The Most Underrated Attractions in Each Walt Disney World Park!

Walt Disney World is full of popular rides and attractions that most can agree are pretty spectacular, right? Whether it’s a mind-blowing new attraction like Rise of the Resistance or Flight of Passage, or a beloved classic like Haunted Mansion or Space Mountain, there are plenty of rides that are well-celebrated.

Rise of the Resistance

On the other hand, each theme park has at least one attraction that’s, well, a bit underrated if you ask us!

Magic Kingdom: Carousel of Progress

We’re starting things off over in Tomorrowland, where Carousel of Progress has been rotating since 1975. Originally part of the 1964-65 World’s Fair, the attraction features what was at the time a revolutionary seating configuration, with an audience seated in a turntable-style theater where the scenes are stationary and the audience actually moves.

Carousel of Progress

Carousel of Progress is one of the few attractions you can check out at Disney World that Walt Disney himself developed, and while this American family can show some signs of aging (not to mention poor John losing his hand not too long ago), this attraction is NOT one to skip! If you’re looking to experience true Disney history, you have to check this attraction out.

Carousel of Progress

EPCOT: Living With The Land

To say Living With the Land is underrated is an understatement! While there are some true fans of this attraction out there in the world, the fact that this attraction’s wait times are as low as they are is a CRIME. Living With the Land is perhaps the most leisurely, relaxing ride there is in Disney World, lasting about 20 minutes.

Living With the Land

The slow-moving boat ride takes guests through the pavilion’s greenhouses, where a variety of vegetation and plants are on display as you learn about Disney’s work to cultivate new methods of agriculture and sustainable practices. Both educational and calming, we would gladly stay on one of those boats all day long. Visiting during the holidays? This ride even has its own overlay!

Living With the Land

Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Star Tours

With the arrival of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, we often forget about the “OG” attraction from a galaxy far, far away: Star Tours! Despite its age, this simulator-style attraction continues to receive updates and modifications to its story as more Star Wars films have been released in recent years.

Star Tours

One of the great things about Star Tours is that it’s a different experience every time you ride. The attraction randomizes which planets guests visit each trip, but along the way you’ll still see a ton of familiar faces from the Star Wars universe.

Star Tours

Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Na’vi River Journey

Last but not least, there’s Na’vi River Journey over in Pandora in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Often overlooked, this attraction suffers from the fact that the incredible Flight of Passage is just next door. We’ll admit that the staggering wait times this attraction can see might be overdoing it, but the ride itself is an Imagineering feat and definitely not one to skip.

River Journey Queue

The incredible Shaman animatronic is reason enough to ride Navi River Journey. And for those who say that “nothing happens” on this ride…you’re right. But the “lack” of an obvious plot is one of the intentional aspects of this ride that lead Imagineer Joe Rohde incorporated into the experience. The experience is meant for us all to sit back, relax, and enjoy the natural beauty of Pandora.

Na’vi River Journey

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Which Disney World ride or attraction do YOU think is the most underrated? Let us know in the comments!

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