What Exactly IS the New Disney Dining Plan Plus? We’re Breaking Down How It Works, and How It Compares To the Other Disney Dining Plans!

Yesterday, Disney debuted the newest tier to the Disney Dining Plan — the Disney Dining Plan Plus! The newest Dining Plan tier is now available to all Disney Resort guests, offering a new option between the standard and deluxe tiers for guests looking to experience all the culinary experiences Disney has to offer!

And there is a lot being offered!

But, if you’ve never used the DDP before (or even if you have), this new plan might be a little confusing. What’s the difference between “Plus” and “Deluxe” anyway? We’re here to help break it down for you!

DDP 101

The Disney Dining Plan is a service available exclusively to guests booking a Magic Your Way Vacation Package, which includes a stay at a Walt Disney World Resort and admission to the theme parks. While you can have a preexisting ticket through an Annual Pass, you must be staying at a Disney Resort to qualify. If you’re staying at a non-Disney resort (including on-property ones like the Swan and Dolphin), you won’t be able to add on the Disney Dining Plan as an option.

A guide to culinary credits and appetizing adventures!

Each plan costs a certain amount of money per night, and grants you a series of snack credits and meal entitlements. You’ll always get two snack credits per night regardless of tier, which gives you access to a ton of food options (some of which could qualify as a “meal”), as well as access to beverages and a refillable drink mug.

They range from complementary plastic options to slightly more expensive metal mugs like this.

The main difference between the plans is number of meal entitlements you receive and the “purchasing power” behind those entitlements. Lower tier plans, like Quick Service and Basic, limit some or all of your entitlements to counter-service locations. These are the places like Cosmic Ray’s or Docking Bay 7 where you need to order your food at a counter. Your entitlement usually covers a meal combo with drink, and alcoholic beverages are included for guests ages 21+.

The new Regal Eagle Smokehouse is another Quick Service location

The higher tier plans, Plus and Deluxe, instead give you flexible entitlements. These can be used at table service locations around the resort, paying for a three-course meal and beverage. You can also use them at quick service locations, but this is usually an inefficient use of your money.

Most (but not all) character dining experiences cost a single entitlement, making this a good option if you want to experience them.

Complicating things further, some restaurants like Le Cellier, as well as dinner shows like Spirit of Aloha are considered Signature experiences. These cost two flexible entitlements, but are often the most expensive and elaborate meals available.

Signature Dining experiences are a dream for foodies, but very expensive. ©Disney

How Does The New Plan Fit In?

The new Plus plan costs $94.61 a night for adults (ages 10+), compared to the $119 a night for the Deluxe plan. In exchange for the lower price, you only get two meal entitlements instead of the full three. This means you can get two quick service or table service meals, or one signature meal a day.

The Disney Dining Plan Snack Symbol ©Disney

As meal credits roll over from day to day, you can stock up multiple entitlements for additional meals if you plan on eating at an unsupported restaurant during your stay. This makes the Plus dining plan a good intermediate step for guests who wish to try the various table service restaurants and signature experiences at the resort, but don’t want to commit to spending three entitlements a day.

However, if you’re not planning on making many reservations, you may want to consider the Quick Service or Basic Dining Plans, as many of these locations require bookings 180 days in advance.

Will you be taking advantage of this new Dining Plan Plus option? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “What Exactly IS the New Disney Dining Plan Plus? We’re Breaking Down How It Works, and How It Compares To the Other Disney Dining Plans!”

  1. I’m having an issue with trying to get it. I have the regular dining plan but once I saw this was announced I’ve tried for the last 3 days to change over to that but its not even showing up as an option. If I booked a whole new reservation it shows up but not with my current one. I emailed Disney about it but they seem to think I want to change dinner reservations, not the dining plan. I think its a great option but just wish they’d get it to work on my current reservation.

  2. My TA was on the phone with WDW for 2 hours tonight, trying to get me this dining plan. Apparently, because we have a military rate room, we don’t qualify. We have the regular but we were not able to pay more to get this plan.. Apparently Disney doesn’t want our money.