Norway Cruise 2015 – The Food, Part 2

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Wednesday night was the Captain’s Gala ship-wide menu. We were in Lumiere’s again. We ordered a lot of different things – I think this is the most photos I have for one meal! I started with the regional White Onion Soup with caraway and smoked salmon. As I recall the smoked salmon was not overwhelming … Continue reading "Norway Cruise 2015 – The Food, Part 2"

Norway Cruise 2015 – The Food, Part 1

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It’s not a set of cruise blogs without some information on all of the dining, too! We’ve been on enough Disney cruises that we are familiar with a lot of the menu items – they don’t change that frequently. One thing we really enjoyed about this cruise was that there were some new offerings: each … Continue reading "Norway Cruise 2015 – The Food, Part 1"
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Re-Imagined Disney Magic – Dining Part 2

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It was a short two-night cruise and we only had two dinners on board – but they were in both of the “new” restaurants – the updated Animator’s Palate and the new Carioca’s. We ate in Animator’s Palate the first night. I shared details of the show in Part 1. Here are some additional photos … Continue reading "Re-Imagined Disney Magic – Dining Part 2"
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Re-Imagined Disney Magic Part 1 – Overview

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Lee and I have just come off a two-day cruise of the Re-Imagined Disney Magic. There have been a lot of changes, so there was a lot to try and cover in just two days! Disney Cruise Line considers the Magic their flagship, so rather than simply trying to re-make the Magic into the Dream class of ship, they chose to continue to innovate and bring something special to the Magic. While there are some new elements inspired by the Dream class, they developed new enhancements that are exclusive to the Magic, so the Magic retains its own identity.