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This musical comedy starred a host of characters who touted good nutrition facts through musical song and dance, courtesy of the Kitchen Krackpot band (featuring Audio-Animatronic containers of mayonnaise, mustard and barbecue sauce). The band opened the first of six acts with "Chase Those Mealtime Blues Away," followed by a giant refrigerator that revealed Mr. Dairy Goods and his three Stars of the Milky Way: Miss Cheese (a Mae West type), Miss Yogurt (with a French accent) and Miss Ice Cream (a la Pearl Bailey). These stars taught us all about dairy foods.

Next up were the Cereal Sisters: Mairzy Oats, Rennie Rice and Connie Corn, singing "Boogie Woogie Bakery Boy," like the Andrews Sisters. The Hamm n' Eggz performed a vaudeville-style comedy routine about protein. The Colander Combo and Fiesta Fruits introduced Latin rhythms about vegetables. The last act was the entire group of animated characters reminding everyone the importance of a balanced diet.

"Proper foods each time you dine,
Can keep you fit and feelin' fine.
Eating right's a healthy sign,
And feelin' good makes each day shine and shine."

The Kitchen Kabaret opened October 1, 1982 and closed January 3, 1994. It gave way to an updated show about nutrition called Food Rocks (which opened March 26, 1994) and closed in January 2004. Of course, the reason for Food Rocks closed was to make way for a new ride — known as Soarin'!

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Food Rocks photos

Thanks to Laurie Smiley and Tom McPherson for the photographs.