“Walk Around the World” Personalized Bricks at Magic Kingdom to be Removed

If you have ever looked down at the bricks at the entrance area of the Magic Kingdom and Transportation and Ticket Center you have probably noticed the bricks are sponsored by guests.

Magic Kingdom “Walk Around the World” Bricks ©Disney

Disney has just announced that work has begun to reconfigure walkways, tram loading and unloading zones, and more around the Magic Kingdom, necessitating the removal of these bricks, collectively known as “Disney’s Walk Around the World.”

The work being done will enhance security, add additional screening stations, metal detectors, and more to help screen guests entering the park in an efficient manner.


Magic Kingdom “Walk Around the World” Bricks ©Disney

The bricks were sold with the commitment to be displayed until 2011. The bricks were not designed to be removed individually, so if you sponsored a brick you can not take your brick home. However, Disney has developed a process for you to purchase a commemorative version between now and Aug. 31, 2019, or while supplies last.

If you sponsored a brick and would like to get a souvenir version, here’s what Disney is offering:

If visiting Disney World in person:

  • Stop by City Hall at Magic Kingdom or Guest Relations at Disney Springs to verify your previous brick by sharing the name and hometown of the person who sponsored it.
  • After verification, you will be given a one-time use voucher to present by or before Aug. 31, 2019, at Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. (at Magic Kingdom – separate theme park admission required) or the Marketplace Co-Op (at Disney Springs), enabling you to purchase one commemorative 6” brick at a special price of $10 (plus tax).

If you need to contact Disney virtually:

  • Email [email protected] or call 407-828-2701 with the name and hometown of the person who sponsored the brick.
  • After verification, you will be provided a code to use by or before Aug. 31, 2019, on shopDisney.com to purchase one commemorative 6” brick at a special price of $10 (plus tax and shipping) starting this spring.
    • Please note, this code is for one-time use and will only be valid on shopDisney.com and may not be redeemed in person or at any other location. (Limit one voucher or code per verified guest.)
  • For those who did not participate in the original “Disney’s Walk Around the World” program but would like to purchase a personalized brick, souvenir bricks are available to customize and purchase starting at $29.99 (plus tax and optional shipping). These are on sale now at Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. at Magic Kingdom (separate theme park admission required to enter) or the Marketplace Co-Op (at Disney Springs), or later on shopDisney.com starting this spring.

Did you sponsor a brick on the “Walk Around the World”? Let us know in the comments below!

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46 Replies to ““Walk Around the World” Personalized Bricks at Magic Kingdom to be Removed”

  1. I sent Guest Services the following email:

    I read, just yesterday, Disney’s decision to retire the bricks. I am so sad about this situation. I’m also distressed that I had to find out through my AllEars.net newsletter. My address is still the same as when we purchased our brick. I would have appreciated a letter.

    My mother loved WDW, she visited eleven times. I have been about fifteen times. When she died in 1994, we purchased a brick in her honor. She was cremated and had no burial plot. It was comforting to know her brick was in a quiet spot in front of the Magic Kingdom near the hotel ferry launch overlooking the Grand Floridian hotel, which she loved. Every time since then when I have visited WDW, I’ve made it a point to see it and sit near it a while.

    While I understand that nothing in WDW lasts forever, and we have the original paperwork that states the limitations of the offer, to charge us for a commemorative copy is outrageous. We spent about $100 in 1995 dollars. I think the least you can do is to send us a complimentary copy of the brick or warehouse the actual brick for future shipping or pickup. To think they are all going to end up in a landfill is sickening.

    This sounds like just another of the latest Disney “nickel and dime” schemes to make even more money. I am a Disney stockholder and was a frequent visitor, sadly my trip in 2017 may have been my last.

    Walt is not happy about this.

  2. My husband and I purchased our brick in 1995 and returned to see it My husband passed away in 1999 but I have returned many times and always visited our brick I purchased the replica of the brick and it is nice to have it home to look at

  3. It does feel like a betrayal to have our bricks trashed. I bet Walt would have setup a cheap after hours chip out your brick event for those of us who really wanted keep our bricks. I attended the WDW pre-opening for Florida college students in 1971. Disney has changed a ton since then. It used to feel like the goal was joy and happiness, that’s become a rare feeling now. Abigail Disney isn’t happy with what Walt’s vision has become. Very sad what pursuit of the dollar has done.

  4. What a joke. Purchased brick 25 years ago. Was a great sentimental feeling to see every trip that will now be removed. Disney can keep all the nostalgia that want too if wanted. I’m in construction for 30 years and I can assure all that they can work around the removal of all bricks. Just another scam to prey on the sentiment of all who visit the park looking for that special moment. Great job Disney. Maybe you should just change your theme to the WDW Bank. You sure act like one. Forget the hospitality theme. This was the most recent decision to show what Disney has become. Don’t think this was Walt’s vision…..

    1. Oh my gosh Ryan. My husband and I think your comments were EXCELLENT. We have been feeling that way about Disney for some time now and you hit the nail on the head. We have two bricks in Disney – one we bought in 1995 which is on the walkway by the monorail towards the Contemporary Hotel and the one at the Ticket and Transportation Center that we bought in 2000. If they don’t want our brick any more, WE DO! I will gladly pay the shipping to get my brick. We even have pictures of us with us holding out 1995 brick because they hadn’t put it in yet by the time we got down there. Again, if Disney doesn’t want them, WE DO!

  5. We were frequent visitors to WDW from the 1990’s to 2010. Our visits were every 3-4 months with our two growing children. We were blessed to have WDW as our 2nd home where memories will last forever. The brick was symbolic of our happy days now gone. I am sad to realize all thing must evolve. Is there a reason why WDW is unable to develop a similar program?? Why did the excitement of The Christmas Holidays become a faded twinkle light?? Has WDW lost it’s vision??

  6. We purchased a brick early in the program. A couple of years later it had to be relocated. I was hoping it would be moved to a remote area so that the writing would not wear off. Happily it was moved over by the boat dock on the walking path to the resorts. It still looks great! I am curious why they were able to remove them one time and not now?

  7. My grandmother worked at ‘Indiana Jones’ at MGM Studios (when it was MGM Studios) in the mid-90’s. She was loved by the cast. She was diagnosed with cancer and died in October 1996. Before she died the cast members she worked for purchased a brick for her. She loved WDW and not only visited but worked there for years. The sad part is, while we have a picture of the brick and certificate, I was NEVER able to find it in person.

  8. I wish Disney would allow the contractor who is removing the stones to post pics of them online for sale. I would gladly scroll thru the pics to find my stone and would gladly match the original amount paid to get the original stone back. There is an incredible amount of salvaged Disney items that are for sale online by contractors doing remodel work for WDW. My son bought a slightly damaged spire from the Castle that had been damaged in a storm. Yeah, sounds stupid to buy damaged merch, but it makes him happy to see it in his backyard garden and know it’s history. He also has a portion of an Animal Kingdom TV Stand/Chest that we built into his fireplace mantel. Wish I could post a pic of that for those who would recognize the Simba engraving.

  9. My late brother purchased one of the bricks. He was only 38 when he died of cancer. To honour his memory we visit it and take pictures and reminisce about him when we visit Disney (from Canada). He was very proud of owning the brick. This is very upsetting news.

  10. We bought a brick but not during the original installation, ours was in 99 I think? And at the TTC, not the Magic Kingdom. The last few times we were there we were unable to find it though.

  11. Can someone please tell us all exactly how much you paid for one of these “bricks”. I could not even imagine paying more than $25 for one. And I’d have to be drunk to do that.

    1. Ken, if I recall correctly, the initial cost back in 1995 was $125.00 but we received an Official Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Roy E. Disney. It has a duplicate seal with Walk Around the World and a copy of the Brick imprinted with our names and date of our celebration on it. It currently hangs in my man cave (office). People who purchased their bricks should check to make sure they didn’t misplace theirs before they hand over more money to Disney for another useless piece of paper.

  12. I bought a brick in 1997 when I took my grand daughter for her 4th birthday. An upcharge was paid so that it would be in place when we arrived. We went to the location and stopped by the desk outside Magic Kingdom and was told where it would be. It was not in place so we turned to leave disappointed because it was our last day. My grand daughter, Paris, saw her name on a brick in the grass with others that were going to be installed. How lucky were we when I was able to get a picture of her holding it. Paris returned to Disney World on a high school senior trip 14 yrs later. She was able to take a photo of it in the walkway. I will be purchasing the commemorative brick.

  13. My wonderful sister purchased a brick as a surprise birthday gift for me 30 years ago! It is the best and most special gift she has ever given me. When I saw it in person, I actually cried. It made me feel so special to feel like I was a part of Disney! And now they are going to tear them up like they’re nothing to help with security at the Magic Kingdom. I was never told that they would be removed and feel very badly for my sister who spent a lot of money to do this for me. And now it will be nothing but a memory that I can never see again! And I think it very inconsiderate that they are actually going to charge $10.00 for a commemorative one. I think that you should not have to pay for it. I love Disney and own stock but I now feel that the company is getting too big and gearing new rides similar to ones in your normal theme parks geared more towards the teenage crowd. I haven’t been to WDW in 10 years and am finally going back in October. My sense of excitement to be going back has slightly diminished with the disappearance of Universe of Energy, World of Motion, Horizons, and Journey Into Imagination (the original one with Figment). Please reconsider your decision to charge your customers who have already purchased the expensive bricks another $10 to get an imitation.

  14. It doesn’t surprise me one bit. We purchased our brick many years ago for our 25th anniversary. Now reaching our 50th next year. Disney sure knows how to get us suckers to pay for paving and DVC buildings and then throw us to the curb years later. Instead of spending $71 billion dollars on FOX, why not build another park to elevate the over crowding in the existing parks that anymore people can’t enjoy. Universal, here we come!

  15. This is not very Magical, I am deeply sad that our family tradition of taking pictures of our brick with our two daughters every year
    will no longer be part of our tradition. We were planning this year, a trip with our first new grandchild and we were so excited for our grandchild to be part of our tradition, that probably will not happen. What happen to the Disney Magic ?

  16. My Brick is by the wedding pavilion closer to the Grand Floridian. Are they going all the way around the world?

  17. We bought a brick – and we liked the idea that on any given day, our brick was there in Florida, right outside the Magic Kingdom, while we were far away. The paperwork that accompanied the brick clearly stated they were only for a given internal – maybe it was 10 years? We liked it anyway, and visited our brick each time we were able to get to Walt Disney World. Since it was blatantly clear in the paperwork it was temporary, and it lasted longer than Disney was required to keep them, we’re happy. Will we buy the replica to remind us of our brick that was there for many years? Yes we will.

  18. Holy Smokes People, get a grip. NOTHING lasts forever, everyone who purchased one (including me, one at WDW and 4 at D,R) filled out the paperwork that clearly stated that these were not going to be forever and that you would not receive the original brick back. If you did not read the paperwork then accept that as your bad. No one forced any of us to sponsor the brick, it was all done willingly. We have enjoyed visiting our brick for about 20 years and taking pictures with our feet by it as our family grew in size. So we will now move on with that memory and create a new ones. If you don’t like the “Disney corporate grab” then don’t go. Take your safety pin and negativity somewhere else. For us we will continue to enjoy our vacations and support the Disney corporate grab smiling all the way.
    Have a great day.

    1. Why do I have to “take my safety pin and negativity and go somewhere else?” Are only those who worship Disney all day, every day welcome there? Not everyone who enjoys WDW loves everything about the place and “supports the Disney corporate grab smiling all the way.”

      1. Exactly. People have a right to enjoy what they enjoy and gripe about what they don’t. The mentality that everyone HAS to like or agree with everything or else keep their mouth shut is what’s wrong with our Country right now. There is no crime in differing opinions. Some of us are hurt and disillusioned that we’re being priced out and we have every right to voice that right along with the things we love about Disney. You have the choice to scroll past.

        1. AMEN, Dana. My sentiments exactly. It will almost be worth living thru a big recession just to see WDW beg for some of us to “find the magic” again.

  19. Just another money grab. I understand it would be difficult to remove without damaging them, but to charge people who already paid the premium price for an original brick to now buy a replica is ridiculous.

      1. Yes, the walk around the world program may have been a money grab, but all of us who purchased them knew the price and the limitations on time in place from the start. We bought in early, had a brick near the original fence where the bus dropped us off. We enjoyed many years of visiting our brick before the second bus stop caused it’s early demise. Personally, I would have paid big bucks to get the original brick back and can’t believe Disney doesn’t try to salvage as many as possible to hold them “ransom” to those of us who are willing to pay for them again.

      2. Off topic Terry, but I agree with your “Not Walt’s Dream” comment. I often say Walt would be very disappointed and roll in his grave if he knew the direction his “park for families has taken”. The recent money grab has gotten beyond crazy, and the break from tradition that all who enter the park are equal is just plain disappointing. The parks are no longer a break from daily life, just more reminders that those with more money get more perks while there.

  20. My Wife and son bought me a brick for fathers day when they first came out.We were never told that they would be removed.I have been to Disney over 600 times.I find that all that Disney magic is gone and all that they want is the mighty dollar.Shame on you Disney.

  21. Newsflash, folks:

    These commemorative bricks were a shrewd business strategy from the beginning. They were always intended as a way for Disney to save money on construction of a walkway around the lagoon, so by making them “commemorative,” they came up with a way for Disney guests to help pay for the walkway by “sponsoring” a brick. I also remember getting an official document with a disclaimer saying that Disney was not responsible for the maintenance or upkeep of these bricks, and to remind us that they were as susceptible to wear as any other walkway, as a result of the natural elements or constant tread of feet. Because of this disclaimer, we were never led to believe that these bricks would last forever. We took pictures every time we visited, in order to immortalize our brick forever in our photo albums.

  22. Soooo let me get this straight. You paid for a brick that was going to last forever. Now they are digging them up and you can pay $10 plus tax/shipping for a brick you already paid for. Yeah, put the bricks with the resort mugs that would last forever. Total money grab as usual

      1. Lisa, PLEASE read the facts. All of us who bought these bricks were clearly informed from the start that they would not be permanent and would not be returned to the purchaser. Now for the resort mugs, Yeap, I have many of those that we bought being told they would be good for return trips forever. That I can take issue with Disney about.

  23. How sad that we now live in a world where we have to remove people’s beautiful memories to make way for additional security areas at a family amusement park. How so very wrong that sounds. Just the whole thought of that makes me sick. Sadly, I feel that it’s probably more along the lines of corporate greed. If Walt were alive I’m willing to bet that the original brick would be sent back to its owner as a gift. No doubt WDW will come up with a new memory idea to try and make those same people purchase something to replace the brick. Sad.

      1. Yep, as long as the saying, “there’s a sucker born every day” still rings true, the sheep will continue on as they always do.

  24. We purchased one for our family on the first day they were for sale in 1994. Every visit we take a picture of our brick with our feet – and one year with my mom’s cane in the picture. I will miss they tradition but it has been 25 years. Way longer than we were promised! Thanks for the article and the info on getting the commemorative brick.

  25. I purchased three of these bricks in Nov. of 1999 and had them dated for the new millenium (2000) I was NEVER notified nor did I read one word that “Promised they would remain until 2011”!! They were to remain there forever! I will not be happy about offering WDW $10 or $0.01 more than I already paid for three of these. They were not cheap but at the time, I thought it an honor. Yes, I will certainly contact them in the morning. Walt Disney is rolling his grave, may he RIP. You are DESTROYING his insight, his promises and his hope for better tomorrows! All bout the money! “tomorrow” is gone, Walt.

  26. So, you paid (good money) for a brick. They dig it up and throw it away, then charge you again for a fake one. Only Disney could get away with this.

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they kept the original bricks for a while and then after everyone buys their commemorative fake, Disney will offer up the originals for a limited release and astronomical price. This is the Disney that I’ve come to expect and it’s sad that my mind even goes in this direction these days but, here we are.