An Underrated Disney Movie Is the Star of a New FLUFFY Loungefly Bag

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There are a lot of Loungefly backpacks out there, but a fuzzy one has hit the scene and it celebrates an underrated movie.

So many backpacks!

You might already have your Muppets-themed Loungefly, a Loungefly featuring CHEESE, or a Scarlet Witch Loungefly, but now it’s time to get wild with this release!

A special ZOOTOPIA Loungefly is now available in Disney World! Excuse us as we put on “Try Everything” and do a little celebration dance.


To be clear, there have been other Zootopia-themed Loungefly bags released in the past, but it was great to see another one hit the parks.

We found the backpack at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Discovery Trading Company and, to quote a non-Disney film, “IT’S SO FLUFFY!”


The bag is slightly larger than your typical mini backpacks from Loungefly, giving you a little extra room to store your theme park essentials.

The Loungefly Bag

The outside of the bag is covered in a fluffy, fuzzy material, which made us wonder…is Assistant Mayor Bellwether okay? You know what, we don’t want to know. 😆

Uh Oh

The bag is covered in all kinds of “patches” featuring characters and items from the movie, like a patch that says “Sly Fox”…

Sly Fox!

…an image of Nick…

There He Is!


Nice…To…See You…Too

…and Judy (of course).

Check Out the ZPD Badge too

If you’re a huge Zootopia fan, this could be just the thing to pick up. Or you could grab it for your Zootopia-loving friend as the perfect holiday or birthday gift. It can be all yours for $85.

Want more Zootopia-themed goodies? Check out the mugs, shirts, plushes, and MORE all available online.


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