Online Check-in for Disney Vacation Club

I finally had a chance to experience the online check-in process for Disney Vacation Club Members.

You must first login to the Disney Vacation Club member website.

On the top horizontal nav bar, click on Vacation Planning Tools


blue line

Then on the right vertical nav bar under My Membership click on View Vacation Details. Up will pop your reservations. For those who are within the Online Check-in Window you will see a rectangle that says “Enter Edit Check-in Information” Click there.


blue line

If you wish to enter Celebration Information, click on that link and do so now.

Otherwise click on Enter Edit Check-in Information

This screen will appear:


blue line

And this screen pops up a lot during the process:


blue line

Fill in the pertinent information and click continue to the next screen:


blue line

If you click on the link for “View Itinerary Details” you’ll see the following:


blue line

OK, now to the actual online check-in process. You’ll see another opportunity to add Celebration Information.


blue line

I clicked on the Add Celebration Information and got this screen. However when I clicked on “add more about this celebration” there was no active link.


blue line

Now it’s time to simply add your arrival 🙂


blue line

Time for Credit Card Information and an opportunity to sign up for a Disney Visa Card:


blue line

Check-in Information to fill out:


blue line

Another screen that didn’t quite work for me was the Room Requests link:


I got to this screen, but then couldn’t add anything no matter what I tried.


blue line

Time for Credit Card Information:


blue line

An email address for confirmation:


blue line

Terms and Conditions must be agreed to. Be sure and scroll down to the bottom of the terms and check the box.


blue line

Your Online Screen with Confirmation for Printing:


And this is followed by a recap of all your information: Guests, Credit Card Information, Email Address, Check-in and out estimated times, and phone number.

By the time I finished and checked my email, a confirmation was there as well.

Part 2 — We will see how much of a time-saver this turns out to be when I actually check in later this month!

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21 Replies to “Online Check-in for Disney Vacation Club”

  1. In response to Rebecca’s questions, DVC members used to be able to pay for the DDP at check-in, non-members have always had to pay ahead of time. Also, Disney does not place a hold on your credit card.

  2. Once you check in, can you still cancel or change the reservation? Advance check-in is 10 days, but the change deadline is 5 or 6 days (depending on where you get the info).

  3. I am a late reader of this post. Since we are arriving at the Poly next week, I was researching the benefits of online check-in. I am wondering how several people in the comments paid for DDP at check-in? i was told it must be added at least 3 days prior to arrival.

    I was also wondering (and have asked Jack Spence, but he wasn’t sure) if the resort places a hold on your credit card for the limit you are allowed to charge ($1500 in my case) during your stay.

    Since I requested a certain building on the res also, I think I am with Kim above and will check in at in person since I am overly concerned and want to verify everything.

  4. I like to stay on the top floor of the hotels I stay in. WDW Online check in would not allow me to choose that option.

    I will not use the system for that reason and will go to the front desk to check-in

  5. Do you have to be an owner to use the online check-in? We rented points from an owner, but the reservation is in my name.

    ALL EARS: As long as you have the reservation number and the reservation is in your name, you should be just fine.

  6. Has anyone used this to check into the new Bay Lake Tower? Is there free text to put in your room requests or is it just a drop down box? Thanks

    AllEars – Online check-in is available. I haven’t seen a drop down box for room requests.

  7. Thanks for breaking it down, it was easy to do the check in so now I’ll see what happens when we check in on the 14th at AKV. As far as specifying a room it would only let you check off “near transportation” You couldn’t type it in yourself, I hope to get a view of the zebras this time from our patio.

  8. We are staying at BWV next week, and I am interested in the online check in. How does that work with the DDP?

    DEB: It is supposed to expedite the process of checkin. Credit Card already in the account, room keys ready, etc.

  9. My family will be arriving to the All Sports resort in September and we have two different reservations for two rooms. We need to request a wheelchair for my Mother, are you allowed to request that on line? And if you want a specific room, such as the Touchdown, and adjourning rooms?
    Thank you,

    DEB: For special requests like this, I would do this in multiple locations: online, Definetly CALL, and at check in.

  10. Does anyone know if the online check-in is available for stays made with developer points? The developer-point portion of our vacation does not show up on our DVC vacations list as the reservation is apparently handled differently. I would appreciate any help. And love the website, btw. It is the first place I go when I log on to my computer in the morning!

  11. Regarding the DDP charge…we stayed at Boardwalk/AK/Villas at Wild. Lodge and at all 3 resorts, we paid for our DDP at the Check-In desk via Credit Card. It didn’t matter what card you used as it was paid for in person. Hope this helps!!!

    Also, we used the online check-in and it was flawless. If you are a first timer or not too familiar with Disney, you may want to take the time to wait in the regular line because through experience, I’d say you DEFINITELY get a more thorough introduction from the Cast Members regarding where things are and how to use your DDP, etc…

  12. We did online check in for our June vacation (we’re checking out tomorrow…but we’re staying in tonight due to the heavy rains). We stayed at Jambo House for the 1st week of our vacation, and at BCV for the 2nd week, and we did online check in for both. On the positive side, it did make check-in quick; but Jambo House was perhaps too speedy; they basically just handed us our keys/envelope and told us they’d text our room number later. We were VERY unhappy with the room and ended up moving to another one; this might have been avoided had there been some information communicated at check in. Also, we stayed there for 7 nights, and with 5 of us booking tours and eating out (no DDP) we aparently “maxed out” our $1500 limit prior to check out and was “denied” at the Mara while trying to buy a soda! They insisted that we were told about the $1500 limit at check in but I am absolutely certain that nobody mentioned this, as practically NO information was shared at check in at all.

    Now BCV was a totally different (and excellent) experience. Quick check in, but I was still given some basic “orientation” information about the resort, and I was asked about room preferences, and given ALL pertinent information about the resort. They wouldn’t text me my room number, instead they called and spoke to me to convey that information.

    Online check in; I’d do it again, but I guess I’m not leaving the front desk until I feel I have all the information I need about my stay. Only problem with that is that I don’t always know what I don’t know…you know? 🙂

  13. Has anyone used this check in with the Disney Dining Plan? Do they just charge the cost of the DDP to the credit card that you put in the online check-in?

  14. Hi Deb,

    My week doesn’t seem to start off well until I have gone through the allears site. Thanks for all the info (I share it with everyone I know who travels to Disney!)

    My question is this: I am traveling with extended family in July and staying at BCV. I (DVC member) have reserved a 2 bd for my family and niece & nephew, and 2 studios – one for each of my brothers & their wives. Can I check everyone in on-line for all three rooms? I made all the reservations and all three rooms are on my points so my brothers’ families are there as my guests. The only page that I saw that would be a problem was the credit card page.

    Also, does this on-line process increase your ability to have room requests honored – I would like our 3 rooms to be close together.

    Leslie (avid follower)

    Leslie – so far I am batting 0 for 3 trying to get the DVC online checkin to accept any room requests. Others have reported no problem.

    Also, I haven’t tried to do multiple rooms yet with diff credit cards. Perhaps someone reading will have some experience with that.

  15. We used this service for check in at Jambo House on 4/30. The room request did work for me and all we asked for was a room close to lobby. There was not a long line at regular check in, but was a line at online check in! One of the regular line cast members called me over and went to find my packet. Had us checked in very quickly and we got a room right off the lobby! Room was ready at time of check in (1pm). We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and will use it again!

  16. Thanks for input! We’re trying it! Also at BC 5/10-15,wondering?did I miss the place to request specific room? I did make ‘wish’ w/DVC ressie. but online ck in choices were limited to ‘ground floor’ or ‘near transportation’
    thank you very much for all the great tips! Hope all have great trips! ME

  17. We used online check in at the Boardwalk for the first time-MAY 6. We checked in at home about a week before arrival. It worked out very well! We walked right in and got our keys and packet of information without any wait! We loved it and will use it again!!!

  18. It was a huge time saver for us, allowing us to bypass a long line. I was disappointed in the room request page. Our only options were ground floor or near transportation. We chose neither and ended up with a 2nd floor woods view room at BCV; I was hoping for something higher so we could see the Illuminations fireworks.

  19. My husband and I used this service for our on-line check in on 4/30. We checked in on-line about a week prior to arriving. I have to say that I spent about 2 minutes at the check-in desk. It really did save us time. Plus, my request for a specific room section was honored. I was very impressed with the service. For some odd reason, I never feel that my vacation as actually started until I get the room key. I will be using the service again.


  20. Thanks, Deb. You reminded me to do this yesterday. We’ll be at the Beach Club Villas 5/10 to 5/15 – our first trip home, and then at the AK Lodge (Jambo) from 5/15 – 5/22. See you’ll be at Kidani. Hope we see you there! Been an avid follower for 10 years now! Keep up the good work.

  21. Both times I used it I went straight to the counter and got my packet with no wait at all. The first time that meant I bypassed a long line of people doing regular checkin. The 2nd time a cast member met me outside and walked me right up to cast member at the front desk who handed me my packet.

    I never bothered to print out the confirmation – it wasn’t needed. I’ll be doing it again this month. I just wish they’d let me select my room, like Homewood Suites does. With them, 36 hours prior to arrival I check in AND select my suite…it’s great!