The Big Questions We Still Have About Disney World’s BOO Bash

Even though we’re just starting summer vacation, we’re already preparing for Halloween!

Let’s get to celebrating!

At Disney World this year, the After Hours BOO Bash will be replacing Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Tickets have already gone on sale and we’ve received some big details, but we still have several questions about the event!

Will There Be Fireworks?

When the entertainment options were announced for After Hours BOO Bash, fireworks were left off of the list, but they weren’t specifically ruled out, either. Now that Disney has announced that fireworks are returning to some parks on July 1st — will they be coming to BOO Bash?


And if fireworks DO show up at the event, will it just be Happily Ever After or will it be a special Halloween show? Could we get HalloWishes? What about Disney’s Not-So-Spooky Spectacular? We definitely have a lot of questions about this one.

Disney’s Not-So-Spooky Spectacular

Are More Entertainment Options Coming?

In the announcement, Disney specifically mentioned that the Cadaver Dans would be present at the event, but what about other entertainment options? We would love to see some stage shows, and we especially miss the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular. Here’s to hoping that we get some showstopping performances!

Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular

Are Ride Overlays Coming This Year?

In the past, we’ve seen some ride overlays at Disney World for the holidays, and it would be great to see those back again this year! Previously, we’ve had Halloween additions to Space Mountain, Mad Tea Party, and even Pirates of the Caribbean (they add in LIVE pirates!). Bringing these back wouldn’t really be a health and safety issue, so we don’t see why they couldn’t return!

Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween Overlay

What is the Event’s Capacity?

We’ve heard that the After Hours BOO Bash will have a limited capacity, but what exactly IS that capacity? If it’s going to be emptier like an After Hours event, then that will justify the price a bit more. Or…will the crowd be heavier like at a traditional Halloween party? Even though those events have limited capacity, they can get pretty busy.

Halloween at Magic Kingdom

The capacity level for BOO Bash will greatly affect its success. Guests are more likely to enjoy themselves if it’s not too crowded and they can board rides with minimal wait. We’ll be there opening night to check it out and let you know what crowds are like!

We hope it’s not too busy!

Will We Get to See Anything During the Day?

Since the Halloween party was canceled last year, we were treated to a variety of Halloween/fall celebrations during the daytime. We got entertainment, cavalcades, snacks, and merchandise…plus we got to check out the decorations! But, with a hard-ticketed event returning this year, how much will we get to see if we don’t attend?

Mickey and Friends Halloween Cavalcade

Will the fall time cavalcades run during the day? Will we still get to try the snacks, or will those be exclusive to the event? Will any of the special offerings premiere during regular park hours on Halloween day (like they do with the Christmas parade)? We may have to wait and see, but it would be great if Disney would tell us!

We’ll get to see the decorations!

Will Character Meets Return?

For the last year, we’ve only been able to see our favorite Disney characters at a distance, whether through cavalcades or physically distanced meet-and-greets. But character greetings have always been a staple of the Halloween parties — it’s where you get to see some of the rarest characters — so will they be back in time for the event?

It would be great to say hello to our favorite characters!

There are so many things we still don’t know about BOO Bash, but the opening night is fast approaching, so we hope to get more details soon. Stay tuned to AllEars because we’re looking out for the latest Disney news!

Here’s Everything We Know About BOO Bash So Far!

Will you be attending the BOO Bash this year?

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2 Replies to “The Big Questions We Still Have About Disney World’s BOO Bash”

  1. you forgot the biggest question will the same and same amount of candy be given out or will it just be bagged up my favorite part was to see if i can get more candy from the past year

  2. We’re going to the Boo Bash and hoping it’s an exclusive after hours event, but we also hope there will be some Villains entertainment in some fashion.