Is Anyone ACTUALLY Eating These Ridiculous Disney World Snacks?

Some Disney World snacks are just iconic.

Mickey Pretzel

We’ve even seen entire merchandise collections for a few of them! But, there are some Disney World eats that are just a little bit ridiculous — and we happen to think these are possibly the worst offenders.

Caramel Apples

We can’t deny how absolutely gorgeous some of those caramel and candy apples you’ll find around Disney World are. The Cast Members who hand-make them are so talented and take such great care to make them look incredible — but y’all. Those things are not easy to eat.

Minnie Reindeer Apple

Depending on where you might be getting one from they’ll cut it into pieces for you, but these things are usually a giant, sticky mess. Not only that, but they are super sweet, which could be exactly what you’re after. We just tend to think they’re not normally worth the effort!

Fuzzy Tauntaun

The next ridiculous snack (okay, fine — drink) on our list can be found at Oga’s Cantina in Galaxy’s Edge — and it’s a doozy. This cocktail is made with Cîroc Peach Vodka, Bols Peach Schnapps, and Simply Orange topped with tangerine and pure cane sugar — basically a Fuzzy Navel. Sounds good, right?

The Fuzzy Tauntaun

But what you may not know is that this drink will make your mouth go numb — seriously! The “buzz button foam” on top is made from an edible Szechuan flower that is said to be a natural painkiller and can make your lips and mouth tingle or go numb. It’s a fun experience — but you can’t deny it’s pretty ridiculous.


Churros have become somewhat synonymous with the Disney parks, and over in Disneyland, you’ll find some seriously delicious ones. But, in our opinion, Disney World churros don’t even come close to cutting it. More often than not they’re stale and cold and don’t fully scratch the itch.

What… is happening here?

And don’t even get us started on those churros with obnoxious toppings. They’re extremely messy, often kind of expensive for what you get, and even the toppings can’t make up for the stale churro underneath (we’re pretty sure that’s a metaphor for something).

Turkey Legs

We might get some hate for this one — we even have some turkey leg stans on our team — but even we have to admit that it is utterly ridiculous to walk around a theme park gnawing on a giant drumstick.

Turkey Leg

You can always go the fork-and-knife route, but when there are so many incredible snacks and things to eat around Disney World, getting something you can snag at your local Renaissance festival seems a little… silly.


Sure, cupcakes belong in this world just like the rest of us, but at one point does it stop being a cupcake and become a cupoficingdumpedontopofcake? You know the ones we mean — where you can’t even see the cupcake hiding underneath?

PRETTY! But ridiculous.

These things are straight sugar, and while they may be beautiful, they’re hard to eat and often just not very exciting.

Of course, these are iconic snacks for a reason and they have their die-hard fans! We just tend to think they’re a little on the silly side. For all things Disney snacks, news, and more, be sure to stay tuned to AllEars!

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Have you tried any of these snacks? Tell us in the comments.

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One Reply to “Is Anyone ACTUALLY Eating These Ridiculous Disney World Snacks?”

  1. I am amazed by all the unique ways Disney food crafters present apples on a stick! They are photo worthy. When we are there vacationing, I purchase a Carmel apple with peanuts, nothing fancy but delicious. Back in hotel room,I cut it up and it’s a nice snack before bedtime. Remember, don’t neglect fruit and vegetables just because you’re on holiday!