Food Photos: We Celebrated Carnevale at Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante in Disney Springs!

Grab your masks and your beads, it’s time to celebrate Carnevale (the Italian version of Mardi Gras) in Disney Springs!

Carnevale at Maria & Enzo’s!

Last week we found out about the special menu that Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante would be offering for the month of February in celebration of Carnevale. Obviously we had to head over to see if the festivities were as good as we hoped!


Now we know from last year that the restaurant celebrates with a cool overlay so we were excited to check out the space. First things first, though, we had to check-in.

Carnevale at Maria & Enzo’s

After learning a little bit about Carnevale we were offered our choice of masks and beads to really get into the celebratory spirit. Of course, we picked out the fanciest masks we could find!

Carnevale at Maria & Enzo’s


Once we had donned our masks, we took a look at the decorations. And, boy, is that place decked out! There’s tons of streamers, balloons, and baubles.

Carnevale at Maria & Enzo’s

Even the lighting helps with the theme. We loved the way they have masks hanging in the tree!

Carnevale at Maria & Enzo’s
Carnevale at Maria & Enzo’s

Speaking of masks, there were a few posters of really cool traditional Carnevale masks up on the walls as well.

Carnevale at Maria & Enzo’s


If you happen to get bored of all the decorations (if that’s possible) you can direct your attention to some of the live entertainment such as a balloon artist. He’s making us a sword in this pic!

Carnevale at Maria & Enzo’s

There was also a Hand-Painted Masks station on hand, where you can have your own mask painted to the color of your choosing.

Carnevale at Maria & Enzo’s

You can see the artist here painting a pink and purple mask.

Carnevale at Maria & Enzo’s


But enough about the room, let’s talk about the food. There is a special menu after all. Along with a few specialty cocktails for the occasion, Maria & Enzo’s full drink menu is also available.

Carnevale at Maria & Enzo’s
Carnevale at Maria & Enzo’s
Carnevale at Maria & Enzo’s

We opted for the themed cocktails to keep ourselves in the spirit of the evening. Pictured below is the Maschera Rossa, or the Red Mask!

Red Mask Cocktail

We also got the Carnivale Regale, a.k.a. the King Carnival, to give its fruity description a try.

King Carnival Cocktail

Later in the evening, we also tested the Fire Dancer, which might have been our favorite of the three!

Fire Dancer

The restaurant has a special menu just for the occasion. It isn’t prix fixe, though, so you are able to pick out what you want.

Carnevale Menu

The evening started with a complimentary bread course and Italian Crudite.

Bread and Oil
Veggies and Ranch

For our Antipasti course, we chose the Arancini in red sauce. We also opted for the Cesare salad at the same time.

Caesar Salad

For pasta, we tried out the Three Cheese Ravioli and the Torchio al Pollo.

Ravioli al Tre Formaggi
Torchio al Pollo

All of the entree courses come with Mama Maria’s Mini-Meatballs so that you get the full Italian dining experience.

Mini Meatballs

For our main course of “Secondi” we got the Costina di Manzo which was a hearty short ribs dish.

Costina di Manzo

And we weren’t quite so stuffed that we didn’t want to get dessert. You can order off of the regular Maria & Enzo’s Dessert Menu, but there’s also a free dessert for the event. We did both!

Dessert Menu

The free dessert is a fried sweet pastry that was as tasty as it looks.

Fried Dough

We also checked out the Chocolate Ganache, which paired well with the Nutella Cocktail.


The Carnevale evenings at Maria & Enzo’s run every night in February from 5 PM – 10 PM, and a reservation is definitely recommended if you’re thinking of going.

Will you be headed to Maria & Enzo’s this month for Carnevale? Tell us in the comments! 

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Disclosure: We were invited by Maria & Enzo’s to attend a night of their Carnevale celebration to taste the special menu. This did not affect our reporting of the event — our opinions are our own.

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