8 Smart Things Our Reporters Always Do in Disney World

If you’ve ever wanted to hear some of the best Disney World secrets straight from the experts, well, now’s your chance!

Magic Kingdom

The AllEars team works tirelessly bringing you all the latest updates, and breaking news, and keeping you posted on wait times and ride closures every day. We recently asked our reporters what smart things they always do in Disney World, and we got some interesting answers!

We head out to the Disney World parks, hotels, and Disney Springs every single day. Just being in the parks isn’t our daily life though — we’ve got to be on top of EVERYTHING; we’re talking new merchandise, latest menu changes, and constantly looking for updates and anything interesting you may want to know.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

So we know the best ways to get around the Disney World parks and make it through the day with the least amount of angst possible — although, we can’t guarantee our feet aren’t tired by the end of a super full day. We’re bringing you all of the super smart things we do each and every day to totally win our days at Disney World!

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Pack Light

Our reporters in the parks know we’re in for a full day at the parks and hotels, so we’ve really looked to minimize the bags we carry.

Mickey Crossbody bag

While there’s no standard for what our reporters choose to carry with them, the general consensus is that lighter is best which means packing light. Most of the time we’ll opt to bring a belt bag or smaller backpack because we’re not looking for extra room to carry around souvenirs and only carry what we absolutely need.

Quincy’s Belt Bag

Taking too many things around the Disney parks with you all day long could lead to some sweaty backs and sore shoulders!

Don’t Forget Rain Gear

Let’s face it, we all live in Florida, where it’s known to be the “Sunshine State,” but everyone who lives in Florida knows just how quickly that can change.

Ominous skies

While we mentioned traveling light, our packing also involves some form of rain gear, even if it’s packed just as a precaution. Most of the time, that will be a reusable rain poncho…


View on Amazon

… but some of us prefer a small umbrella that can fit in — or hang comfortably from — our bags.



View on Amazon

Whichever the case, we’re thinking ahead because those afternoon scattered showers can be no joke.

Travel With Multiple Chargers

If you’ve heard anything at all from us about what to pack for your Disney World trip, chances are chargers are THE hot topic!


View on Amazon

Most of the team shares a love of corded chargers, like Fuel Rods.

Portable Charger

These portable chargers are small, and sleek, and can be conveniently swapped out in the parks for fully charged ones. Others also mentioned how helpful carrying a wireless charger can be, too!

Wireless charger station in Connections Eatery

Remember that Florida rain? Nothing’s worse than realizing we’ve gotten water in our charging port and not having a way to charge until it’s dried. With a wireless charger, though, we’re able to continue our day.

Wipe Off The Camera Lens

We get asked all the time about our best photo-taking tips and the one simplest thing kept coming up — wipe your camera lens!

You can’t beat the views!

It’s the one thing you may never consider but between the sweat, grease, food, water, and humidity, it can certainly affect how well your pictures turn out on any given day.

Drink Plenty Of WATER!

Staying hydrated is the number one thing we need to do to stay energetic and productive in the parks. Most of the team prefers to pack our own water bottles…

Mickey water bottle

… but a few don’t want to tote around a bigger bottle and just prefer to stop and grab a recyclable cup from the complimentary water refill stations or use the water fountains.

Water Station at Magic Kingdom

We also make ample use of the complimentary cold water that you can grab at any quick-service meal location. They’ll even add ice to it if you prefer!

Switch Up the Way You Navigate the Parks

Most of us have settled into preferred way to tour the parks.

Spaceship Earth

However, sometimes we like to shake things up a bit and choose a different path so we have an opportunity to experience different lands at different parts of the day.

Merida roaming

This definitely makes sense, because, for example, going to World Showcase in EPCOT earlier in the day means the festival booths are still closed, and a lot of the entertainment doesn’t start until later.

Oh no, it’s closed!

The same goes for somewhere like Disney’s Animal Kingdom where a few of the food kiosks are only open for a few hours around lunchtime and close earlier than the rest of the park.

Terra Treats

And if we’re really early, we might get a chance to grab some grub with a super short line!

Spilling Our Best Security Secret

Going in and out of the parks every day has also made us an expert at Disney World’s security checkpoints.

Security line at the TTC

Before we arrive at the security line, we already have our metal objects, glasses case, umbrellas, and anything else that might make the machines go off in our hands with our arms outstretched.

Line for security

The security officers will ask you to do the same once you’re in line but most of the time you’re right at the scanner and there’s not enough time to rummage through your bag to grab everything — this is where packing light comes in handy, too. So take our best tip, and lessen your chances of having to stop and have your bag checked by removing anything from your bag that might set off the scanner and having them in hand before you arrive.

Stop For Meals Over Snacks

It’s Disney World… so how can you resist stopping for a snack or two while you’re out at the parks?! Well, simple math for us.

Yeti Sundae

While stopping for a Dole Whip on a hot day might sound appetizing, it’s not going to fill us up.

We love Dole Whip!

We prefer to stop for larger savory bites or bigger meals to really maximize the our food budget.

Casey’s Corner Hot Dog

We also usually have a bigger breakfast in the morning before we hit the parks to stave off those urges to grab the first treat we see.

As always, be sure to check back in with us at AllEars.net for the latest in Disney news and updates.

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  1. Living in Celebration means I can go to the parks pretty much whenever I feel like it. Because I’m close to home means I don’t need to pack anywhere near as much because if I need it, I can go home and get it. So I wear cargo capris and I put a slim credit card case with just the cards I’m planning to use in an easy to reach pocket and my phone in another easy to reach pocket. That way I’m hands free and I don’t feel any weight. The funny thing is, I’ve never gone home to get something! It turns out that yes! You really don’t need as much as you think you need. I even go home in the mid afternoon to let my dog out and even then I don’t grab anything extra. The only extra thing I’d consider taking with me is a very small bottle of sunscreen for my face but I often just re-applied while letting my dog out. I know that if you’re going with little kids you need a lot more but if you’re an adult solo or with a group, I highly recommend this method. While mens cargo shorts are easy to find, most stores carry them for women. Sure they aren’t flattering (especially on women) but we’re there to have fun, not to look gorgeous.