You Only Need These 4 Items from Amazon in EPCOT — Here’s Why

EPCOT could vie for one of our favorite Disney World parks. Where else can you take a trip around the world just by walking in a giant circle?

Spaceship Earth

Where else can you go for a ride with the Guardians of the Galaxy or visit the depths of the ocean with Nemo and Friends? Yes, EPCOT is pretty special, and if you’re planning on spending some time there, you might want to stock up on a few items for your day bag.

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Are you planning on Drinking Around the World? You can get this fun Drinking Around The World Passport to keep track of everything you drink in each World Showcase Pavilion. It even looks like a real passport. You can even rate each drink so you can remember which drinks you liked the best.


This passport also comes with a lanyard and pen, so you can easily keep track of it and have it handy when you try something new.

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If you’re visiting EPCOT for a festival, you may find it difficult to carry all the food and drinks you order from the booth to wherever you end up sitting, especially if you’re ordering for more than one person. Stock up on these Food Trays to make it super easy to carry everything from each booth.


You’ll get a pack of 18 trays, so you’ll have plenty for your whole group.

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So Reusable Straws aren’t just handy in EPCOT — they’re going to be handy everywhere. We’ll say you’ll appreciate having these to use when you get paper straws, too.


With this set, you get 12 straws, two cleaning brushes, and four pouches to carry them in.

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Let’s talk about food festivals again. Having your own Reusable Utensils is going to save you a lot of time and you’ll probably appreciate having something a bit sturdier to eat with than the plastic utensils Disney provides.


This set includes four cases that each includes a wheat straw knife, spoon, and fork — that’s everything you’ll need.

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Be sure to grab up these items before your next trip to EPCOT (and Disney World).

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