The NBA May Have a Disney World Hotel In Mind as a Host For Its Players and Staff

Over the past couple of weeks, we have shared several stories regarding the NBA’s potential decision to resume their 2019-2020 season at Walt Disney World.

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One of the reasons Disney World seems to be an ideal spot is the number of hotels available to lodge players and team staff. And now it looks like there may be a lead contender for which resort the NBA and Disney may choose.

Yahoo Sports reporter Keith Smith shared on Twitter today that Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is “likely to be the primary host resort” when the NBA season resumes. Smith also goes on to say that “an agreement may be reached this week.”

The New York Times also recently shared an article detailing what an NBA season at Disney World may look like. Though the article doesn’t mention a specific resort that the NBA is considering, but they did note that “there is no chance that players will be sprinkled across a dozen hotels,” and that the NBA would only be using “one or two” resorts to contain their players and staff.

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Neither Disney nor the NBA have confirmed at this time whether Disney World will be the official site for the remainder of the season, although there is a considerable amount of buzz surrounding this topic. As this is still a developing story, we will continue to provide updates as we see them!

What are your thoughts on the NBA resuming their season at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “The NBA May Have a Disney World Hotel In Mind as a Host For Its Players and Staff”

  1. Wow it really is all about money for Disney. As a Disney Vacation Club member since 1994 I just lost many points worth much money because of Covid 19. Disney basically said “too bad” to us. I find it ironic that they can fit the NBA into their hotels but they can’t fit in the people who stay at Disney year after year…..

  2. Obvious choice. Not a DVC and has semi-luxury rooms in the tower. Also plenty of meeting space, restaurants, and large pool.