3 NEW Pay-Per-Ride Attractions Available for a Limited Time With Genie+ in Disney World

Last year, Disney World introduced two new (paid for) ways to skip the line at popular attractions throughout the parks called Disney Genie+ and Individual Attraction Selections.

Disney Genie+ is now in Disney World!

Disney Genie+ includes over 40 different rides across all four parks and costs $15 per person, per day. But, the more popular rides (or as we call them, “Fancy Rides”) are a separate variable cost. And, while the attractions that are an additional cost have mostly remained the same since the services launched in 2021, they will be CHANGING for a limited time!

Disney has announced that Frozen Ever After in EPCOT, Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom, and Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be included in the cost of Genie+ beginning February 25th through August 7th, 2022!


Normally, these rides are an additional $7 to $12 depending on the day that you’re visiting. But now you’ll only need to pay $15 to gain access to Lightning Lanes at them all (and more)!

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

It’s important to note that Expedition Everest in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is NOT included in this change. However, it is currently closed for refurbishment so there could be an update in the future when it reopens.

It’s down for now!

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen Disney include select attractions as part of Disney Genie+, however, this is the longest period of time!

Frozen Ever After line

So, if you’ll be visiting Disney World anytime between now and August 7th, be sure to read up on all our Genie+ tips! And, stay tuned to AllEars for more of the latest Disney news and updates!

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7 Replies to “3 NEW Pay-Per-Ride Attractions Available for a Limited Time With Genie+ in Disney World”

  1. Honestly, this has all became so confusing and stressful that I am ready to see Disney go ahead and become just like your local fair. If you want to ride a particular ride, step up and pay for a ticket. Next ride, do the same. I so miss the previous ability to book 2-3 decent rides prior to arrival and then quit worrying about what you might ride. I miss paying for park hoppers and quit worrying about what park we would HAVE to do each day. I miss meal plans where I could book sit down ressies and quit worrying about where and when we would eat. I’m o.k with paying for Mears transport. I can prepay for that and quit worrying about transportation. I’ve gotten o.k. with paying for preferred fireworks seating instead of simply being smart enough to know that getting a seat over at Plaza Pavilion provided great fireworks viewing. At least I can pay for fireworks seating in advance and quit worrying about finding a seat. I’m getting o.k. with the outrageous price increases in tickets, rooms, and smaller food portions. I’m NOT getting o.k. with all the things that no matter if you are willing to pay out the nose for them, you can’t buy anymore. As many seasoned visitors have stated here before, the “new crop” of Disney visitors haven’t got a clue what they are missing.

  2. My family and I just got back from a Disney World trip. Being a family that has vacationed at least once a year in Disney World, this will NO longer happen!! They have made your busy Disney vacation much more STRESSFUL! You have to get up at 7a.m. to plan your day with Genie plus, you can’t choose the times of you rides the app does it for you. One ride can be at one end of the park and the next at the other end. Every day we were there a major attraction was shut down. The app. does not notify you of this. SO, you could have a Genie pass for a ride, walk all the way across the park to make your time, to only find out the ride is shut down! With fast pass you could plan your your rides all together and schedule your dinning. Disney may be making money right now on this, however returning guest numbers will not be up. Maybe they should follow Universal’s Express pass. One line and one price and no flipping getting up at 7:00 a.m.. The Disney experience is longer Magical! It use to start when you got off the plane, didn’t have to pick up your luggage, it was delivered to your room, hopped on the Magical Express, and the magic began. All guest that have been to Disney during those Magical times it will never be the same. It will be very disappointing! A lot LESS for MORE MONEY! I also observed the cast members were not as happy and welcoming, the cleanliness of the landscapes was not same. SO disappointing for the money spent.

  3. So now, instead of being able to LL for slinky dog and ILL for railway, we are stuck choosing between the two because there is virtually no way you are going to be able to LL for both of them in the same day during the busy season. And it almost certainly knocks Toy Story out of the picture. I’m not sure how this is good news for guests. It just adds more confusion.

  4. Today, I spoke to a cast member, Pamela, and she denied this story. Will Disney be making an annnouncement tomorrow? Disney brand is not to announce anything early. We still have no idea when they are opening that monstrosity TRON.

    1. Hello beautiful gorgeous, thanks for reaching out. You can find this information on the MyDisneyExperience app. It has been updated to reflect the three rides that have been added to Genie+ and will not need to be paid for individually during this timeframe.

    2. Just open the app and look. You can do it in the morning from home and see. I did this morning. This article is correct. It’s good, it’ll help with availability overall.