You Won’t BELIEVE How They’re Painting the Rest of Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom!

We’ve had quite a trip around Magic Kingdom today for the Annual Passholder preview! We’ll be honest, every time Cinderella Castle comes into view, we can’t help but STARE at her new pink look!

Cinderella Castle

And while the castle is near completion, the transformation isn’t over just yet! We stared a little closely today at the newly pink castle and noticed something pretty remarkable about the paint process going into the final touches.

You remember those “paint by number” books you had as a kid? Well…

Paint by numbers: Cinderella Castle edition!

…it looks like Disney is adopting the same technique when it comes to filling in the bricks at the base of the castle!

Cinderella Castle

It’s a bit bizarre to see all these numbers painted onto the castle like some sort of secret code. All of a sudden, it’s like we have the urge to pick up a paint brush and fill them all in! Doesn’t it remind you of grade school paint by numbers??

Cinderella Castle

We stared at the castle long enough to notice Anastasia and Drizella running around the structure! Um…they DO realize that’s Cindy’s castle, right?

Anastasia and Drizella!

Whether you’re a fan of the new paint job or not, it’s hard to deny that the refurbished Cinderella Castle is quite the sight! And it looks like the castle will be finished soon to welcome everyone back to Magic Kingdom!

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What do you think of Cinderella Castle’s new look? Let us know in the comments!

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10 Replies to “You Won’t BELIEVE How They’re Painting the Rest of Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom!”

  1. “It’s so UGLY!” Is what I say every time I see pictures of it. They have ruined The Cinderella Castle and it makes me want to cry!

  2. Long time Passholders (7 of us viewed it a couple weeks ago) and nobody liked the new colors, takes away from the iconic sentiment. Please put back Cinderella’s famous castle!!

  3. I don’t mind the pink- all though I would rather it had stayed the same color of Cinderella’s dress to set it apart from Aurora’s castle at Disneyland. What I really don’t care for are the bright blue shingles.
    They are much too saturated. I am hoping this is just the first layer and that something else will eventually be added to subdue that blue. It overpowers the pink (which is saying a lot) and the gold even. Where are the artists?? Someone made an oopsie on this one.

  4. I’m not a fan of the new colors. Seems more like Aurora’s castle. Not as bad as the birthday cake but close.