NEWS: A Popular Disney World Ride Is Officially Closed for Refurbishment

If you were planning to ride Peter Pan’s Flight over the next few weeks in Disney World, you might need to rethink your plans.

Peter Pan’s Flight

Disney World rides, hotels, and even restaurants are known to go down for refurbishment throughout the year for various reasons, and when they reopen (sometimes sooner than expected) it’s made all the better getting to ride a newly updated attraction. While we know there are a few more refurbishments scheduled to happen in Disney World soon, one of those attraction’s time has come and we learned some interesting insight about the anticipated refurbishment.

One of Disney World’s most popular attractions at Magic Kingdom is now officially closed. We’ve known for a while now that Peter Pan’s Flight would be closing for refurbishment and now that day has come.

Peter Pan’s Flight is closed

As of July 8th, 2024, Peter Pans Flight will be unavailable for several weeks while it undergoes a planned refurbishment. While the refurbishment isn’t anticipated to last very long, Disney World listed the expected reopening date as August 20th, 2024.

Closed for expected refurbishment

When rides and attractions go down for refurbishment, it could be due to a whole myriad of reasons. Most of the time, it’s simply for routine maintenance and upkeep; however, we’re not totally certain what Disney World intends to work on within the ride during this brief closure. It is worth noting though that Disney World did put up construction walls around the inside of the queue line, although, that’s fairly standard to safely keep wandering parkgoers out of workers’ way while the ride is not in operation.

Peter Pan’s Flight

When we spoke to a Cast Member in the area, they were able to provide some interesting information about the ride and its anticipated refurbishment. According to the ride’s history they shared with us, Disney World originally built the ride first and then the ride’s building was built around it, which makes it more challenging to refurbish. This Cast Member also went on to say that this is the oldest ride system in Disney World which also makes it a challenge to keep running. According to what they knew of the refurbishment, we can anticipate that while it’s being refurbished, that will include a fresh coat of paint, some new or refurbished lighting, and updated welding to be performed throughout the ride.

Peter Pan’s Flight queue

However, they said it’s not uncommon to go into a refurbishment on Peter Pan’s Flight and discover that it has to stay closed longer than anticipated. On the flip side though, they were quick to point out instances where they said it’s common for someone to walk in and say “It’s good enough”, cut the budget, and have it open under the expected time.

Peter Pan’s Flight

But don’t worry– if all goes as expected with this ride’s refurbishment, you’ll be soaring with Peter Pan and his friends starting August 21st, 2024! We’ll be keeping a close watch over it while the ride is closed for refurbishment and we’ll be telling you about any changes that may happen after it reopens! Be sure to stay tuned with us at AllEars for all the latest Disney World changes, updates, and even more news!

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2 Replies to “NEWS: A Popular Disney World Ride Is Officially Closed for Refurbishment”

  1. Do you think there is any chance they will open early on the 20th for MNSSHP? That’s our last day in MK and we were really hoping to ride during the party.

    1. Hi Erin! We have seen it happen before, but unfortunately there’s no guarantee that the ride will be open earlier than expected because we’ve also seen the refurbishments get extended. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s open for you though!