main resort pool will be pretty crowded all throughout the day. So if you’re planning on securing a lounge chair, we recommend getting up pretty early, which goes against the point of relaxing on your non-park day.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

The Hot Tubs at any Disney Resort

This is definitely inspired by all the comments on our Facebook post, particularly one from Laurence who said “Not really a pool but any hot tub on property. It’s a human stew of ick.”

Beau Soleil Spa

Inspiring really, and we can’t quite argue with that.


Bay Cove Pool at Disney’s Contemporary Resort 

Bay Cove Pool gets a spot on our list for being extremely….mediocre? Sue on Facebook commented: “Using the pools is a big part of our visits (DVC Owners for over 30 years). Bay Lake Tower pool is our least favorite and we avoid staying there.”  And honestly, we can see why. Although it does feature a 17-foot-high water slide, there isn’t much that really stands out about this resort pool.

Bay Cove Pool

Maybe it’s the more modern design that definitely fits the Contemporary Resort’s aesthetic, but nothing really makes us feel like we’re in a Disney resort pool when compared to chilling out at a regular resort pool. As much as we want to prioritize relaxation on our non-park day, we also want to get the most out of still being inside of the Disney bubble, and sadly Bay Cove Pool doesn’t exactly do that for us.

Surfboard Bay Pool at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

Listen, we love a good value resort and won’t knock it simply because of its category, but this list wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t include them on here. The truth is, All-Star Resort pools tend to be the busiest out of all the other resort pools on property, but the Surfboard Bay Pool at Disney’s All-Star Sports truly takes the cake, especially during competition seasons.

Surfboard Bay Pool at Disney’s All-Star Sports

With sports and cheer teams popularly picking this resort for their stays, this pool can get extremely crowded and very loud. As much as we enjoy the colorful surfboards and towering palm trees, we don’t think this would be our personal pick for catching some rays.

All in all, this is just opinion-based here and if there’s a pool listed on here that you love, then we’re happy that you do. Because the most important thing about your Disney World trip is you enjoying it. And whatever pool you choose, we know you’re going to have an absolute splash.

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Have a resort on this list that is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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