Disney Cruise Line Disney Magic Inaugural West Coast Cruise May 28, 2005- June 4, 2005 Photo Gallery

Tuesday May 31, 2005

Puerto Vallarta

PART II — More to Come!!!!!

Approaching Puerto Vallarta

Approaching Puerto Vallarta 7:00am

Puerto Vallarta

Walmart and Sam's Club in the background

Sunrise 7:47 am

Gangway to ship to town

Gangway to ship to town

Our Greeting as we left the Disney Magic!

Welcome Disney Magic

Welcome Disney Magic!

View from our Cabin - Navigator Verandah #7128

View from our Cabin – Navigator Verandah #7128

DISNEY EXCURSION: Canopy Adventure

Open Air Transpo to Canopy Site
Travel by open-air 4-wheel drive vehicles to Canopy Site

Arriving at the Site

Arriving at the Site

Linda at the Canopy Site

Linda at the Canopy Site

Gear Rack

The Gear Rack

Mandatory Helmets

Mandatory Helmets

Sharon Completes the Adventure

Sharon "I Did IT!"

DISNEY EXCURSION: Tropical Rainforest by Horseback

Ang from Disney Cruise Line

Cruise Staff Member, Ang, gathers the "Jasmine" group on the pier for the Horseback Excursion.

Air conditioned motor coaches to the ranch

We traveled in air-conditioned motor coaches; very comfy! A 50 minute drive to the ranch!

Our guide, Jorge

Our awesome guide, Jorge, entertained us during the journey with Mexican history and games!

Rancho Copomo Sign

Rancho Capomo Sign

The Horses

The Horses

Safety Helmets

Safety Helmets – not everyone wore one.

Deb saddles up with Rocket

Saddled up with my new "best friend", Rocket!

On the trail.

Our 50 minute ride out including numerous shallow river beds to ride through.

Through the water.

Rocket takes me through the water.

Along the rocky trail.

Along the rocky trail.

Lots of cows throughout the ride.

Lots of cows throughout the ride.

Time to dismount and hike to the waterfall.

Time to dismount and hike to the water fall (about 15 minutes).

Walking up to the waterfall

The "trail" was very rocky and had 1500-2000 steps to go up and down…..

RIckety bridges

… not to mention 6-7 wooden rickity (some very high) bridges!

Deb waves from a bridge

Time for Tequila yet?

Another bridge

A tad scary!

Another bridge view

Waterfall - cool and refreshing

The waterfall…very cool and refreshing!

Deb wades in the cool water

I rolled up my pants and went wading!

Everyone relaxes at the falls

We relaxed and played here for about a half hour. Some folks had their bathing suits on and went swimming!

Back on the horses

After hiking back to the horses…

Off to the ranch

…we headed to the ranch!

The trail.

Jorge offers tequila

Jorge offers us Tequila! It was quite good. If you go to Rancho Capomo, I recommend their Tequila ($18/bottle).


Lunch was waiting for us after the ride. Great homemade chips and salsa. The chicken was very tender, very good refried beans.

Cowboy demonstrates rope tricks

As we enjoyed our beverages of choice (cranberry juice, Corona beer, Tequilia) one of the cowboys from the ranch showed us some rope tricks!