The Oasis Animal Kingdom

The Oasis

The Oasis is your transition from the "real world" to Disney's Animal Kingdom. The lush tropical plants, trees and flowers provide an opportunity to "decompress" from where you parked your car to prepare you for what is ahead. Along the path, you might even discover some unusual animals.

Several different trails to choose from…don't worry, they all lead to the same location.

The Oasis was interesting and different.. There seems to be about a dozen ways you could take through here to get into the park, with some animals to stop and see on the way. (Josef Faulkner)

For full advantage of the beautiful Oasis, take time to look at the plant life. Stop at the viewing areas, give the animals and birds a chance to appear for you. This is a great photo opportunity and also the time to prepare to enter a New Species of Theme Park!

Touring Tip: As you wander into the Animal Kingdom, keep your eyes open for Wes Palm, the roving talking tree!

As your path through the Oasis ends, you enter a clearing and the Tree of Life is before you.

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Here is a listing of the animals and birds you may see in the Oasis Gardens:

African Spoonbill
Bahama Pintail
Bronze-winged Duck
Chiloe Wigeon
Florida Cooter
Giant Anteater
Hooded Merganser
Hyacinth Macaw
Indian Spotbill
Javan Tree Duck
Mandarin Duck
Medium Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Military Macaw
Parma Wallaby
Puna Teal
Radjah Shelduck
Reeves' Muntjac
Rhinoceros Iguana
Ringed Teal
Rosybill Pochard
Ruddy Duck
Scarlet Ibis – no longer at park
Scarlet Macaw
Sharpe-winged Teal
Swamp Wallaby
White Ibis