Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2011


Disclosure: As an invited media guest, AllEars.Net’s ticket to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party was paid by the Disney company.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) is an annual tradition at the Magic Kingdom. We (my mom and I) attended the party on Friday, September 16, 2011. We got to Magic Kingdom early decided to walk around before dinner and the party started.

The areas under the monorail beams are decorated for the fall and the event.


Signs are posted that show you where to head if you have a party ticket.


Main Street is decorated for fall and Halloween. For more of the fall decorations, keep an eye out for a new “What’s New, What’s Next” blog.

Main Street

Treat stations, like Max’s Pit Stop in Tomorrowland, are set up around the park.

Max's Pit Stop

Max's Pit Stop

Cast Members are on hand to help direct guests with and without party tickets.

Cast Members

A great photo-op of Cinderella Castle surrounded by pumpkins has been set up at the flag pole.



The Liberty Belle was decorated for the party. It hosts a treat station.

Liberty Belle

One of the most popular photo-ops is with Cinderella’s carriage.

Cinderella's carriage

The party began at 7 PM. We decided to see the princesses (and their princes!) first at the Town Square Theater. The princesses and princes begin greeting at 7 PM and you must have a wrist band to enter the queue. This was VERY popular throughout the evening.


Snow White


Duffy is greeting guests next to City Hall.


We caught the first Villains Mix & Mingle. The show is very different this year — it has new music, new costumes and a new character. Dr. Facilier (from the film, The Princess and the Frog) starts off the show and brings his villain friends along.


Dr. Facilier

Here’s a snippet of Dr. Facillier’s song.

The villains arrive after his song.


Here’s a short video of the villains.

We decided to skip the first parade and see the second so we headed over to Haunted Mansion. There is a storyteller (for lack of a better word) who sits outside the mansion and interacts with guests.


There are projections around the park.


Space Mountain



In Tomorrowland, Stitch’s Club 626 hosts a character dance party.

Stitch's Club 626

Around the hub, there are a lot of villain character meet-and-greets. I saw Gaston, Lady Tremaine and the stepsisters and Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear. It was too dark and crowded for me to get pictures of Gaston and Lady Tremaine but I did manage to get one of Lotso.


Tarzan, Jane and Turk greeted guests just over the Adventureland bridge.


Captain Jack Sparrow was greeting guests near Pirates of the Caribbean.

Captain Jack

There’s a treat station near Splash Mountain. We were going to have a look at it and see the Seven Dwarves near Big Thunder but it was very crowded back there we needed to start making our way back to Main Street to see the fireworks.


The fireworks show is called Happy HalloWishes. It’s Halloween themed and Master Gracey from the Haunted Mansion is the host (the ghost host, of course).





After the fireworks, we went back to Town Square Theater to see Mickey and Minnie.

Mickey and Minnie

After that, we got a spot for Mickey’s Boo-to-You Halloween parade. The Headless Horseman rides just before the parade kicks off. If you’ve never seen it before, it’s awesome.

Boo to You




My favorite performance of the parade is the Haunted Mansion grave diggers. Here’s a short video of their performance (I didn’t want to spoil it all!).

Pain and Panic


We called it a night after the parade. We really enjoyed spending the evening at the party! The atmosphere was great and it was a great way to kick off the fall season.

Additional notes:

Tinker Bell and friends were greeting guests during the party. The lines for her, and most of the characters, were rather long and we decided to walk around instead of waiting.

Cast Members hand out bags for treats as you enter the park.

There are maps for the party. The maps list the attractions that remain open for the party, character locations, etc.

2011 Guide Map 1 (large .jpg about 300K)

2011 Guide Map 2 (large .jpg about 300K)

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102 Replies to “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2011”

  1. Hi, we are hoping to get tickets for this year. We are wondering about what type of costumes to wear. We Brits don’t tend to celebrate Halloween like you, so it would be a great chance to have a good time. Are there any ‘rules’ about costumes? I love the who framed roger rabbit film, was thinking about going as Jessica? Would this be ok?

  2. My husband and I are considering attending MNSSHP Oct. 2012 and have 2 questions: is there a day of the week that tends to be any less crowded than others? If we were only able to attend one party, which would you recommend out of MNSSHP or the Christmas Party? Thank you!!

  3. Hi,

    This has so much information – thanks so much for posting! One question – are the MNSSHP separate tickets than the ones included in our Disney Vacation Package?


    DebK replies: I assume you are receiving theme park admission tickets with your package — the Halloween party requires separate tickets for an extra fee.

  4. Gene- We went to MK in Oct of 2010,the same day as the party. We did not buy tickets for the party because I couldn’t see spending so much on a pass to stay later when we already paid to get into the park. We were not escorted out, but everyone was leaving at 7 and we just followed the crowd out. We did not get to see any fireworks. It was really a good day to go though because most people did not choose to go when having to leave the park early. So it was less crowded. The longest we waited for a ride that day was probably Haunted Mansion and it was 30 minutes max.

  5. I just read this wonderful blog as I am preparing for my upcoming first MNSSHP! I think I am more excited than my daughter! I plan on doing 2nd parade to avoid crowds. Characters (mostly the prince’s) are on the list as they are harder to find at parks. Does anyone know if the dance parties are at certain times (w/characters) or pretty much all night? Also, any fave spots for viewing fireworks? Thanks!!

  6. Hi,
    I’m planning to go to the Halloween Party in Sept 2012. Since the actual magic kingdom park closes at 7p on party nights, does it mean that guests without party tickets will see no fireworks? Not the usual Jimminie Cricket narrated fireworks over the castle? Just wondering.. Thank You!!

  7. Disney World is one of the most wonderful places on earth, I just spent 2 weeks there dec 2011,for my 50th birthday. Just my husband & I we go about every 2 years. If you can PLEASE go at Christmas time to.ALSO WONDERFUL! We will be going again in 2013 for Halloween.We try to rotate, each vaction. So wear good shoes and see all ya can! Take LOTS of pics & videos it is wonderful Thanks for a GREAT site! God Bless

  8. We completed our first MNSSHP on Nov 1st and it was great. We only had a few things we need to remember is that next year we have all the autographs that our 3 year old will want. So it will be pictures only. We raced around trying to find Jessie and Woody they were in the Diamond Horseshoe and we we told they were some where else. But all and all it was great made it through the last parade at 10:30 and we got to the park around 4. Got lots of good candy and the outside dance party were great for a 3 year old and very interactive with the kids.

  9. Went to the Halloween Party on 10/23 with my 3 year old and 70 year old Mother and we had a great time! I dressed my daughter up (though in a costume that wasn’t too binding or humid as temps were in the 60’s at night). Many adults and children were dressed up and/or kids were in their princess costumes which added to the excitement of the evening. Park was packed so prepare to get a good spot for the parade early. Since my daughter was so young, we focused on meeting the characters and princesses (the special treat of having the princes on hand) and going to both parades since she enjoyed this more than the rides or getting candy (some of the candy lines were long and I rationalized I can buy a bag of candy anywhere and enjoy the other parts of the park). If you are able, might be best to chose a night during the week where it might be less crowded. We stayed until midnight and my daughter got her 2nd wind by seeing the 2nd parade.
    Very festive and done up in “Disney” fashion-recommend it for all ages.
    We arrived at 7pm so thanks for the tip about the early arrival to get into the park. We’ll do that for the Christmas show.

  10. Please don’t waist your money…. the crowds were horrible and you could hardly make your way through. We had to wait 45 minutes for our meal at Pecos Bill by using their so called fast “kiosk”. This waisted a lot of time.

    The decorations were absolutely beautiful! The parade was great! It was super fun to dress up as a family! (On the positive side of things).

    The candy lines were so long, it wasn’t worth the wait.

    We got to Disney all the time and you can get more for your money just by purchasing a regular park ticket and be able to enjoy the same thing.

  11. My husband says there are rules about what you can dress up as i.e., Snow White or Capt. Jack so that you are not mistaken for a cast member. Are there rules or regs about costumes?? TIA

  12. hi. we will be in Disney for the week of Halloween! so excited! we also have tickets to the MNSSHP. what should we expect as far as crowds for Halloween night? I have two year old twins and want to be as prepared as possible. thanks.

    AllEars: Halloween night’s MNSSHP is usually sold out in advance so expect peek crowd conditions!


  14. What IS the price that everyone seems to think is pretty high? I can’t find it listed anywhere!
    Also, this sounds very similar to the Pirates and Princesses Party that I attended back in 2007(maybe ’08)except there were sword fights instead of actual shows. Is that a fair assessmant?

    Ticket prices for the various nights can be found here: http://allears.net/tp/mk/mnssh.htm

  15. Hi,
    I am going to the Magic kingdom on Oct 31st.
    I also have tickets to Mickeys Not SO Scary Halloween Party , I was wondering if you know if we need to leave the park and re enter for the party.

    Thank You,

    No, you do not have to exit and re-enter the park. I don’t know the exact time but probably around 4-5 PM, Cast Members will have ticket scanning and wristband stations set up. I remember seeing them set up near the Rose Garden and Stitch’s Great Escape.

    If you don’t see one of the stations, ask a Cast Member and they should be able to direct you.

    Have fun!

  16. this is our first trip and dressing up as Disney characters – Minnie and Mickey – will we have any problems getting pictures taken?

    As long as your costume meets Disney’s guidelines (not offensive, no mask/doesn’t obstruct your face), you shouldn’t have any problems.

    Have fun!

  17. I was able to go to the MNSSHP on 10/06 and 10/07 and the expereinces were very different, thanks to the weather.

    10/06 had clear skies and regular warm weather, and the MNSSHP seemed very crowded, but if you have a game plan, you could still get a lot done and have a lot of fun. I lined up for the Princess & Prince couples at the TST at about 6:15pm, and I was one of the first groups to meet them. After that, we saw the Villains Dance and Mingle, which I loved! We met Maleficent and Frollo afterward. Use the cast members assigned to the area to position yourself in the right area for your favorite villain for the meet and greet. That makes a huge difference. We went back for the Villains show after the fireworks, and we met Queen Grimhilde and Cruella de Vil (I was first in line for Queen Grimhilde and personally selected by Cruella as the last meet when they cut off her line). I would say on a busy night, you can meet up to 2 villains max per show. Prince Philip and Aurora were in the Fairytale Garden, and their line was constant, but not too long. They also gave you a good amount of time when you meet them. Tarzan & Terk’s line was not too bad. Jane was MIA that night, according to the cast member. The outdoor meet and greets had consistently long lines throughout the night (Seven Dwarfs, Jack Sparrow, Alice & the Mad Hatter, Donald & Daisy). The parades were pretty packed for both runs, and I am sure it is due to there being a lot of non-paying guests in the park. There are no wristband checkpoints for the public entertainment, so I am convinced a lot of non-ticket-holder people slipped through the cracks.

    10/07 was completely different. It rained rather hard at a little past 7 pm for about 30 minutes. I think a lot of the non-ticket-holders fled from the park, and the rest of the night was pretty much rain-free and not crowded at all. I met the Seven Dwarfs just past 7 pm, before the rain started (I queued up at 6:15 again). The rain started when I was in line for Jack Sparrow, and he was quickly repositioned under the small covered area near his meeting spot. I had an umbrella, so I was fine. Guests who were unprepared got soaked. While it was raining, the meet and greets in covered areas (Tarzan & Friends, Aladdin & Friends, Prince Philip & Aurora) all continued. Donald & Daisy were repositioned into the Philharmagic queue area, but came out to the construction wall opposite the Winnie the Pooh ride again when the rain stopped. The Tremaines and Jafar were in the TST, temporarily taking over the Princess & Prince meeting room. I suppose Gaston and Lotso switched off with them and the royal couples, too. The fireworks continued as scheduled. I saw the second parade showtime and easily got a front curbside viewing area. Due to the wet stage, all of the Villain Dance and Mingle shows were cancelled, due to safety. At 11:20 pm, all of the villains came out for an extended meet and greet, and I met Captain Hook, the Queen of Hearts, Dr. Facilier, and Maleficent (again!) all in one swoop. So despite the rain & the cancelled villains stage shows, the 10/07 MNSSHP was a lot less crowded and probably a bit more fun because of that.

  18. My wife and I are attending MNSSHP on 10/30/11. We went two years ago and enjoyed it thoroughly. Our oldest daughter got engaged right in front of the castle during the fireworks, it was magical. Yes, there are long lines. Yes, it can be hot and crowded. Yes, it is expensive. What you have to remember is that the only magic in Disney is the magic you bring with you. If you think you are going to be miserable, I assure you that you will be. Enjoy the costumes, especially the little ones. Take your time, enjoy the spectacle. Most of all, remember why you took this trip. You have the rest of the year to be crabby and stressed out. Go Play!!!

  19. My husband & I went to the MNSSHP on Sept. 27th. We have been going every year for the past 5 years and have always enjoyed everything about MNSSHP. It was crowded & hot but we didn’t care, we had a great time anyways! We always dress up which makes it so much more fun and we are in our early 50’s w/no kids. We were celebrating our one year wedding anniversary a little early (we got married on Halloween day last year) and dressed up like a bride & groom ghost or ghoul in our original wedding outfits only modified…lol. We were so surprised how many people stopped us and asked to have their pictures taken with us. I guess we looked like we came straight out of the haunted mansion. One little girl came up to us hesitantly, after being coaxed by her slightly older sister, and asked us if we were good ghosts or bad ghosts…too cute. Of course, we were good ghosts…ha ha. We loved the parade, fireworks and trick or treating. The candy was much better quality this year. I guess we are just two big kids! If you love Halloween this event is not to be missed and again DRESS UP in costume, it makes the whole experience that much better – no matter how old you are!!!!

  20. We’ll be going to the last party of this year (Nov 1st) in order to stretch out our vacation and make it to the first Mickey’s Very merry Christmas Party on Nov 8th 🙂

    Since Nov 1 will be our first day in WDW we’re not going to use our park hoppers–just go to the Magic Kingdom at 4pm using our party tickets–my question is do you know if these tickets work to secure fast passes prior to the regular park closing at 7?

  21. I went to MNSSHP with my 12 year old for the 1st time this year and I feel it is 100% worth the money to get in!! We LOVED it!!!!! The parade and the fireworks are amazing and who doesn’t want an extra trick or treat time??? 🙂

  22. During the MNSSHP where can we see Mickey and Minnie in their Halloween costumes for character Meet and Greet?

    Mickey and Minnie are in Town Square Theater (formerly Exposition Hall) for MNSSHP.

  23. We have tickets to go to the Not so Scary Party tomorrow night (Oct. 10th) the forecast is calling for blustery winds, rain, lightning and thunder. I’m wondering if Disney has ever canceled the party, and if they do, are there refunds or exchanges for a different night? (This will be our first time going) thanks!

    I would call Disney and ask. They will be able to tell you what their official policy is.

  24. I am getting excited reading everyone’s posts along with a little scared. This will be our first time going to MNSSHP and I was wondering if anyone would know how crowded is it on Halloween night??! Is it crazier than normal that night?? Any information or any tips you guys may have would be great.

  25. Hi Ashley,
    My child is eligible for Disney’s guest assistance card. We are going to the party Oct.13, & I’m wondering if that card would be of any use during the party. Thanks.

  26. What Restaurants are open during the MNSSHP , and what are the hours . The reason for asking is that most were closed for the “Christmas Party”

  27. We were there on a Tuesday night, September 27th. There were a ton more people there than we thought there would be. We thought it was a much more exclusive event and the lines would not be nearly as long as they were, especially for the meet and greets. The candy lines moved fairly quickly and most rides were not that long of a wait. The second parade was packed. I didn’t think the meet and greets were very well organized, didn’t realize what the lines were for until we went past the character. The treat locations were also not marked as bright as I thought they would be. Walked right past one and didn’t realize it until a cast member asked if anyone wanted candy. I am glad we did it this one time and it gave us another opportunity at the park, but don’t know if I would do it again especially since we could have added another park day for about a 1/4 of the price. The heat didn’t help either.

  28. We are coming over from England and are lucky enough that we get to go to MNSSHP on Halloween night itself and are still there to go to MVMCP before we come home. Can’t wait for both of them.

    Are the crowds at their biggest on Halloween night?

    The party typically sells out Halloween night.

  29. We(3 adults) are going to the MNSSHP again this month, we attended a couple years back. When we attend we purchase tickets for 2 nights. I guess the big attraction for us is the fireworks,the Boo To You Parade, and the Villains Mix and Mingle. We also enjoy the decorations and just taking in all special set-up for the evening. We take tons of pictures.
    I understand why some people would complain about the evening especially if traveling with children, but remember a bad day in Disney is better than a good day anyplace else. Think about all the people that will never travel to the World, too bad for them.

  30. We attended the MNSSHP on September 27th, and as mentioned in previous posts, it was miserable. It was so hot (not much you can do about that though) and incredibly crowded. My daughters were so upset that they didn’t get very much candy, maybe just a couple of handfuls, because of the long line-ups. Seriously, the wait times for everything was painful. It was basically pure luck that we got to meet any characters, it seemed the best time to ensure a shorter line was during the fireworks (incredible btw). The villain’s mix & mingle was really great, but good luck trying to meet a villain after the show. We were told by a cast member to pick one, try to hang out where that character enters the crowd after the show and good luck. Parade was great, but really crowded–we even waited for the 2nd just to avoid the huge crowd. All in all, it was pretty cool, but the crowds were miserable.

  31. Are the characters available to meet until the party ends at midnight?

    Most of the characters are *typically* available to meet until the party ends (they may or may not continue to greet during the parade, however). The party map/times guide will have the most current information in it.

  32. This was our third not so scary halloween and by far the worst one. We were there last Tuesday, the 27th of September. As someone pointed out, the lines were long, VERY LONG. It was at least a 90 minute wait to see the 7 dwarfs, and Captain Jack was over an hour (although, at 11 when we went back, it was only about 25 minutes.) The park was much more crowded, and the candy lines were long, and disappointing. They gave out 2 or 3 pieces, in years past you’d get a handful. Also, the park closed at midnight. The website, a few days before had said it was open until 1AM. (granted the ticket said midnight, but we had planned on 1 AM and the kids were disappointed when they did not get their last ride.) I would not recommend going back for the halloween again if it is going to be like that. It was not worth the money.

  33. We went just this past Friday 9/30, and it felt like we were at Disney in the summer, meaning all the crowds of people. The weather was just perfect and not hot at all, our kids kept their costumes on the whole time. This was our 1st time at MNSSHP, and we arrived just at 7pm, which may have been our mistake, the lines backed up as soon as you got in to have your bracelet put on. Our friends went the Friday before and got in at 4:30pm. Now the lines weren’t that bad though, about 10-20 minute waits for most of them. Trying to get on all the rides, we missed the parade and fireworks. I felt that it was impossible to do all of this while you were there. What was the biggest let down was the Haunted Mansion, no one can complete a Disney trip without going on the ride. We were all waiting in line to get on and the carriages stopped for a good 20 minutes before the staff told us the ride was broke down. Candy lines were about 5 minutes and the longest one was the Briar Patch (10 min) however it was worth it since they had 3 seperate barrels for you to get candy from. Candy was really good too, lots of name brands, good selections. I left there wanting to see more and luckily just at 12am I was able to jump on the Haunted Mansion ride after all. The neat thing to suggest is to go their Cemetry route, because you get to interact with some neat props they pulled out just for the event. Be sure to look at the last tombstone before entering the ride…her eyes open! One thing I warn everyone about is to be aware that when you leave the park, you can only take the Ferry boat, so if you have time constraints or need to get on a bus they opperate until 1:30am, you’d better hurry! I’d like to do MNSSHP again, but the crowds were just massive and annoying especially if you have a stroller. I kept telling myself next time we go, it will be on a Tuesday night instead!

  34. Aww I went to the party last year and this article makes me wish I was going back this year!

    Great article! I’ve got to say, it’s given me a great Disney fix even whenI can’t be there for the party! 🙂

  35. Hello! My family is going to MNSSHP on October 11. It is our first time going to this event and we are so excited. We are spending the morning at MK then headed to the BBB in downtown Disney at 2. I’m trying to plan out what to do that day, so should we concentrate on rides before the party starts to have more time to meet characters at the party? Is it generally crowded at this time of year?
    Thanks for all your helpful information and pictures. I think I’m just as excited as my 5 year old for this!!

    The lines are pretty long for the characters at the party. If the characters are your priority for the party, then I would plan to do rides beforehand.

    This is the time of year that the crowds do start picking up some.

    Have a great time!

  36. Hi. We went to the MNSSHP last night. We also went last year the second week of October. Last year in October the crowd was light, I guess we lucked out. Last night was almost miserable. Huge crowd, fairly long lines for most attractions. The second parade was very crowded too. Not having the face painting from last year was a big dissapointment for my 4 year old. She was really looking forward to it. I also didn’t see the photo pop from last year with the hitchhiking ghosts (could have missed it though in the crowds). With all that and the oppressive heat it was not a magical night for us. I remember last year being really impressed with the light crowds, short lines, and the bonuses for the party. Seemed like they slumped a bit this year.

  37. Hi Ashley, Thank you so much for all the information. We are attending the party next Thursday evening with some friends. The main reason I am taking my daughter is so she can meet Maleficent. Maleficent is her Disney princess. Any tips/clues on the best place to be after the show to meet her? Do we need to be up close to the front of the stage?

    Thank you!

    The villains in the Mix & Mingle greet guests near the stage. I would try to be in that general area. Have fun!

  38. Hi there, I read that Downtown Disney isn’t doing anything for Oct 30th (night before Halloween). Last year they handed out candy and had entertainment. Is this true!? Why aren’t they doing that this year? Is anything going on at downtown disney throughout those few days leading up to Halloween?
    My daughter and I will be in Disney from Oct 27-Nov 3. Going to the Halloween party on Halloween and so excited.

    Downtown Disney is not going to be hosting trick-or-treating this year. Downtown Disney will have entertainment and other activities around Halloween, however.

  39. This event had an amazing parade and fireworks. But, the crowds were almost unbearable the night we went. We waited in line for the haunted mansion for over an hour. Then, the candy lines were all about 20- 30 minutes long. And, the character lines were so long there was no way to see them and see all of the other things going on. We really wanted to see Jack Sparrow but I can’t even imagine how long a wait it was just by looking at the number of people in line. It had to have been 45 minutes to an hour. The ride lines were very short, but we were not really there to ride those. I read all the reviews before going and no one mentioned the very long lines. Did they let more people in this year?

  40. Hi!
    We are eating at the Crystal Place on Friday night and was gonna hang around and see some of the Halloween party. Is that allowed?? We actually have tickets for Monday’s Party, but we were gonna try to see what it was like to know where to go. Thanks

    If you do not have a party ticket *and* a wristband, you will be asked to leave the park at 7 PM.

    Maps *may* be available before you leave the park. It has the times guide, parade route, character locations, etc. on it that you can use to plan your evening.

  41. Thank you for the info. This will be our first Halloween party at Disney. We did the Christmas one and loved it. We are going the second week of Oct and I am going nuts trying to decide what to wear! Looking forward to all the fun! We are even relaxing at the hotel that day to keep from wearing ourselves out…then staying up nice and late!

  42. We have never been to the party, but have plans to go to it September 2012. How does the last week of September look for crowds for attending the party? My husband will need a ECV. Do you think he will be able to rent one that late in the day?

    As it gets closer to October, the crowds do pick up at the parties. When I was there, some areas were more crowded that others.

    Your husband should be able to get an EVC later in the day. If you can’t get one, check back around 6-7 PM when guests without party tickets are leaving the park.

  43. Hi, Ashley! Thanks for the report. I’m just wondering if all the princesses were there or just the ones shown. Either way, if Rapunzel is there, that would be WONDERFUL! We have a 5-year-old Rapunzel fan with us, and we’re all going as Tangled characters to the party. Do you know/think that she’ll be there at all the parties? Thanks again!

    Hi! Just the ones in the pictures were at Town Square Theater (formerly Exposition Hall). Jasmine may or may not be in Adventureland.

    I was told that Rapunzel and Flynn will be at the parties but check at the Theater to be sure. They will be able to tell you for sure who is appearing that evening.

    Have fun!

  44. We have been to MNSSH for several years sometimes with and sometimes without the grandchildren. Costumes are packed and we are anxiously waiting to go. I am so pleased that they have updated the shows etc. It is by far my favorite time of year to go. Where else can adults go trick or treating like the kids?? 🙂

  45. Ashley,
    Thanks for the invaluable information & great pics – especially for us first-timers! My daughter & I will celebrate my 58th birthday there on Oct 18. I am thrilled to be going. I applaud blogger Stephanie for going it alone – I’ll bet she has a blast and I won’t feel a bit bad for trick or treating at my age either! 🙂
    Keep up the good work and I’ll keep tuning into your blog!

  46. Hey Ashley,

    I heard thre’s an improvement in regards to candy/sweets. Did you notice what kind of candy they have?

    – Scott

    They had a good mix of sweets- I saw Skittles, Nestle Crunch, Goofy’s Candy Co. items, pirate coins, etc.

  47. I attended the party on 09/13 and found it a bit crowded and really hard to be able to see and do everything. I really think Disney overprices these events and sells tons of tickets…prob to keep people divided between candytrails and shows or parades and fireworks. Had the event not been so pricey, I would have done the Friday night party again. Darn near impossible to see any characters, especially the Villians; afterall that is what people pay to see. Did get lots of candy. Not sure that I would do this again 🙁

  48. i am sorry but we went on sept 13 2011 and our party looked nothing like the one you are showing for sept 16
    first, there we no light projections anywhere
    second, mickey was in a pirate costume not the magician one in your photos
    third, duffy was not there nor was his area decorated
    fourth, there were no signs like max pit stop or the briar patch, none at all

  49. I just went for the first time (on the same night you were there) and it was AMAZING! The music for the parade and Hallowishes is great! I bought an event party CD and have been listening to it since I got home.

  50. We are annual passholders and we are going to visit the park one day this month, I was wondering if they make non party ticket holders leave the park, or would we be able to stay to see the parade and fireworks or trick or treating? We aren’t interested in character greets or rides, just the parade and fireworks…I just have a hard time paying the extra cost for all 5 of us just for the parade. Thank you for all of your advice.

    You must have a party ticket and a wristband to stay in the park after 7 PM. If you do not have a ticket and a wristband, you will be asked to leave the park.

  51. Does Downtown Disney do anything for Halloween? I know in the past they have. We will be at disney oct 26-nov 1.

    Downtown Disney is not doing the trick-or-treating this year. They will be decorating for Halloween. Some entertainment will be posted in a Times Guide.

  52. Food Allergy concerns at Not So Scary Event if you contact WDW they will take your name and provide a special treat bag at the Town Hall Area for you to pick up they are very accomodating with Food Allergies.

  53. Just came from party and it was great. I was a little turned around because of the closure of toontown.

    Couldn’t find the face painting. Any idea where it is this year?

    They are not doing the face painting this year.

  54. YAY!!! I was so excited to see this! We are going to the first time this year…on Halloween! I’m so excited!! I loved the pictures but didn’t watch the videos because I want to be surprised. I am looking forward to dressing up, good food and fun times! Is there any offical info on costumes and what is/isn’t allowed?

    Disney’s website states that costumes should be “not obstructive or offensive.”

  55. Thanks for the quick response! I was actually looking for how long each event took from start to finish.

    Sorry- I misread your previous comment.

    Mix & Mingle was a little less than 10 minutes.

    HalloWishes is about a 10-15 minute show.

    The parade is probably about 15 minutes. The headless horseman rides before the parade.

  56. Do you what the running times are for the Villain Mix and Mingle, the Hallowishes fireworks, and the Boo To You Parade? Thanks!

    Villains Mix & Mingle: 7:45, 8:50, 10:05, 11:15.

    HalloWishes: 9:30.

    Boo to You: 8:15 and 10:30.

    Hope that helps!

  57. We went for the first time last year, and loved it so much that we planned our wedding around it! 🙂 We are getting married in Disney World this October 21, and after the wedding ( which is early because we are getting married in Epcot) we will have a slight rest and everyone is capping off the wedding celebration with the Halloween Party. SOOOOO excited 🙂 It really is such a fun time, and in our opinion well worth the money. Have fun everyone!

    Congratulations!!! Have a great time. 🙂

  58. We have tickets to go on Sept 27th I am so excited it is my boyfriends first time in Disney so we are making sure we do everything We were going to eat at Chef Mickey’s first and take the monarail over, our reservations are at 4:20, do you think we will be able to get right in or should we go back to the hotel get into our costumes and go at 7pm?

    It’s up to you about timing. You will be able to get into the park after your dinner reservation with your party ticket(s). Have a great time! 🙂

  59. Thanks for the pics and review! Hubby & I decided to celebrate our 40th birthdays at MK this year, and are going to the NSSHP Oct 10. So excited to go Trick or Treating!!!!!!!

    Happy birthday! Have fun. 🙂

  60. Hi Ashley,
    Wow, wish I could be there. Thanks for the great pics! I’m not positive, but I think I have read in years past that it is Madame Leota who sits outside the Haunted Mansion.

    That rings a bell. This year, I heard her saying that guests could see her in the ballroom scene inside the building.

  61. Went to the Party for the last two years, but not this year. This year we are doing Christmas for the first time. Can’t wait.
    Every year we dress for the Holloween Party, both kids and adults, makes it allot more fun.
    Choose wisely as it can be extremely humid and a bunch of tired sweaty kids and adults can put a damper on anything, even MNSSHP!!

  62. Ashley,

    I’m not sure if this was answered because I didn’t go through all the posts, but the free cookies & hot chocolate is for the Christmas party. Halloween is just the candy. We’ve done both and are doing the Halloween one again this year and they are both so awesome!!!

  63. Great article!! Big WDW fan, but this will be our 1st MNSSHP. where is Cinderella’s carriage that you show in your pix? Are there characters with the carriage too? Can’t WAIT to go. Thx!!

    The carriage is near “it’s a small world,” where the stroller parking normally is. There are no characters with the carriage. Have fun!

  64. My sister (25) and I (32) were there Sept 16 too! Got in around 4pm. Did most of the rides in MK earlier in the week, so we focused on character meets and candy collecting. Longest line was 30mins for the Seven Dwarfs but lines thinned out as the night went on. Highly recommend the party; best fireworks around and parade is awesome. Our cute hats got us lots of attention from Captain Jack, Cruella deVille and the Queen of Hearts among others so don’t be afraid to dress up. It’s fun for adults even without kids!

  65. We are going this weekend 9/23 for my daughters birthday & when I saw we could do MNSSHP I bought tickets!!! This will be the first time we have gone & my daughter is a HUGE Haunted Mansion/Nightmare Before Christmas/Villians in general fan. So is mommy lol. Are most of the adults who go in costume wearing Disney outfits or is it a mish-mash of costumed revelers?

    I saw a lot of non-Disney costumes at the party. Have fun! 🙂

  66. MNSSHP is a blast. This will be the third time we’re going. If you’re out late, watch the second parade – it’s less crowded. We were on Main Street in front of Casey’s Corner and had a great view. The lighting is good there, so you can get some great pictures or video. Can’t wait for the fun! Looks like there is even more to do this year.

  67. thanks for all the great info & feedback….but was wondering about early entry at 400pm for halloween party…a wdw agt told me they stopped doing early admission which would make the cost of ticket less value with less hours….can anybody who has gone these first few party nites comment…we are planning to go fri 9/29 but have not purchased tkt yet.

    I was able to get into the park at 5:30 with my ticket. I have been told you can get in at 4 with a party ticket.

  68. Do you have to purchase a Magic Kingdom ticket as well as the, “Mickey’s not so scary halloween party” Ticket?

    If you want to go to the party only (you can enter the park at 4 PM), you can purchase a ticket for the party.

    If you want to go to Magic Kingdom before the party and/or prior to 4 PM, you will have to purchase a a day ticket (and the party ticket if you wish to attend that evening).

    The park closes to non-ticket holders at 7 PM on party nights.

  69. We will be at MK on Friday, September 23, but are hesitant to go to the Halloween Party because of how high the additional cost is (I can’t believe it costs that much on top of what you’ve already paid for that day’s admission!!). Can you tell me if the party has a significant adverse effect on the guests that are not attending the party? As in, will a lot of the park be blocked for regular attenders that night?

    If you do not have a party ticket and a wristband, you will not be able to get on the rides and such. The park closes at 7 PM for non-ticket holders.

  70. Thank you for the great review. I am so excited to take my daughter to this and to go for the first time myself. It looks like a blast. 😀 Thank you for all the great tips we’re coming down from GA for a quick surprise weekend and will be at the party Sept. 30th. Its just around the corner and I can’t wait. 😀

  71. Just returned from NSSHP, our first time there. Pretty cool, although expensive, I do recommend it to those who have never been, particularly those with children. Really- how much cooler can it get than to Trick or Treat at the Magic Kingdom???
    Parade was very cool; fireworks were cool too; we missed the Villan show so can’t comment there.
    Lots of candy, but we don’t really go for the candy, do we? Haunted mansion was the most packed, and other than the storyteller and the cast members wearing makeup, not much seemed different.
    Park seemed nearly full as we entered at 7P, but many were making for the door. Still, it stayed busy until after the first parade at 8:15, and by 9PM crowds started dropping off. Little waits for the rides except for Haunted Mansion, a 15 min wait.
    All in all, a recommeneded experience, particularly if you never have been.

  72. Great info!! Thanks so much for the great photos/videos and tips!! Just a quick question…..what kind of camera dis you use in these photos? Thanks again!

    I use a Canon PowerShot SX30 IS.

  73. I’ll be going to Florida for the middle of October. I’m going by myself (a 30 something year old). Do you still get a bag if you’re an adult and do you still get candy if you’re an adult? I’ve never been before.

    Yes, adults get a bag and can collect candy.

    Have fun! 🙂

  74. To the above question regarding cookies and drinks…They serve hot cocoa,cookies, apple slices, and apple juice at the Very Merry Christmas Party. They usually hand out candy and raisins (the healthy alternative?) at the Halloween Party.

  75. My daughter Denise, my best friend of 55 years Carla and myself are flying out Wednesday morning for Disney World.

    We have tickets for the party on the 27th.

    Getting so excited to see what you described!!! This is our first Halloween at WDW.

  76. This is in response to natalie who posted September 18, 2011 3:05 PM:

    You may want to call Disney — I know one of the kiddies in my fam has nut allergies, and he was able to get a special bag that indicated his allergy to the cast member handing out the treats.

  77. Thanks for the update! Just wondering – did you happen to see any Photopass photographers throughout the park? Did they have any special picture stations set up for free photos?

    PhotoPass photographers were available throughout the park. They don’t do the free photos anymore, though. They did have a special photo-op at the Haunted Mansion with the carriage, however.

  78. great info and pictures been going since 08′ we get lots of candy Disney is incredibly generous with the treats for the kids

  79. Ashley – Thanks for the info. We have tickets for Oct 23, we just got our costumes and I can’t wait ! FYI for those asking about if you need costumes, In our case, all adults go and yes we dress up. We have a great time and I am sure you would as well. Something to consider though, last time we went I decided to go as Snow White – gowns are very hot in the florida heat ! Also make sure you can still see, walk around and get on and off rides if you want to in whatever you wear !

  80. Were they using the fast pass otion for the princess meets in the theater or was closed for the party?

    FastPasses are not available during the parties for the princesses and/or Mickey. It is standby only. The theater is open for both the princesses and Mickey.

  81. I just talked to someone at WDW reservations and she told me you CAN still get in at 4PM. Thank you for all the info…we’ve never been before and are looking forward to it!

  82. Just to be sure, the 2nd parade has the Headless Horseman riding through also? We are thinking of doing the 2nd one and I didn’t know if he only rode down Main Street during the 1st one.

    The Headless Horseman rides before both parades. 🙂

  83. Great job Ashley 🙂 Hope I didn’t overstep, but put a word out for the AllEars facebook peeps to take a gander at your blog. Everyones been chatting about the MNSSHP and there you are with your review!! Love your blog, keep it coming 😉

  84. What times are the shows? We are going this Friday the 23rd and like to plan ahead with mt special needs son.

    The Villains Mix & Mingle is at 7:45, 8:50, 10:05 and 11:15.

    The parade is at 8:15 and 10:30. It starts in Frontierland and makes its way to Main Street.

    The fireworks are at 9:30.

    Hope that helps!

  85. We are going for the first time this year, we will be there on the last day Nov 1st with our little girl who is 3 do most of the kids dress up. And also any other tips for the week of Oct 30 to Nov 4th would be great we are staying at down town Disney, we have appointment for BBB on Nov 2nd. So we have a few plan already but any input would be great. Thanks

    Some kids (and adults) dress up, other’s don’t. It’s up to you and your family. 🙂

    My biggest tip is to just enjoy your trip. Enjoy the time with your family, enjoy the sights and enjoy being there. Check the schedules to plan your day(s) and build in some rest time (even if it’s sitting for a few minutes) for everyone.

  86. We are gong to MNSSHP on Sept. 27th for the first time and can not wait!! Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I am really looking forward to this. About how long would you say the waits are for characters? Just wondering so I can have a game plan if possible.

    Honestly, it depends. The princesses and fairies had the longest lines that I saw. Some characters were basically a walk up, others had a little bit of a wait.

  87. Thank you for the update. We’ll be there on October 10th and this helps me in my planning so much. We’re going with two other Disney families and I can’t wait to talk to them about what’s on our “must-do” list. I needed to have that conversation and knew that I had to check in at “All-Ears” first….because there would be a good review here. THANK YOU!

  88. Can you still get into the party at 4pm? I heard they changed that.

    I don’t know the exact time they were letting guests with party tickets in. I picked up our tickets around 5:30 and we were able to get right in.

  89. Thank you for the information. We are going to the party for the first time this year on Oct. 30th. Can’t wait. This just excited us even more and gave us some hints about where to go. Looks like so much fun.

  90. Thanks for the party updates. Did you notice if the monorail was running during the party?

    The monorails did run for portions of the party. Check the signs posted at the stations for the most current hours of operation as it is subject to change.

  91. we will be there in 4 weeks. what treats are giving out? my kids have food allergies, and if it is all candy then we wil skip the party.

    I saw Skittles, lollipops, chocolates, etc. being handed out.

  92. Absolutely amazing pictures. Thank you for the preview. Going for the first time in October and appreciate the tips. Look forward to more from you.

  93. We are going in a few weeks. Can’t wait for MNSSH. I love it! Your pictures and videos make me look forward to it even more. Love the grave diggers too!

  94. Thanks for this blog. I am so excited now! We have never been before and are taking our daughter on Halloween night. Now I can hardly wait!!! 🙂

  95. Thank you for the info! We are going this week and can’t wait! I love the new Villain show with Dr. Facillier…can’t wait to meet him after!

  96. Thank you for the great pictures and blog. we are going Oct. 20th for the first time to the not so scary party and I cant wait!!

  97. Thanks so much for the report. I wish I could go this year as this is my favorite party. There is nobody on Main Street for the second parade! Hope you had a great time!

  98. Just wondering – do they still have the cookies and drinks available throughout the park, or have they eliminated that along with the free photos?

    At the party we went to, we didn’t notice them handing out cookies and/or drinks. They were handing out candy, though, at the treat stations.