New at Magic Kingdom: A Pirate’s Adventure treasure hunt


Going on a pirate’s adventure never gets old, does it, mateys?



The creative forces at Disney World are banking on that with a new scavenger hunt at the Magic Kingdom called, not surprisingly, A Pirate’s Adventure. Located in a small building on the outskirts of Adventureland, just past the arches connected to Pirates of the Caribbean and across from the Pecos Bill and Tortuga Tavern dining area, is the spot where would-be pirates plot their raids. After a series of simple steps on a touch-screen computer, players will head out on one of five possible quests to help Captain Jack Sparrow locate the Treasures of the Seven Seas. They are armed with a paper map and a “magic talisman” (otherwise known as a RFID-chipped card).




My 10-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter recently tested A Pirate’s Adventure and found it to be a swashbuckling experience of map-reading, hidden clues and entertaining special effects. Each quest is fairly short — about 15 minutes, if there are no lines — and easy to solve. Every clue triggers a physical action, from a firing cannon to a moving skeleton, which are fun surprises for all ages. Of course, the wow factor is diminished a bit if players are waiting behind others with the same map who reveal the clues first.



Still, the game allows players to explore Adventureland, taking them to some corners of the land that they previously may not have noticed. And certainly, like other scavenger hunts at Walt Disney World, A Pirate’s Adventure offers guests an experience that can be had at their leisure — in between dining reservations or FastPasses, for example.



That widespread appeal of an attraction for all ages that doesn’t have to be scheduled has led to the recent additions of several scavenger hunts in the theme parks. Epcot’s Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure was reworked last summer as Disney Phineas & Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. Guests help Agent P defeat his nemesis, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, by receiving assignments via a mobile phone (instead of a talisman). They, too, are rewarded with physical surprises in the countries of World Showcase.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom debuted a little over a year ago. It’s a game of a different sort, though, in which guests use collectible cards to cast spells on Disney villains. The game portals are screens placed throughout the Magic Kingdom, and the game has various levels of difficulty. This game relies more on strategy than physical cues. As such, each guest’s experience is different, so those waiting in line won’t necessarily have the reveal spoiled for them.

Back at A Pirates Adventure, if guests help Captain Jack succeed in all five missions, they’ll be welcomed as part of his new crew.

Here’s a video of the game (with spoilers)

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6 Replies to “New at Magic Kingdom: A Pirate’s Adventure treasure hunt”

  1. Do you get anything to keep at the end of this adventure? My son is 3 so if we do all these activities empty-handed he might be disappointed. Thanks, Lora Anne

    KRISTIN: You can keep the paper map as a fun souvenir.

  2. “Got a question the scavenger hunt is for all ages? Or is it only for kids?”

    KRISTIN: It is for all guests.

  3. We just went to Disney in November and as much as I didn’t really want to do this my kids and nephews really wanted to give it a shot, so we did. I was blown away how awesome this was, and I don’t want to give to much away I would highly recommend doing this when the sun goes down it looks much better that way. Happy Hunting!

  4. Can anyone of any age do these different activities or should only kids do them?

    KRISTIN: It’s open to everyone.

  5. Kristin,

    Thank you for this great blog entry! I’ll be showing it to my boys (11 & 8). I’ve already told them that it would be open when we get there at the end of August and they’re both excited about it. We turned them into pirates on a previous trip and they are both huge fans of the movies and the ride.
    This is going to be so much fun!!

    Thanks again,

  6. Kristin,

    Thanks so much for your review! The teens in my family (and myself!) can’t wait to actually give this activity a test drive.

    Sounds like Pirates has the same clues and isn’t as randomly generated like SOTMK, correct?

    KRISTIN: Thanks, Mary. You are correct.