Something WEIRD Is Happening with Disney World Transportation Right Now. Should We Be Worried?

Hey there fellow Disney fam. Gather ’round because we’ve gotta talk!

Disney buses can be really convenient for getting around Disney World

You know how we’ve got a ton of transportation options to get around Disney World like the monorail, the Disney Skyliner, and boats, right? Well, something weird has been happening with the bus system at Disney World, and I’ve got to know if it’s just me. Should we be worried? Let’s talk about it!

What’s the weird problem that has been happening with the buses at Disney World? We’re talking about the fact that multiple times during recent trips, our Disney bus has straight-up died in the middle of the road!

The Problem

As I said, on multiple occasions (three separate times), our Disney bus legit died in the middle of the road. Can you imagine that you just left your hotel and you’re all excited to get to EPCOT and then — bam! The bus dies, meaning it completely shuts off. Yup, it’s happened to me.

Disney World bus

Get this: Even my parents got stuck on one of these temperamental buses. Their bus went kaput right before the Disney Springs entrance, which means they had no engine, no AC, nothing. Even crazier, they had to be evacuated from the bus (no pics were allowed, sadly). Let me tell you, nothing says “vacation fun” like being ushered off a lifeless bus.


But that’s not all. (It gets even weirder) I’ve noticed a trend where some buses just randomly sputter out and shut off whenever we stop at a light. I’m talking about the AC, engine, and lights — everything just disappears. Then, the bus driver starts frantically pressing some buttons (there’s probably a magical “don’t let the bus die” button) and then the bus comes back to life.

Should We Be Worried?

Well, being on a bus that randomly shuts off is not the most “magical” experience, but we are talking about Disney here, and they usually have things running pretty smoothly. Sure now and again certain modes of transportation are down for refurbishment or repair, but for the most part, there aren’t issues like this.

Hello, Disney Bus!

Maybe it’s a fleet-wide glitch. Maybe they’re updating systems. Or maybe the buses are running a bit low on pixie dust. Here’s hoping Disney will sort it all out. Until then, if you’re going to use the buses on your next Disney World trip, just be prepared for the possibility that your bus might take a random “nap” every now and again. In the meantime, keep it right here at AllEars for all your Disney World news!

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How often have you encountered “issues” on the transport options available to you at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “Something WEIRD Is Happening with Disney World Transportation Right Now. Should We Be Worried?”

  1. Every large community with bus service will have issues with buses. We’ve gone to Disney World every year except during the closure. We have been fortunate. We’ve never had a bus die on us (knocking on wood). For us, we enjoy the bus transportation. They arrive on time for the most part. The only issues we had with timing was just after DW reopened. The bus service was slow. Last January, our granddaughters thought riding the bus was part of the adventure and they loved it. Seeing them jumping up and down when the bus came was memorable. One other thing I like about Disney transportation. They have a system where they can detour around construction and accidents. In a car, maps aren’t updated quick enough for one to avoid this. For this reason, I have always recommended first timers to take the bus. One way or another, we’re paying for it.

  2. I ditched the bus after the pandemic hit, first for social distancing reasons, then just because using Lyft service was so much faster. So now I only use skyliner or Lyft/Minnie Van service, less headache for sure!