The *Very Specific* Rules About Cast Member Costumes at Disney World

Here’s a fun fact for you. Disney Cast Members have some VERY specific rules to follow when it comes to their costumes.

Cast Members make the magic happen!

Disney wants a clean, unified cast, and that starts with fresh costumes and proper footwear. In fact, Cast Members have a whole dress code lookbook they must abide by! So, what kind of rules are we talking about? Let’s dive in!

Name Tags

We’ll start with one of the key identifiers: a Cast Member name tag. Now, EVERY Cast Member must wear a name tag every day. And if someone forgets a name tag, well, Disney has a backup plan. Even if your name is Susan, for example, if you forget your name tag, you might be “Pam” or “Chris” from Orlando for the day.

PhotoPass Photographer

Cast Members must also keep their blue ID cards on themselves at all times — it’s Disney’s version of a work badge. But here’s the thing. When Cast Members are off the clock, all those key identifiers, like a blue ID or name tag must be removed.

A Magic Kingdom Cast Member

Yep, that means name tags and blue IDs CANNOT be worn if a Cast Member isn’t working. So, if Cast Members plan to pop by the grocery store before work or wants to hit the parks after a shift, those name tags and blue IDs better be put AWAY.

Disney Lookbook

OK, now these Cast Member costume rules come straight from Disney’s official lookbook, which employees are required to read when they are hired. Some rules are pretty simple, like the rule that states costumes should be clean and neat at all times.

New costumes!

Disney also notes that costumes must be worn as they were designed. That means no oversized tops, no loose (or tight) pants, and no swapping out costume pieces however you please. If your costume calls for a bat headband, for example, you can’t go trying to wear a baseball cap. That would ruin the story!

Disney Cast Members must stick to what’s called the “Disney Look,” which is the set of rules regarding their head-to-toe appearance while onstage (a.k.a. working). Costumes and how they look and fit are a big part of the Disney Look.

New Costumes in EPCOT in October 2023

Cast Members are also not allowed to wear their costumes for “personal use.” That means even if a Cast Member thinks their top would look cute with a pair of shorts, they cannot wear it outside of work. But, to be fair, most Cast Members are eager to ditch their costumes as soon as they are off the clock. Thick polyester isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing to wear in the Florida heat.

New Cast Member Costume at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Finally, this one might sound obvious, but it is a BIG deal for Disney. Cast Members cannot have their personal cell phones and other digital devices onstage during work hours. Disney explains, “These items must be concealed from view and operated on silent mode if carried.” Again, you wouldn’t want to see a colonial Cast Member in Liberty Square using an iPhone!

In some areas and departments, Disney Cast Members are even “inspected” before going onstage to ensure they fit the Disney Look for the day. If, for some reason, they are out of Disney Look, Cast Members must fix the issue before they can go to their work location for the day. Disney takes this stuff seriously!


Phew! Who knew there were so many rules, right?! In the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney news, so stay tuned for more.

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