Walt Disney World Transportation Problems You’re Not Thinking About

We know that once you step foot in a Disney Park, you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Welcome back to Magic Kingdom!

But sometimes a few unexpected problem can put a bit of a wedge in your planning. On top of making sure you have everything handled for your hotel, tickets, Park Passes, and dining reservations, it’s important to consider how you’re going to get around Disney World. And if you choose to use Disney’s free transportation, you may not be thinking of these issues that could shake up your upcoming vacation!

LOOOONG Skyliner Lines

Disney’s Skyliner system can be an AWESOME tool when it comes to a ride from EPCOT to Disney’s Hollywood Studios or around the designated Skyliner Resorts. However, we’ve recently seen some EXTREMELY long lines for this form of Disney Transportation.

Long Skyliner Queues

As guests exit the parks for the day or choose to travel at the busiest times, the queues may grow longer than you’d expect! We’ve even seen the line for the EPCOT Skyliner extend all the way back to the neighboring Disney’s Beach Club ResortPHEW!

Extended Skyliner Line

We’ve heard that these long lines could range about thirty minutes, but they could actually be longer (depending on how fast the queue is moving and where you’re at in the line).

If you plan on using the Skyliners, you may want to consider the time of day and the amount of crowds entering and exiting the parks.

The Bus Situation

Disney Buses have become a fan-favorite form of transportation in the parks, and it’s no wonder why. They’re free, convenient, AND they take you around the entire property (resorts, parks, Disney Springs, the whole shabang!). But there are a couple of issues that may actually make your wait for those Disney Buses EXTRA long.

There are ways to skip the long bus waits at Disney!

Even with the capacity measures, Disney does have a continual flow of buses that arrive to take guests to their destinations. Yet, the resort buses can be the biggest downfall if you’re staying at a hotel that includes other resorts in its pick-up or drop-off route (like the All-Star Resorts) or has an internal bus line.

Disney Buses 10 Zone Seating Arrangement

If you aren’t familiar with internal bus lines, that means your bus will need to stop at the multiple other stops within your resort before it leaves that property. So, in places like Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, there are seven stops before you actually leave the hotel to head to the parks! That means the waiting around as the bus starts and stops over and over again could add fifteen minutes or more to your wait or trip on the bus.

Disney Bus Stop

If you plan on using the buses more frequently, you may want to consider booking a stay at a resort where it’s only one bus stop per that hotel. But, if you just REALLY love a resort that has an internal bus line, you can always request that your room is possibly placed at the last bus stop before your hotel’s exit.

Leave Some Room, Folks!

Although Disney is enforcing its distancing measures in the parks and on transportation, it’s also important for guests to abide by these rules to make everyone’s vacations magical. That means if there are markings on the seats blocking off the areas, please be sure to avoid sitting in those areas.

Riding the ferry builds so much anticipation!

This can especially be an issue on the ferry boats were people are freely able to find seating on their own. Instead of sitting next to someone in a clearly marked off spot, maybe you can stand near the railing to admire the breeze and the Seven Seas Lagoon instead!

Lower Capacity

Gone are the days where you used to be smooshed into a Monorail or bus with a bunch of other guests! Instead, Disney has completely changed its transportation to accommodate social distancing with lower capacity. Less people are being loaded onto Monorails and buses, and only singular parties will be placed in the Skyliner gondolas.


Keep in mind that limited capacity could mean that waits may be a bit longer than usual. And if you have a bigger party, your group may need to be split up in order to abide by these limitations.

Timing’s Important

Park hours may see changes as Disney extends them for peak times of the year or Early Theme Park Entry is hosted in your park of choice. Timing is SUPER important when it comes to your trip, especially if you plan on heading to the parks for rope drop. Depending on your plans for the day, you may not want to just waltz into the park in the early afternoon thinking you’ll get on your favorite rides.

The Disney Skyliner takes you to EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

The parks also get an influx of people right as Park Hopping begins at 2 PM. You’ll want to keep an eye on the clock as you make your way through Disney World. Plus, we recommend checking the park hours ahead of booking your starting Disney Park Pass for the day, so you know exactly when the parks open and close.

You’re never too far from some form of Disney transportation!

We know that there’s so much to consider when you’re heading to the parks already. But, if you take these potential problems into account before your trip, it could save you time and energy. As we continue to make our way around Disney World as it kicks off its 50th anniversary, we’ll be sure to update you on the biggest changes you need to know before your next Disney vacation!

Disney Transportation tips that will save you time!

What are transportation tips and tricks you’ve learned from your trips? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 Replies to “Walt Disney World Transportation Problems You’re Not Thinking About”

  1. When are the teams being reinstated? They should at least get them running for the senior citizens, handicapped and families with small children. If you get there after the parks open, walk around all day and need to leave, it can be taxing on your stamina.

  2. I am not sure about the Skyliner one party tule. We went the week before Memorial Day and they tried to fit us in with another party at a non-peak time but after asking they let us ride alone in a gondola for ourselves.