What Cast Member Role Would You Want To Play?

Have you ever thought about being a Disney Cast Member? If so, what role would you want to play? (Remember, if you work for Disney you are part of the “cast”, and you play a “role” when you go “on stage”.) So, if you could pick any role to play in all of Walt Disney World what would it be? Would you like to be a character like one of the Princesses or Mickey himself, an attendant at one of the attractions (if so which attraction), a bus driver, monorail driver, train engineer, lifeguard at one of the water parks or hotels, singer or dancer in one of the stage shows, stunt driver at Lights, Motor, Action!, parade performer or a Concierge at one of the Disney hotels?

I realize that most of you would rather be a guest and be treated to that wonderful Disney service and enjoy the Disney experience. But I’m sure each time you visit WDW you’ve seen more than one Cast Member at work, having fun and said to yourself “that looks like a fun job to have”.

Main Street Trolley

Parade Float

Magic Kingdom Train


“What Cast Member Role Would You Want To Play?”

Well, when my wife and I first moved down here that was my dream. And that dream came true when I got hired as a Concierge at the Contemporary Resort Hotel. What a great experience that was! The training was fantastic and being part of the Disney family was better than I imagined. However, the best part was interacting with the guests and being a concierge gave me plenty of opportunities to help guests enjoy their vacations. I’m retired now, but my wife and I often talk about the both of us finding a part time job at Disney. We haven’t decided what role we’d like to play if we were to do that, however, I tease her by saying the perfect role for the both of us would be the “barrel pusher and sweeper” that follow the horses in the parades. 🙂


OK, I’ve told you about my Cast Member experience and role, now it’s your turn to let me know what role you’d like to play.

You could win an AllEars® baseball cap. I will take all the names of those who post a comment (see below) with your list within the next couple weeks, and I will put them in a hat and randomly draw the name of the lucky winner. The only rules are that you must reside in the US, be 18 years old or older and you must provide your email address so I can contact you should you win.

All comments must be posted no later than Sunday, November 28, 2010 in order to be eligible to win the baseball cap. The winner of the AllEars® baseball cap will be announced shortly thereafter.

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“What Cast Member Role Would You Want To Play?”

Your comments:

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68 Replies to “What Cast Member Role Would You Want To Play?”

  1. I saw this on a TV special once–I’d love to be in the Christmas decorations department and put them up in the middle of the night!

  2. I would love to be a cast member at Walt Disney World. I would love to be a cast member in the travel reservations department booking people’s magical vacations, or in the dining reservations department helping people get that special dining reservation they want. Also I would love to work as a monorail driver or an attraction operator for Pirates or Haunted Mansion. Any job at Walt Disney Worl would be a dream come true!

  3. I currently work as a bartender for a major hotel chain, I’d love to be the bartender at the Tune in Lounge or Mizner’s.

    My dream role is to retire into a job as the Fairy Godmother, I’d love to play The Hag at Halloween too!

    I had the opportunity to speak with some really great women in the hair and make up department at Epcot recently and think I would love a job in the costume department!

  4. I love my current career which is an IT support analyst at a hospital, so i would love to work in the WDW IT department. There are computers and like devices all over the World and i would love to keep them maintained. It would be great to work on a PC on Main Street one minute then over to the Studio’s to check on something there.

    The other place would be the same role at the animation studios, being able to see progress on all of the upcoming movies and other projects would be really great, plus you get a credit in the films!!!

  5. “What Cast Member Role Would You Want To Play?”

    I would like to work on Main Street USA; selling balloons or working as one of the cast members who stand by the information tip boards, they get to interact with the guests and share their knowledge of the park with guests everyday!! and I would want to give out stickers at the opening of the park 😀

  6. I would be Tinkerbell and fly from the castle during Wishes everynight! That part of the show always makes me tear up and seems so magical.

  7. What Cast Member Role Would You Want To Play?

    I wouldn’t care what role I was asked to play, as long as that role involved interacting with the guests. After our trip home in 2008 I told my wife that if I ever disappeared she might want to contact the Disney World employment office and see where I was working. While I enjoy being at WDW more than anything, I can only imagine what it must be like to help bring that same joy to others. I had a glimpse of that joy in 2008 when I had the privilge to talk to a member of the WDW Dream Squad while looking at some Pins at a Pin Trading Station. The look in his eyes and the sound of his voice are still as vivid today as they were then. I realized then that it wasn’t his job, but how he did his job, that made WDW Magical. Thats what I would want to do, just give me a role that allows me the opportunity to share the magic.

  8. 1) Dancer in Festival of the Lion King
    2) Princess, Alice, Fairy, etc.
    3) Gift shop person

    But I don’t really care, I’ll pick up trash all day, if that’s what they want me to do. Just as long as I work at Disney.

  9. I’m from Canada so I can’t win anything but…

    Ever since I was little I’ve been in love with Belle, and it bothers me a lot that they seem to be phasing her out of the parks, I grew up with her, and being a kinda weird nerdy brown haired girl, but still a hopeless romantic I identified her. I would love to work as Belle every day of the week if it meant she got to stay in the parks so even just one little princess can believe that she will find her prince charming.

    However, I cannot act whatsoever, despite working in theater for years (backstage), so I would also love working in the main street bakery. As an avid baker, being surrounded by sweets all day would be heaven

  10. This has been my dream retirement plan for years! I don’t even think I can pick one role. I do think it would be fun to work in the Main Street bakery or confectionary (yum!) but it would also be great fun to work on one of the MK Fantasyland rides and see the joy and enchantment on all the little kids’ faces. Lots of other good choices too. Just please let there be some openings when I’m ready!! 🙂

  11. I am from Canada, so can’t be in the contest, but … I WANT TO BE A PRINCESS !!

    Any princess will do, but I am waiting for Disney to invent a mature, plump princess who requires reading glasses. That would be a part made for me.

  12. Hi Mike

    What Cast Member Role Would You Want To Play?”

    Either singer in a show or a concierge.

    Your comments: I agree; you’d be doing nothing but making someone’s day working as a concierge. But I love to sing so…. Maybe a singing concierge, what do you think?

  13. I’ve been dancing for 20 years and ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to be one of the girls in the parades. What a job! Dancing for a living, wearing fabulous costumes and being in Disney World every day. It’s still my dream job. 🙂

  14. I danced for 25 years, so I would love to be a dancer in one of the parades!!!! Or I would love to be one of the tour guides on the Keys to the Kingdom Tour.

  15. Ooh! Tram driver from the car park to the entrance of Epcot, please!!

    (And like one or two others, I am outside of the USA so can’t win a prize – drat!)

    Take small children by the hand and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle folks!!

  16. Well the first thing on my bucket list is to be a cast memember. I am just about 4 yrs from retirement and am so excited about the the idea of working for Disney. I say I will do just about anything, I would love to work in one of the parks but would love to be a greeter at one hotels. I now work as an ultrasonographer in the medical field and know there is ultrasouond in the animal kingdom. But I think I would prefer human interaction!

  17. would love to drive the disney buses all arount get to know all the routes to the resorts and parks, pretty much know them now

  18. I’m currently with the Cast, and I’m loving reading all the great answers (although everyone really knows that Mickey is just plain Mickey and no one “plays” him)!
    I’ve had 2 roles and am going on my 3rd. I thought I’d comment for those who are seriously wanting to join us. I never thought that I would love either of my roles, but they were truly “dream” jobs. I do really feel privileged to be a part of the Magic and to share Magical Moments and Holidays with the guests. Most times, it’s exactly as amazing as you would think to work in the Happiest Place on Earth; and the other times, it’s even better! So, my long winded point, is to keep your dreams, but to also to see where working with us leads. I know it’s taken me to amazing places with some wonderful people.
    I wish you all Pixie Dusted dreams come true, and can’t wait to see you on your next trip!!
    By the way, a special “Thank You” to those of you who hand out special cards to us or write Applause-O-Grams. They mean more to us than you can ever know!!!

  19. “What Cast Member Role Would You Want To Play?”

    My brother, sister-in-law and I made a pact that when we all retired we would either go to WDW or Disneyland and work for a year.

    I think I would love to be a Bellhop at the Tower of Terror, a Maid at the Haunted Mansion, or a Jungle Cruise Guide (I love the corny jokes)as you can really get into the character to enhance the ride for the guests.
    I would even take a job at one of the shops if I could wear a cool costume or be one of the “Greeters” that wander around and help people. (actually for some reason I have been mistaken for a cast member from time to time when I have worn a yellow 5 pocket vest and was asked directions or advice…guess I looked like I belonged):)

  20. I would just love to have either of two cast-member posts…
    First, I would love to be a cast member at the beginning of mainstreet to help welcome and direct people or answer questions. To see all the faces of people as the emerge from under the train station and watch them light up as they see the castle…How could you ever have a bad day being part of that!
    Secondly, be the instructor and tour guide for doing a segway tour. I love taking the tour at EPCOT and driving all around the world showcase on the segway! I could ride them all day!
    It would be hard to call either position a job – I’d just about pay them to let me do one of them!
    Someday maybe….

  21. How neat that there are so many different answers listed. Of course, my first choice for myself is shared with a few others. I would love to work at the Haunted Mansion. It’s my favorite ride and trying to “scare” people and stay in character (not smile) would be so fun.

    My other choice wold be the piano player at Casey’s. The Haunted Mansion is more realistic, though, because even though I play the piano quite well, I wouldn’t be ready to play all of those songs by memory!

  22. If I could go to Disney now and be a cast member I’d like to work at one of the Moderate or Deluxe resorts, greeting guests or working concierge. Or working at the Magic Kingdom as the Mayor’s wife or a hostess at a restaurant such as Cinderella’s or Crystal Palace.

    I can certainly see myself retiring and becoming the Fairy Godmother. I’ve seen her every time we’ve visited and she’s ever so sweet, full of rosey smiles and wonderful with the kids.


  23. What Cast Member Role Would You Want To Play?

    My dream is to get a job at Disney- Any job so that I could live down there and help people experience the magic every day. My kids would love it too.

    If I could choose a job it would be a character like the Fairy Godmother. But I would settle being the person who escorts the characters around the park.

    Thanks Mike for helping us dream!

  24. “What Cast Member Role Would You Want To Play?”

    Seamstress at Disney Studios (seen during the backlot tour)

    Landscape Designer or Landscaper

    Your comments:

    I sew, so I’ve always enjoyed peeking into the sewing operation on the Back Lot tour. I could make uniforms. I even have a few ideas for redesigns!

    As for landscape designer, I have no qualifications other than I love to garden and am always amazed at the landscaping everywhere I go in Walt Disney World. It would be fun to tend any of the gardens.

    My profession is law — I’m sure Disney’s corporate office employs a few lawyers — so I could join that part of the cast, too.

    I posed the question to my 10-year-old son and he said he would like to portray Buzz Lightyear, because he has that cool signature stamp!

  25. 1) Skipper on the Jungle Cruise. The skipper really does make the ride, and it’s a place at Disney where my sharp sarcasm would be embraced. 🙂

    2) Tour Guide of EPCOT. I know enough now, but being trained as a tour guide would bring out the most extreme geekiness my 5’5″ frame contains, especially at EPCOT (and yes, I know I’m not longer supposed to capitalize it, but it’s just ingrained in me)

    3) Disney archivist. Dave Smith has what I think is the coolest job; I have always wanted to be a librarian and a museum curator, so a job as archivist would combine my love of Disney with my love of learning.

  26. I love all the behind the scenes stuff and the secrets and being in the know so I think the best job would be A Disney Imagineer. Being part of all the new designs and improvements would be great. Second to that would be Dan C.’s job at Epcot. I love Everything about Epcot

  27. I have always told my husband that I would love to be a street performer at Hollywood Studios — one of those people in the old 30’s style clothes — a fading screen queen or a studio cleaning lady!!!

  28. “What Cast Member Role Would You Want To Play?”

    I would like to have many different roles. One of the roles I would like to play is as a dancer in one of the parades, during the trolley show or even better the festival of the lion king or finding nemo (even though they are not all dancers, I would love to handle one of the puppets). I would also like to play the role as captain on the Jungle Cruise. I think the jokes are corny and funny all at the same time. I would also like to play the role of a photographer and take the pictures of the guest in front of the castle and the hat. I would also like to drive one of the buses or the monorail. Even though I have never seen this particular role that I am about to mention I think it would be a nice addition so I would like to be a quality assurance cast member or customer service cast member. I would walk around the park and interact with the guest to see if they are enjoying the day maybe get suggestions on things that can be done to make the experience enjoyable. I have seen some cast members standing in the entrance of some of the parks taking surveys but don’t remember what the surveys were for. One more role I would like to play would be a driver for the Great Movie Ride. That is my favorite ride in Disney, it reminds me of my trips with my grandfather. I ride that ride a dozen times whenever I go to Disney.

  29. I think one of the most interesting jobs at WDW would perhaps not involve much direct interaction with guests on a daily basis – but I’d really love to work in safety operations or risk mitigation. (They *must* have people who do this full-time!) Someday I want to do the “Dine with an Imagineer” dining experience, and I hope very much that I will get an Imagineer who does this sort of work. It’s similar to my own day job, but the application is very different because they have so many millions of guests, and keeping them all safe must be a huge task.

    A.D. Johnson
    -Littleton, CO

  30. I would love to be Stitch’s “helper.” I’m about the right height and getting to be silly and give people lots of hugs and making them smile and laugh would be so much fun.

  31. I’ve always wanted to be the Cast Member who works in the bridge above the boat launch on “it’s a small world.” I would love to launch the boats and wave at their passengers all day long!

  32. My ideal cast member role would be to be any type of dancing performer. For example, I would absolutely LOVE to be a dancer in the Festival of the Lion King show…or a dancer in one of the parades or stage shows in the MK. Basically anything that involves dancing for the guests in one of the various amazing shows/parades would be my ideal CM role.

  33. I want to be the drawing teacher at the Animation Academy at the Hollywood Studios. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be a Disney animator, and I think it would be so much fun to get to draw Disney characters all day. My husband and I keep talking about moving from NJ to FL to work at Disney! Maybe someday!

  34. I would pick Disney archives. There’s just something about the history, facts & figures, and movie props of the Disney company that fascinate me. I would be happy collecting all things Disney for others to benefit from.

    My choice for in the parks would be working with some of the animals in Animal Kingdom.

  35. If I could have any role at Disney, I would want to be a dancer in one of the shows or parades. Probably a parade so that I didn’t also have to sing.
    More realistically, I would want to be a ride operator on Pirates of the Caribbean or Haunted Mansion. Something where I could really get into character.

  36. I’m surprised that nobody has said that they’d like to be Mickey or Minnie or a princess! Yes it would be hot and sweaty, and you’d always have to be “on”, but how amazing would it be to be a part of making a child’s Disney dream come true! Thus, my dream role would be Snow White!

  37. For years, I’ve said that when I retire, I’d like to get a job selling balloons on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. Despite the new technological advances, folks of all ages still marvel at the sight of an oversized bundle of bright and shiny balloons. A great way to interact with many park guests in the quintescential Disney park location.

  38. Hey Mike

    I participated on the International College Program in 2006 and my role was custodial, in DTD, and I loved it.

    This year I’m going back to Disney to work with Attractions and Operations, but I still wish to work as guest relations, tour guide and trip planner, because I love to interact with guests! That would be awesome!

  39. “What Cast Member Role Would You Want To Play?”

    I would love to drive one of the boats that takes guests on private Illuminations or Wishes cruises. I think it would be a great way to interact with guests and help them find their Disney magic 🙂

  40. As tempting as that “sugar can” job seems, I don’t want to operate a shovel when I retire.
    When we stayed at POFQ that river ferry to DTD job seemed really cool. Or maybe a pop corn vendor in Magic Kingdom. Character handeler might be fun. Tea Cups operator. Logistics is my real job now so maybe transportation scheduler would be up my alley.

  41. It is an amazing coincidence that I read this blog tonight, since I just told my wife that I want to move to Florida (in a few years) to work at Disney. My dream job is to be one of the boat drivers at WDW. Mainly, I told her that “I want to work for Walt”. I remember Rolly Crump saying that during a presentation once and it always stuck with me. That they didn’t work for a company they were working for Walt. So, that’s what I want to do

  42. Hmm. That’s tough. I would love to be cast member in The Tower Of Terror. :). That way I can tell me friends i work in a run down hotel. :). lol.

    Other then that, I’d love to be a dog walker over at the kennel. :). I love animals. 🙂 But unfortunately i don’t have the stomach to work at an animal shelter as not all dogs get to go to a good home unlike the kennel where family relies on them to watch and care for their dog/cat/pet

  43. My Dream Cast Member Role would be working in one of my favorite hotel POFQ. I would love to be one of the Bartenders. You get to meet alot of great people, get to find out how their day at the parks were and exchange information about some of the best places in the World to be.

  44. I’ve teased around for years that I would love to be cast as the Fairy Godmother. In all seriousness, I would really love to be her! Being at Disney makes me happy and I would love to make everyone of all ages feel the same way – and what better than to represent someone that makes dreams come true.

  45. That is a tough question to answer as to which dream job at WDW I would like to be casted as. Ever since I went there when I was 1.5 yrs of age, I was fascinated by the monorail. To this day, I still love the sleekness and ability to transport so many people to the most magical place in the world. So I am partial to the monorail, however also love the imagination and fantasy of Splash Mountain. So between Splash and Monorail, I will say that Splash wins.

  46. “What Cast Member Role Would You Want To Play?”

    My all time favorite cast member job would be a skipper on the jungle criuse. they always seem to be having a great time and its never the same ride twice.

  47. I’ve seen so many jobs at Walt Disney World that I would like. I have actually been thinking about retiring, moving to the area, and trying to get a part time job at WDW. When I go to the World, I walk around looking at what cast members are doing and I turn to my wife and say, “I could do that.”

    I’ve thought about some characters such as the western fellows in Frontierland, but I don’t think I would be very good since I generally don’t like getting that crazy. I do like interacting with little kids though.

    I could imagine driving one of the boats, especially the ones at Epcot, the smaller one that ferry people around Seven Seas, or the ones that run down to Downtown Disney from the resorts “up river.” I also could see myself as a cashier or other store attendant or working in the pro-shop at one of the golf courses. I think it would be great to experience the night clean up at Magic Kingdom, but I think that would get old since I am a morning person and I would probably have to give up getting up early. I think it would be great to work in the gardens, but I don’t think my back will hold to that. I also like the idea of being part of Concierge to answer questions, make arrangements, and help people have the best vacations possible, but this fits in with my ultimate job below

    What I think I would like the most is a position I don’t know how to name, but I’ve seen these cast members around a lot, and I’ve spent several enjoyable moments talking with them. They are often retirees. They probably have responsibilities in crowd control, or they are there to settle problems that come up, but what I see them doing the most is walking around, checking that people are having a good time, answering questions, trying to help in any way they can, and smiling.

  48. I would have to say, since my career is in Travel & Tourism it would be a Front Desk or Concierge at 1 of the Deluxe resorts. I am partial to Grand Floridian so I can enjoy looking at the beautiful lobby, the Gingerbread House at Christmas and listen to the music. Then there is the Beach Club which has some neat scenery and very light and airy. Or perhaps Wilderness Lodge with that inviting Fire Place.
    Another position would be the Emporium on Main St. When I see the Emporium, I know I am home. Imagine saying to people I work in Magic Kingdom right on Main Street USA and see the castle almost all time. Wow! What a job!

  49. My original dream job was to be a monorail driver. One of the major reasons was that the guests were able to ride in the front and you could give the kids “co-pilot” cards when they got out. However, due to the accident which occurred a year or so ago, guests are no longer allowed in the front of the monorail. As such, I have modified my Disney Dream job (aka. my expected job in retirement).

    For all those who have been on Main Street or to the Plaza restaurant, there is a person who frequents the street and restaurant, giving out free ice cream cards to kids and taking pictures with guests. He is the Mayor of Main Street (generally this is an elderly gentleman who walks about Main Street in a top hat and “mayor” sash). This, however, is NOT my dream job.

    When I retire, I plan on speaking with Disney exec’s to create a new position for me. Governor of the Magic Kingdom. Why only be the leader of one street when you can have an entire Kingdom! In this role, I will not be relegated to only Main Street. I will be able to walk around the entire park, give out free tickets for ice cream, possibly even some fast passes as well. Who knows what the future has in store!


    Please note: As I am only 31, I expect that I will be having my discussion with Disney exec’s in about 20-25 years (I like to think optimistically about when I’ll retire). With this being said, I respectfully request that nobody who reads this steals my idea beforehand. I plan on running for Governor unopposed 🙂

  50. As a kid I wanted to be the conductor on Big Thunder’s trains, but then realized they were “runaway” so that dream never came true. LOL. No conductor needed.

    Now, I’d like to be a waiter at a high end restaurant. Maybe Flying Fish, or Narcoossee’s, something like that. Brown Derby even.

  51. Disney has so many great roles to play, and I have given this much thouhg over the last twenty years just to pick one. So I am going to give my top dream Disney roles:

    1) Dapper Dan.
    2) Driver of one of the lady bugs from the Main Street Electric Parade.
    3) Captian of the Mark Twain.
    4) Who ever that guy is who write the blurbs about each ride and show for the disney web site.
    5) Night repair guy. I am sure the MK looks amazing in the middle of the night with no one there and the lights all on.

  52. Mike,

    Even though I cant win a prize as people from outside the US are disqualified (which is so wrong!) I still thought I would take part.

    If I had the chance I would love to be an imagineer at Disney – creating new ideas and new concepts to add that special Disney magic to peoples vacations. I would enjoy watching people coming to the parks and stand nearby listening to their comments on my work. Now that would be just great!

  53. Hi Mike
    Great minds think alike, my dream job is being the person on Main St. USA with the sugar can cleaning up after the horses.

    Thanks for keeping us in the magic

  54. The driver on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride in Animal Kingdom. I get to be with the animals and enjoy it with the guests!

    My Daughter says – pushing the souvenir cart down mainstreet. To see everyones face as they walk in.

    My Husband says – working at Wide World of Sports.

  55. I would like to be the captain of one of the smaller boats like the one that goes from Downtown Disney to ort Orleans. We visited before and the captain keppt us occupied with Disney Disney questions and tid bits!

  56. If I could have one role at WDW, I’d love to be the Mayor of Main Street. I’m not sure what he does other then be a great representative for Main Street, the Magic Kingdom and WDW…but what a great role interacting with all the guests.

  57. “What Cast Member Role Would You Want To Play?”

    As a Hotel Administrator I would love to work in any Disney Resort…maybe as receptionist to be the first one to say Hi when they came to enjoy their vacations, be the first one to share some pixie dust with the guests or the last one and wish them a safe travel back home (and give them some pixie dust to share with their love ones!!)

    The other in a complete scenario is be a Princess or a Fairy!!! 😛 love the dresses and how they interact with the kids and the kids of heart!