The Hidden Tool That’s Buried in the Disney World App

Navigating the Disney World App and Genie+ can be difficult, to say the least. Trust us, we’re still learning and we’re considered to be experts at this!


It seems that nowadays, you have to be glued to your phone throughout your entire day at Disney World just to experience all the rides and experiences on your must-do list. From checking wait times to booking Lightning Lanes and Genie+ return times, it’s true that many Disney visitors depend heavily on their device. It’s frustrating, and it has many of us yearning for those days in the past where you could plan everything in advance and relax for the rest of the day. Well, we might just have a trick that will solve a portion of the problem for you!

While you’ll still need your phone to book Lightning Lanes and Genie+, you can plan ahead for the rides that you don’t want to pay to ride, and decide in the morning which times you’ll wait in line for which rides. You might be thinking, “The wait times are just too unpredictable to plan ahead,” or, “There’s no way to know for sure which time is best to visit an attraction.” That’s where a nifty little tool that lives within the Disney World App comes in!

The Disney World App can be VERY helpful if you know how to use it!

If you open the Disney World App, click on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) in the bottom right corner. After that, click on “Tip Board.”


Here, you’ll see a list of available attractions and their wait times as well as an option to book a Lightning Lane or Genie+.


Click on the “Standby Line” option, and you’ll see our nifty little tool. It’s the ‘Forecasted Wait Today’ section!


This tool will show you which times of the day that Disney expects the wait times to be the highest and lowest. This is formulated from data that Disney has gathered based on park tickets purchased on a given day, the amount of Park Pass Reservations made for that park, and average wait times for that ride in the past on a day similar to the day of your visit.

Rise of the Resistance Line

This tool has tended to be pretty darn accurate for us, so we definitely recommend that you use it throughout your day in the parks. It can also help you make the right decisions needed to be able to experience everything you want in a day without blowing your Disney World budget on pay-to-ride services.

Waiting for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

We’ve seen lines at Disney World grow increasingly busy lately with the arrival of summer vacation season, from the Monorail lines to the rides and attractions in the parks. That being said, it’s even more crucial to try to plan to avoid the crowds when you can!

Time to wait!

While yes, Disney World wait times could always surprise us (and Disney) and be better or worse than what we were expecting, this gives you a idea.

Haunted Mansion queue

What do you think? Will you be taking advantage of this Disney App tool? We’ll continue to keep you updated with all our best tips and tricks when it comes to ensuring a successful park day, so make sure to follow along for more!

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